Aerial firefighting squadron becomes operational
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 12.05.11, 19:36
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1. Where are the Bombardier CL-415s?
Brian Cohen Judean P ,   Judean Peoples Front   (05.12.11)
I thought they went out and bought the best aircraft for the job. Where are they? Still on order?
2. bibi , leiberman and ahronovitch
alexi   (05.12.11)
tehse 3 did an excellent job in salvaging israel from the carmel fire. fires can be either natural or arson related. The history shows that barak, sharon, olmert and livni did nothing significant to simply attach a domestic fire fleet with supplies. Bibi and lieberman were way out front in mobilizing external supply of planes and supplies. Ahronovitch is also a can do guy as well. These 3 are good man regardless of faults. of course livni and olmert would not be curious about the need for israel to have its own fleet;they would think fires would not be that serious or that land vehicles could handle them. This is why livni is unfit to be Pm.' As for barak, he is so bright that he thought of paintball guns, can do beirut but did not think of a fire fleet.
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