Palestinians: Prepare for 3rd intifada
Elior Levy
Published: 13.05.11, 01:01
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1. not good.
oh boy! ,   australia   (05.13.11)
Looks like incitement to me. And they will cry when cast lead two happens.
2. Happy Naqba Day? sounds like a fun holiday --NOT
uh hah ,   usa   (05.13.11)
3. Strike 3, you're out.
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (05.13.11)
Well, firing ball bearings with slingshots and throwing molotov cocktails is much more fun that peace talks. Heck, maybe they'll even try a few suicide bombers, car bombs, and driveby shootings to try and kill a few dozen Israelis and get the real intifada feeling.
IamJoseph ,   Sydney   (05.13.11)
Egypt is violating the treaty via its Hamas proxy. Israel will then have the option of creating a Coptic state between Palestine and Egypt, and put PAID to Hamas and the Pretend Pals. Israel has a duty to assist the Copts now targeted for elimination. Jews and Coptics predaste Islam and the Arab race in Arabia.
5. This is peace, eh?
Alon ,   America   (05.13.11)
6. Do What We Say Not What We Do
Meir Elazar   (05.13.11)
Israel has much to learn about dealing with the Intifada from Syria, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, and so forth. Egypt is the example of what happens if you give in. Mubarrak's fate is in jeapardy. Every Israeli and Jew would also be in jeapard if we did not defend ourselves. But Syria might just be a shining example of what must be done. The other countries also have much to teach us on this subject.
7. only natural right is to return to the desert from where the
ralph   (05.13.11)
from where they came.
8. Arrest them !
Paul ,   NYC   (05.13.11)
Bring the Egyptian army to shoot them. Arrest them all!!
9. Strange feeling this will be last nakba/pal protest
EZ ,   US   (05.13.11)
"unarmed"...there is no way we will buy that: you pals will intentionally fire sporadically at Israels in order to provoke a strong Israeli response and "set Israel up" to look bad by saying "only a few radicals among us had weapons". The world is hip to your thinking(like a den of snakes). And Israel/the world is supposed to believe you are now Following in the footsteps of Ghandi!? Problem is: the pals r NOT rational, peaceful and intelligent like Indians. This whole "release of civil disobedience" won't fly. The pal intention is and has always been the destruction of Israel. And now that the world has proclaimed the "right of return" is unrealistic, not do-able and that Israel should not be expected to absorb Arabs who resettled by choice in other one is buying the driven out thing. So u push that agenda purposely and call it peaceful? I don't believe the march/protest will be successful but I DO have a very strong feeling this entire event is going to go horribly wrong for the Palestinians. You've already set yourselves up by calling this peaceful: when you start the violence, the world will see, once again that the Arab/Falestinians are a violent, untrustworthy people: septembers unilateral declaration will fly out the window and you'll be told to go back to square one: the "talks" table...BUT Israel will have every right then to stop peace talks, annex the land and ythe arab/Falestinians will lose their final chance at statehood. And rightfully so: no one actually believes a falestinian state will ever materialize. This weekend, seems to be your final undoing.
10. They will win in the end
Sagi   (05.13.11)
and we only have ourselves to blame.
11. This thing will fail
Rick ,   Florida   (05.13.11)
They won't be successful. Why won't they march to government offices in their countries instead and demand citizenship? They have NO business in Israel!
12. Yawn! last 2 intifadas didn't go so well, did it?
William ,   Israel   (05.13.11)
You had a chance to return but you gave it up in 1949 because you chose to relinguish your natural right to live together in coexistence....and again in 1956, again in 1964-1967, yet again in 1971, 1973, 1982, 1987, 1999, 2000-2011... as far as Israel (and the rest of the world adhering to Intl law) is concerned, you're not Israeli citizens and attempting to cross the border is illegal infiltration, and the response will be accordingly. Be sure to bring your land deeds with you, if you have them. You need them to prove ownership, or atleast wipe your ass when we're through with you.
13. Response.
Michael ,   Palo Alto, CA USA   (05.13.11)
It is so time to play hardball. Why do we supply infrastructure to these hateful people. We are such idiots, such patsies. I am so tired of this.
14. iron wall
fad egypt   (05.13.11)
israel must implement the iron wall policies against the palestinian thugs whether inside israel or in judea and samaria and east jerusalem the only solution is to annex the territories and then implement zeev jabitonsky vision the iron wall and that to demand the loyalty from all the citizens non jews and jews alike those who will respect the jewishness of israel and will not act against the nature of the state will be able to stay while the others who refuse to respect the jewishness of israel must leave the country immediately and by the law force israel can do that regarding the egyptians ( my people ) although i am not arab it is just a hot air ballon today in egypt the demonstrations is part of our daily life and a routine every one who refuses something he can go and protest in the street and that is destroying our country more and more thanks to the disasterious 25 th january and to hussein obama the egyptians like all the arabs are accusing the jews of violating the accords while they want to reverse camp david the video is claiming that there was no state before 1948 called israel well is there a state before 1948 called palestine ?? the answer is that there was a state called israel before 1948 during the israeli kings days and there was never a state called palestine before 1948 and even after 1948 this myth started to appear in the seventies when arafat failed to take over jordan the point is not the name of the state but the point is to whom this state belongs to anyway this land belongs to the jewish people and that according to the international law and the religion and history shalom
15. Blame everyone but.........
NS ,   Long Island, NY   (05.13.11)
This "Nakba" Day is a perfect example of the Palestinians blaming everyone but themselves for their plight. In 1948, the Palestinians (along with their Arab so called brothers) rejected the UN Partition Plan and attacked the newly formed Israel. In the ensuring war, the Palestinians lost and the Israelis won and for 63 years have denied that fact. Someday there might be a realistic Palestinian leader who will accept compromise but that day will not be on "Nakba" Day.
16. Third Intifada?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.13.11)
I think they mean "Last Intifada." Crush them. We've had enough of the ridiculous tangoing. Teach them a lesson they will not soon forget .... assuming they remain alive to appreciate that fact. The ersatz "Palestinians" have demonstrated at every available opportunity that they are violent, aggressive and murderous thugs. No sovereign state would be expected to tolerate that. Israel is a sovereign state. 'nuff said.
17. Demonstrators that cause problems
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.13.11)
should be rounded up, if they have Israeli I.D. cards, confiscate the cards, if they don't have cards, they don['t belong here in the first place Compile a list of the detainees or arrested,, deny them all futureservices and access to any of the civil services, including hospitals or Public Assistance of any sort no matter how hard the plead He who raises his hand against the State of Israel, will lose it
18. Get Over It - Learn from the Mizrahi Refugees Back
Dallas ,   Canada   (05.13.11)
The Mizrahim have moved on, best the resistors learn to move on too. How about the Palis approach those who caused the problem to be the solution - absorb them back into Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq...?? That's more realistic, and would let the region get on with their lives instead of living in some fantasy.
19. time for intifada 3 to meet nakba 2
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (05.13.11)
20.  Crimes committed against the Palestinian people??
P ,   USA   (05.13.11)
Who are these idiots trying to fool with this march? The world needs to stop giving them handouts and see them for who really are. Crimes against the Palestinian people...what a joke. How about crimes against Jews and Christians in the middle east. Thats the real story.
21. Has The World Gone MAD
German   (05.13.11)
These Nomad Pals are sick demented people. The UN will go along with the rants and raves of these Ingrates which is truly astonishing. this is an Act Of War on the Arabs part and expecting the UN to close their eyes only when the Israels defend their country and have by no other choice but to kill these animals, show them to their graves, they are not humans but androids programed by the gangsters called hamas and fatah. israel needs to expell the few milion arabs to another land like iran has done to the millions of Afganastanies that were harbouring in their country and millions of jews, Christians and Catholics that the ME has managed to do so as well. It seems to be the wave of today.
22. Don't be afraid to give them the Assad-Gaddafi treatment.
Joe F.   (05.13.11)
23. You're going to wind up catching a foot in your ass, Palis
Cameron ,   USA   (05.13.11)
24. This is the result of Obama plans
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (05.13.11)
A progresive destruction of the ME stability. What is next ? just wait and see.
25. "Not carry weapons"
David ,   Los Angeles, U.S.A   (05.13.11)
when the shots start firing we will all ask where the weapons came from...
26. Don't sound like peacemakers to me
Rachel ,   US   (05.13.11)
27. The Key is Eternal
Nour ,   One-State   (05.13.11)
To all those who cite Mark Twain, and other European settler-colonists, remember our Key is eternal. NEVER will we let go of our homeland. Contemplate that on this Friday morning. The Arab Spring is here and its crushing momentum will over-run the cynics.
28. Why didn't our cowardly government ask
jason white ,   afula, israel   (05.13.11)
for volunteers to be intifada busters? All they needed was to have 50,000 veterans of the I.D.F. go through a refresher course with assault rifles. At the first sign of trouble those closest would gather in a few places, then confront the palis.All arab towns and villages could have been sealed off from Israel and the inhabitants ordered to stay inside. Put heavy artillery along our borders and make sure no one illegally enters Israel. They have no right to our holy land or to our sacred places! They better be stopped and use all the force needed to stop them!
29. Call to Israelis: Fight them with satire
Ilan ,   Ariel   (05.13.11)
We should take a page from Mel Brooks and deride the historical revisionism of the PA and their supporters as Brooks did in his movie "The Producers". There will be no "Spring time for Hitler" and no "Spring time for Hitler wannabes". They lost their war of genocide and didn't throw us into the sea. We won and they lost and Thank God for that.
30. give back the land and property to the 1 million jewish refu
rachel ,   usa   (05.13.11)
refugees kicked out of Arab countries ...They have their keys to all the property stolen from them
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