Israeli exports: From $6M to $80B
Published: 13.05.11, 07:29
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EZ ,   US   (05.13.11)
So proud of our great nation!!! Keep crankin Yisrael!!!!
2. Values on top of technology
Ariely ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.13.11)
We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. —Aristotle The defending Israel is what she repeatedly does for 3500 years of one religion-one culture-one nation. Humanity is not an act but a core value. No other nation has a similar record ---- The defending Israel humanitarian and moral achievements are more important than science and technology. No other country in history promoted humanitarian moral values and civil science simultaneous to defending wars. 1; Speech freedom for all citizens' regardless religion or political party. 2: Equality in law enforcement 3: Free political organization 4; Cultural freedom for every group in the society. 5; Religious practice freedom and protections equal for all groups. All the above for all citizens including some parts of Israel citizens that are taking p to promote the nonstop treat of destruction, deligimization, terror and incitement . Help to people worldwide facing difficult periods: Few examples: 1;Medical help to Japan 2;Help in many life aspects to Haity,Turkey,Mexico and other earth quakes 3:Free medical treatment for thousands of Palestinian children suffering from hard deceases. 4;Help to Bosnian and Vietnamese refugees 5: Free training provided to more than 100.000 people from developing countries in agricultural, social organization, wetter shortage and irrigation, medical fields
3. all because we chose bravery, risk, showed courage with '67
ralph   (05.13.11)
and thank you france for showing us that opportunity frequently disguises it self as hard work, risk, and courage.
4. Harness the entire Jewish population to participate in this
aL   (05.13.11)
great miracle. No one should should be made to feel that they cannot participate in this great miracle. I urge the religious school system especially to incorporate English and Math in their curriculum. All children must have a strong base both in English and Math. I went to Yeshiva as a kid and from there went on and graduated from Mcgill. No where is it written that being poor is a G-d send. There is no kiddusha in being poor.
5. We should also remember how many
jason white ,   afula, israel   (05.13.11)
thousands of jobs were exported by Israeli companies to countries with a cheaper work force.Need a bigger profit at any cost to Israel's workers. We should also remember the hundreds of thousands of our young that we also "exported" to live and work in foreign countries after their army service.
6. Export
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.13.11)
Muslims also export,oil and terrorism.
7. The CIA gives the number at $54 billion
nero ,   (05.13.11)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (05.13.11)
Stop talking like a fool.
9. Israeli Exports from 6M to 80B
Harold ,   USA   (05.14.11)
Thanks to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The US armed forces are buying all their killing weapons such as bullits, granades and other daily consumed killing weapons from Isael.. Moreover it is considered one of the main exporter of killing weapons to many underground organizations all around the world.
10. Answer to #7
Amir   (05.16.11)
As usual, the CIA does not know what it is talking about. With all its money and power, how many years did it take the CIA and USA to find out where Osama is? The CIA are a bunch of buffoons.
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