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Rebbe to followers: Burn your iPhones
Ari Galahar
Published: 27.05.11, 07:57
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1. i volunteer to help
biggus dickus ,   Wome   (05.27.11)
please contact me and i will fetch all this unholy electronic equipment and get it out of your houses...i see this as a mitzvah which will save you standing outside and barbequing it...
2. LOL
Youssef ,   Beirut   (05.27.11)
3. Hasidim and iphones
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (05.27.11)
Here you are, getting Israeli tax money in your pockets, buy iphones from this Israeli tax money and now you claim it harms you, so burn the iphones; ergo burn Israeli tax money.
4. Insanity!
Cuntanovotcher Rebbe ,   South Africa   (05.27.11)
Cum and join my hassidim
5. what an idiot
zionist forever   (05.27.11)
The problem wih the Hasidic groups is they all have different rules on things. This lot treat technology as an evil rather than using its benefts to reach out to the wider Jewish population through things like internet. You got some who are happy for their members to use some technology but shun other things. Then there are other groups who love technology and try and find good uses to put it to. Its wackos like this guy who think technology is the root of all evil who make the Haredi population as a whole look like backwards trouble makers when the reality is they are not all like that.
6. I'll BUY them and donate 50% of the profits to charity.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.27.11)
7. While you're at it: continue with your homes !!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.27.11)
8. thank you YNet for your daily dose of hate
micha ,   jerusalem, israel   (05.27.11)
maybe they are on to something? internet and cell phones have taken over our lives, who knows where this trend is headed? if they see fit to keep this technology out of their community, it's their right. i'm sick of anti-chareidi YNet articles every day
9. that's nothing, in my grandmother's day
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (05.27.11)
Computers, cell phones? That is nothing! In my grandmother's day, kids had a slate and chalk. They did their exercises on the chalk board and erased it with a cloth. When they invented wooden pencils, leading religious figures were against it because they could now send the messages that they wrote on paper by postal mail, thus perhaps a boy would send a note to a girl. To this day, I refuse to use a wooden pencil and I believe all true Torah Jews should accept upon themselves this ban too.
10. hate? try dumb
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.27.11)
how can you say that repeating what a rabbi proudly preaches about technology is "hate"? how is ynet anti-"cheridi" by sharing with us their cherished teachings? would ynet be pro-"cheridi" by censoring mention of their traditions? if it is a dumb thing he said, then why can't we all can get a good laugh out of it? but the idea that it's "hate"? hardly.
11. Rabbis this extreme have a big problem
Charles   (05.27.11)
How can a device that only accepts ema be ok... Do u know the stuff that can be attached to an email from images and clips.... What about banning SMS... All sorts of sexual naughty fantasy can be texted across.... Like "when you finish in the kollel, come over, I'm in the bath all wet and waiting for you to F me" so as you can see... A rabbi who does not trust his students like these rabbis should ban all communication as communicating can be used to ' destroy homes' And a phone that has no SMS no Internet not email and only voice?! Well welcome to the world of phonesex. Throw away your phones and go live in a cave. Oh can't do this as all the rabbis and their assistance need technology to keep control of their flock. Oh oh what to do :)
12. This is not newsworthy
Aaron ,   Judea, Israel   (05.27.11)
Ynet has to put out an article a few times a week bashing the Chareidim, so they skim the Chareidi papers to find any extreme statement from any Charedi Rabbi, no matter how small or marginal he is. I suggest you find something better to do. Nobody forces anyone to be Haredi. If people choose to live as part of those communities that is their business.
13. The Rabbi is right
Yochanan ,   UK   (05.27.11)
I'm also sick of anti-chareidi YNet articles every day. Have you never heard of people that happen to see porno through internet? Off course you have... Today there are even people accessing all the scum of the net through their mobile. It's easier, it's faster.. Now you may find that this is perfectly acceptable... But do you really think that in the Torah world this makes sense?? Teenagers are often weak and may fall in this. This Rabbi is only trying to protect them from a world that is becoming dirtier, which is getting into people houses. 50 years ago you could see TV and nothing shocking will show. Today for a yogurt, your little boy will have to see a naked woman. This is maybe why in todays society they're boys raping girls and all this terrible crap that we are disgusted with. I understand some of you can't appreciate this Rav move, but he probably had to express himself in the way he found best to positively impact on the people around him. You love your iphone? Fine, but why all this hate? Why all this lack of understanding? Come on guys, you know how much crap there is on internet, and how easily you can have access to it! I guess you won't like your children to happen to see ugly things. Maybe this Rav considers that the chassidim are also his childrens.
14. To #11
yochanan ,   UK   (05.27.11)
I guess your way of expressing yourself speaks for you...
15. #8 Micha
JDE ,   Boston, USA   (05.27.11)
"i'm sick of anti-chareidi YNet articles every day" You might try getting your rabbis to not say something stupid every time they open their mouths.
16. "shouldn't look for a match within families from the Hasidim
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.27.11)
"Whoever does not wish to obey the rules should not look for a match within families from the Hasidim," he ruled. That could only improve things. Not only will they be exposed to ideas from beyond their limited circle, but they'll also be pulling from an expanded genetic stock. As it is, the gene pool of those who are not only "religious enough" but "think like them" is rather limited. (The same holds for the Bedouin.) The result is a higher incidence of birth defects within these communities than is the case in the greater Israeli population.
17. Who laugh last,laugh best.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.27.11)
Powerful cars,need powerful breakes; the same for powerful communication utilities.As soon there will be the right protection,the Rabbis will allow the use of it. Parents ,whose children made bad encounters on internet,don t laugh.
18. #8 - wasn't the same fear projected on to...
William ,   Israel   (05.27.11)
automobiles, planes, and penicillin? I mean, once you fly in the sky like a bird, a very un-human action, who knows where this trend is headed?
19. #15 - isn't it funny that Micha is using technology....
William ,   Israel   (05.27.11)
to denounce technology?
20. That's dangerous
Zach ,   Orlando, Florida   (05.27.11)
Doesn't he know about the toxic chemicals inside cell phones? Telling people to throw them away is one thing, but telling people to burn them is dangerous because they might breathe in those chemicals.
21. 13
zionist forever   (05.27.11)
I do understand what you say about the rabbi trying to protect his followers which is is great but the problem is he doesn't understand technology. You have people like him that shun anybody who wants to make use of technology then you have other groups like Chabad who use technology like internet for the kind of outreach work that would once never consdered possible not long ago. Threatening to expell anybody who uses technology is not protecting them from the outside world. If he wants to protect his followers from the influence of the outside world better to offer guidence. If they want internet thats fine just let them know what kind of sites are considered acceptable and which ones are not. Thats how it is with parents teach their children about internet use. The computer has certain sites blocked because of content and other sites the parents are happy for the children to make use of. These guys just need to learn that technology is not all bad and like everything else it can be used for good and bad and you just need to educate people on how to use only the good.
22. #14
charles   (05.27.11)
Dear Yochanan, what would the rabbi say about you having internet and posting on Ynet... who knows what other stuff you get up to... If you follow and support the rabbi in this article.. then throw away your computer and phone.. if not.. then stop being an idiot.. i was only making a point that communication can be used for good or bad... and banning something wont help. If you are good then you will use the net, phone email for good.. if not.. then you wont... we dont need some rabbi who certainly has internet and mobiles to tell his students to burn iphones... this is insane. I have a siddur, talmud and nach on my iphone... and take photos of holy rabbis and upload them to my facebook page... so it can be used for amazing good.. unless you have a dirty mind and are suspect of all those with communication devices. Its a pure example of a clash between old school and modern day... these things will not happen in the future, as by then it will be acceptable to ALL.. so relax.. and watch your mouth
23. 21st century book burning
Norman ,   Rehovot   (05.27.11)
This edict sounds like a 21st century version of the Nazi book burning. This rabbi and all his like minded followers are afraid of the modern world. G-d forbid them having any part of it, perhaps their children will learn about their farcical 16th century life style and want to join the rest of the world. Their whole take on modesty is 16th century; the torah does have anything about modesty. The female is also G-d’s creation, yet these Haridim want to shun them and are afraid of their natural reactions when seeing a female. It’s time they stopped acting like adolescent boys and join the rest of the world.
24. is he wrong?
Oscar ,   Fort Worth/USA   (05.28.11)
The modern technology (that I cannot do without) makes people loose social skills, destroys brain cells and is responsible for a variety of psychiatric and "borderline psychiatric " issues. I think (although I do not implement this myself) that people should use this technology only when needed and not as a surrogate for living.
25. Burn I iPhone?? No way
Yakov   (05.28.11)
and especially not with something so costly. The devices are very interesting-and it is possible if I am not mistaken, to download and aish app. So it is possible to have Torah on the go.
26. Yochanan and others
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.28.11)
Yes some people need a "rabbi" to tell them how to behave , they also need torah laws for the same purpose . How would they behave without such a "rabbi" or those torah laws ? Seculars don't need such things , we know by ourself what's good or bad .
27. Its the devil i tell you ....
Avi ,   Israel   (05.29.11)
Praise the Lord
28.  Is there an App for that ?
David ,   France   (05.29.11)
29. Cult books too
Josh   (05.29.11)
30. Abusers Anthem: Isolate, then dominate.
mea   (05.29.11)
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