Conspiracy to frame rightists for criminal acts exposed
Eli Senyor
Published: 17.05.11, 13:26
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1. Excellent undercover work ladies & gentlemen!
Israela ,   Israel   (05.17.11)
Kol HaKavod for a job well done!
2. Coexistence
Arturo   (05.17.11)
It's nice to see jews and arab working together. /sarcasm
3. arabs tried to explode their own mosque
ghostq   (05.17.11)
wonder how many times they have done it in the name of the setllers.
4. @2 funny and sad
izzy d   (05.17.11)
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (05.17.11)
Incredible what people will do for money, I guess money and greed brings strange bedfellows.
6. Jewish/Arab co-operation!
Shalom Hartman   (05.17.11)
Shows how Jews and Arabs can work together
7. The "OTHER" Guys
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (05.17.11)
I'm glad these people were caught before they were able to carry out their nefarious plot!!! The question begs how many OTHER actions have these people done "posed" as settlers to make the settlers look bad!!!??? Too bad the world has reached the stage where most people are just too stupid to do any real critical indepth thinking on their own. They can only see, believe, what someone else tells them.
8. I bet Arab Terrorists try to frame Jewish lawyer
Marco ,   Spain   (05.17.11)
They think they will get a lighter sentence for that.
9. #3 wrong, go read it again!
10. To: Edward at No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.17.11)
Excellent point. Chopping down olive trees comes to mind; defacing graves, too.
11. Arson in mosque
rivka ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.17.11)
There have been several unexplained arson attackes in arab villages blamed on settlers who were never caught!
12. Good undercover work
Josie ,   Israel   (05.17.11)
with blessings from the maker of heaven and earth.
13. When ideologues clash, the criminal elements benefit.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.17.11)
Left blames the Right, Right blames the Left, most citizens just try to keep their heads above the water at their daily chores. But the criminal elements don't care, they always take advantage of the situation. It could even be in a transition, like in Egypt during the latest upheavals. As an additional example, during the transition in Russia in the 1990's the mafias became so powerful that the government barely functioned for several years. The long lasting conflict in Israel is a fertile grounds for the criminals to exploit. I am not surprised to read Jewish and Arab criminals are working together and attempting to shove the blame on settlers. It is a great credit to Israeli police and the IDF that so little of it has occurred so far (probably, we just don't know.)
14. The evil cult of Scientology strikes again
sarah ,   zurich   (05.17.11)
It's the second time this Jaffa Scientology building was targeted. It caught fire in October 2010. I guess Scientology just wants to burn the landmark protected building that it bought, so that it can build some big monstrosity.
15. When Islamists in ME clash, Jews are made the scapegoat
Marco ,   Spain   (05.17.11)
16. At 7 & 10? don't be so cocky we all know...
Ruthie Goldberg ,   Israel   (05.17.11)
that your right wing friends have committed a whole variety of crimes. It behooves you to be honest and not attempt to cover G-d's beautiful blue sky with the palm of your hand! In other words to quote Sarah B "Get over yourselves!"
17. Scientology Bomb Plot
matt ,   dunedin fl   (05.17.11)
Oh please rid us of the cult, how much more do we need to see to understand this is not a religion nor has it ever been. A few trillion in tax dollars owed worldwide by these nut jobs and still we get Tom Cruise and the such pimping the ideology while the legal beagle goes a bomb building.
18. Finkelstein is suffering from Dudu Topaz syndrome!
Genzken ,   Jerusalem   (05.17.11)
I don't really like scientology but I don't think they are to blame for this one. It seems that Finkelstein is a self centered money hungry violent person who viewed the scientologists as a cash cow!
19. #$17, Matt, I favor Scientology.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.17.11)
Frankly, I know very little about them, but I know they are private and don't impose on me. The criminals in Israel were going to bomb their center, so Scientology is on the side of the law and State, not against it like many of the Haredim. What makes you say they are a "cult" and why would Tom Cruise and John Travolta support a cult? Besides, I will take those two any time over Madonna and even over Elizabeth Taylor, both of whom were Kabala supporters. And you gave me an additional reason why to support Scientology: it "is not a religion nor has it ever been." To this I say halleluya and I am sending them a check in support.
20. that a jew will plot this with an arab
is despicable. that an arab muslims would bomb a mosque to score points and continue lying about the settlers, is also despicable to the extreme.
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