Analysis: 'Nakba Day' just the beginning
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 15.05.11, 17:55
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1. Israel has too much faith in Arab humanity
Chris W ,   Australua   (05.15.11)
And it has not learn - or refuse to believe - that Arabs and their supporters really, really want to destroy Israel. That's why, time and time again, Israel fails to take adequate measures.
2. FIRE D.M. Barak !
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.15.11)
He's too busy targeting Jewish settlers to be bothered with the border. The Defenseless Minister still calls his retreat at night from South Lebanon a good move. He failed to defeat Hamas in 2009 and he has failed again !!!
3. Syria has condemned Israel. Hilarious!
Cynic ,   USA   (05.15.11)
Israel don't you know that only the Syrian army is allowed to shoot their citizens.
4. Shot to kill
Jason ,   USA Croton   (05.15.11)
Israel order soldier any Palestinian try cross the boarder Israel soldier order shoot to kill aim head or other place on body quick kill. More humanily having people trample over each save many lives.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (05.15.11)
Why would whoever was in charge, ignore the massive amount of buses approaching the Israeli/Syrian border? Now we know journalists where there as well, for the staged Pallywood event. As I stated earlier in a different article, Syria was and is trying trying to shift the anger towards Israel while distracting the world from Assad's massacre. Come on folks, this is a joke. But also a wet dream for the Arab leaders. Who would like nothing better than the "Arab Street", easily distracted and manipulated, by decades of hate, taught by the those governments. Now they get the big payoff The stupidity of their people to think they are fighting for some great cause of oppression. Where none exists. Israel needs to beef up all border defenses, now we see how they might come at Israel. Using the civilians (who really are combatants) as human shields. Then try to make it appear as if Israel is shooting helpless civilians. Remember the terrorists love to operate in the gray areas of the Law. It's their stock and trade, and they're good at it. It's a ploy to unite all Muslims worldwide, something they have never been able to do in a war. But it's been done ideologically for decades, now they want transform that into physically attacking Israel.
6. arrest and charge those who advocate sedition. they crossed
ralph   (05.15.11)
the line from loyal opposition to enemy of the state. be strong and recognize it for what it is. a threat to israel and democracy. don't fall for stupid leftist clap trap. arrest and charge israeli leftists if they join in. this is no time for israeli democracy to act like the wiemar republic!!
7. The Boogy Man is here to stay. Yeah
EZ ,   US   (05.15.11)
This article is so contradictory it's insane. What a blunder of assessments read In an entirely ludicrous fashion! The violent birder crossing and it's results were EXACTLY what the IDF predicted and were PREPARED FOR....hence: the extremely LOW number of injuries And deaths...or, did the entire world miss something. What a misleading "nakba" of an article. Syria looks like idiots who've lost control of their people: the Arabs look like IDIOTS because the said the demonstrations would be peaceful: Syrians and Lebanese attempted to INVADE ISRAEL, ILLEGALLY BREACHING IT'S BORDERS: an Arab mowed down s ores of people, killing one Jew with his truck yesterday...a single Arab doing as much damage as much of what happened over the entire weekend but the writer here makes no mention of that. This is just plain stupidity: I was SHOCKED AND SURPRISED by the IMPOTENCE of these demonstrations which revealed a tremendously weak, casual and unruly culture of Arab youth making the same exact mistakes their predecessors did. Does this writer actually think such hatred and violence against a nuclear power will succeed? Does he think the disorganized, divided Arab cultures and tribes will ever succeed at ANYTHING? Horrible analysis based on the personal "experience" of someone with an agenda: to scare people. Well buddy: we ain't scared: we won't give up or give in and these events clearly show why Israel has a right to use even extreme force against the lawless, criminal fools. 'Nuff said: now go get some experience in the real world and try not to "spin" your experiences to fit your comfort zone! Oy vey already!
8. Fire Barak now!!!
Al   (05.15.11)
Netanyahu leave office now!!! You are useless..Nothing you do at this point can save your Premiership. You are a two time loser.. Leave office now!!!
9. Nothing a machine gun can't handle.
israel   (05.15.11)
Rachel ,   US   (05.15.11)
How many failures can one have and still have a job?
11. Balance of Power, anyone?
Chris ,   Dallas, America   (05.15.11)
After Saddam was taken out, many in opposition to the policy suggested that it left a vacuum to be filled by Iran; however, with the rise of the Arab revolts in late 010, early 011, Assad losing power could reverse some of that misfortune, if you will. However, many in the West, and even in Israel, seem to prefer the Alawite devil they know to the Sunni devils they may not; but doesn't that make the sanctions on Iran look rather sloppy, at best? Afterall, everyone's been trying to woo Syria away from Iran for a few years now. Well, we now see how the devil you may know can behave when his back is against the wall. There is little doubt that one of the victors in the Arab Spring has been Iran. The West, UN, NATO look like corrupt and wayward sheep in comparison.
12. No different than in 1966
William ,   Israel   (05.15.11)
Back then, mass protests and Arab instigations against Israel called for wiping out the State and its citizens. Arabs claimed Israel's days were numbered and that Arab calls for the Jews' destruction was a popular movement and such a popular demand was valid. They amassed weapons against Israel and marches to the border to instigate Israel occurred regularly. And yet - here we are, successful, prosperous, and very much alive, 45 years later. How short are the memories of Arabs who demand Israel's destruction while accepting the crimes Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. Just as we were prepared to defend ourselves in 1967 and won, so too must we be prepared for an all-out war and success today. First order of business - FIRE Barak! His Leftist ideology is making him a liability not an asset.
13. The Fruits of Laxness
M Bishari   (05.15.11)
14. Better get your bags and non-israeli passports ready!b
Pali ,   Amman, Jordan   (05.15.11)
15. Why they want to enter Israel?
Au. ,   Jerusalem   (05.15.11)
Why these want to enter the state they hate so much & want to live among people whom they hate? Why they don't want to live among their beloved Syrians, Lebanese or else? Are they unhappy when among their muslim brothers? Did they curse their ancestors for listening grand mufti of Jerusalem when he ordered them to leave "so they won't be hurt when grand muslim armies annihilate the Jews"? Anyways - they are not born in Israel, but in Syria & Lebanon - so they surely are the citisens of these countries? Oh no? Really? How's that possible??! Contemplate about this some more I must :-p
16. We Are Not Impressed (but entertained)
HaifaGuy   (05.16.11)
Israel must stay the course, grind her teeth and not give an inch of her land to these racailles. Arabs think we just need one more push to fall; well, the coming months and years will prove how DEADLY wrong they are in this infantile assertion of theirs. Good luck, my Arab friends!
17. war is coming?
daniel ,   israel   (05.16.11)
it seems like palestinians are ready to "march, march to jerusalem". we'll start killing unarmed masses now? what choice do we have? doesn't seem like a very promising future. i hope this is just a single incident.
18. So close to Israel's Independance Day
David ,   N.Y.   (05.16.11)
This day, this event, these events will go down in history as "Dates that will live in infamy", now we will see how time is just warped, and the speed of light will be a part of us, all of us, and we will understand what the speed of light is. But have regret, betrayed by time, the very time that we had to make peace and live with neighbors. The culmination of events will now be "within the twinkling of an eye" the time that people had to live in peace will betray us, we won't "count to ten", "a stitch in time saves nine" nothing of wisdom will apply to us because of the escalation of events. We will kill and be killed and wonder why, was it necessary, justify it by any means necessary but judgment is not in our hands anymore. How could time be so cruel. Same time next year? who knows.
19. Arabs Used Deadly Means in Tel Aviv
Ron ,   OC, US   (05.16.11)
The driver wanted to kill more. Israel will have to start to deport the ring leaders and all that resort to violence. It is also time to issue .45's to Jews. Time to fight fire with fire. Has been for a long time. The 10 dead Pals today mean nothing to them and Abbas has already called them martyrs.
20. Solution: make Arabs of Israel, Judea/Samaria and Gaza leave
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.16.11)
...and annex Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Also I suggest that Israel declares war on Egypt, Syria, Iran and Turkey and dismantle their military capabilities, move the Israel border from Negev to Suez, expel the locals in Sinai, annex Sinai and keep a satisfying distance to a defeated Egypt. Expand Israeli territory into say half of Lebanon, move the locals/displace the locals to the north of Lebanon, annex southern Lebanon, move Israeli border from Golan to a few kilometers outside of Damasqus, displace the locals and annex the land between Golan and Damasqus. Then, Israel should encourage Jews from the diaspora to move to Israel and settle down in Galilee, Golan, Judea, Samaria and Gaza. That way, my friends, I can assure you that Israel will be safe like a infant in a mother's bosom, and this safety consists of demographics and territory/borders.
21. Yes, you ain't seen nothin' yet!
IRAN#1   (05.16.11)
Get the popcorn and beer ready!
22. # 14 Passports
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.16.11)
Pali ! Israel without the Jews,has no value,under you, it will become what it was before,desert and swamps,like Jordan it will be a basket case.
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