Strike cripples Israel's train services
Ynet reporters
Published: 12.05.11, 10:23
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DAVID ,   JUDEA   (05.12.11)
The Israel railway , is a leftover from our Socialist Zionist founding fathers. It is inefficient and badly run. Time has come to privitize the system and give the paying public the service it deserves. This Mafiosi croniism called Histradut, that has controlled us for to long, has to be removed. Meanwhile Ynet is a big part of that same good old boys network, with a brutal censorship silencing the voice of any true opponent of our corrupt Zionist state system.
2. With their safety record your better off walking
Haim ,   Tel aviv   (05.12.11)
3. Outrageous!!
Steve ,   Ra'anana   (05.12.11)
4. i cant get to work ,,,,
jon ,   tel aviv   (05.12.11)
5. Throw all the railroad workers in prison
jason white ,   afula, israel   (05.12.11)
for a month. That way the ambulance drivers,paramedics and emergency room staff can have a well deserved vacation. osama bin laden did not even have to consider sabotaging the Israel railways, they do it themselves.
6. Disgusting! What is the Government going to do?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.12.11)
No doubt we will hear a lot of blah, blah, blah from the Prime Minister and the Minister of Transport but, as usual, nothing will happen! Like the Israel Electric Corporation, Israel Railways reeks of nepotism and holds the country to ransom but the Government and their predecessors have done nothing to curtail the abuse of the public by unions of these organizations. The only Prime Minister who had any courage was Itzchak Rabin when he fired the El Al Pilots, grounded the airline and then rehired them without benefits. He had the guts to decide! Netanyahu?
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