Report: Mubarak's son benefited from deal with Israel
Roee Nahmias
Published: 07.05.11, 17:52
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1. Get real !
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.07.11)
Anytime a deal is done, the leaders, their friends and relatives are always cut in for a share Name the country of your choice, it has been done there, is being done now, and will be done in the future In any sort of a deal, you can't get it done unless you grease the wheels U.S. Congress people have been become wealthy during the course of their carrying out their duties Go to any country, show me a ruling class that's living in poverty, it doesn't exist, that's why they're the ruling class, simply because they have the pull to get the deals done and are rewarded for their efforts IF anyone thinks that the new rulers in Egypt will be any less corrupt than those that preceded them, they're living in La La land, corruption is systemic, and it’s in the blood
2. wheels n deals
maybe he was buying a bibi tour . some condoms for katsav or a penthouse in holyland project?
3. #2 You sound like you've already
Ish Kabibble ,   Delancey   (05.07.11)
taken an overdose
4. #1 he's not prosecuted for getting a share he's being
masrawy ,   egypt   (05.07.11)
prosecuted for connections to a corrupt deal that cost Egypt losses of over 714 million dollars
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (05.07.11)
You think the sheiks aren't getting their cut? Corruption in the Middle East is systemic, as Ben Jabo pointed out. Heck even here in the USA we have that problem, we just don't execute the guilty, we put them in jail. I remember every time a new expressway goes up, suddenly you find a whole bunch of government officials, who had access to the DOT (Dept Of Transportation maps) plan 10 years ago, somehow own all the important land around where the expressway is being built, big surprise! NOT! Funny how they own the land where the expressway exit just happens to be, isn't it? It sucks, but usually a free press discovers the connection, exposes the deal, and the public official goes to jail. It's one of the reasons a free press is so important. We can attack the government as corrupt, and the journalists doesn't get murdered, intimidated or his/her family threatened.
6. To #5-WHO goes to Jail???
Edward ,   Savannah   (05.07.11)
I'd like to know WHO you refer to when you state that public officials on insider deals go to jail! The ONLY ones to go to jail were Bernie Madoff because he had the audacity to steal from the rich, and Martha Stewart, because we just had to have a celebrity go to jail but the ONLY reason she went to jail was because she was white!!! And you know how ALL those rich white people get wealthy, is by stealing!!! Not ONE of the Wall Street insiders who bankrupted our economy, or the governemnt lackeys that knowingly allowed them to do it with their illegal "derivatives" that were as fake as a three dollar bill, went to prison but got BONUSES for doing it!!! If you even have a "free" press, who pays attention to it!!!??? If you have any people go to jail in YOUR area, you need to get it on National News as that would be some REAL justice!!! Over on THIS side of Georgia, nothing happens to our "insiders" maybe they are just more educated over here!!!???
7. no2
Merwyn Bogue ,   ERie   (05.08.11)
bibi, olmert , katsav, and lieberman the replacement if ones is sick and cant make it, ,
8. #6; Edward, That's Easy
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (05.08.11)
1) Former Superior Court Judge Brooks E. Blitch III of Clinch County was sentenced Tuesday to three years’ probation and fined $100,000 after pleading guilty to fraud in federal court in Macon. 2) Ex-Rep. Charles A. Thomas Jr.: 6 years in prison 3) Towns County Sheriff Rudy Eller: 5 years in prison 4) Ex-Rep. Roger Byrd: 20 years’ probation + $210K restitution 5) A. Reginald Eaves, now a candidate for the Atlanta City Council, hit the headlines three decades ago over a police cheating scandal. He hit the slammer 10 years later after a federal jury convicted him of taking bribes as a Fulton County commissioner 6) Telfair sheriff Jimmie Williamson to serve 3 years for misusing county funds You get the Idea Edward, right? Most of these guys were white, which seems important to you. Except for A. Reginald Eaves who was black. The list goes on of course.
9. Mark, you missed Atlanta Mayor Campbell in jail for 8 years
Marco ,   Spain   (05.08.11)
I know that the list is long, but this case is important to mention because of its high profile.
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