US professor suspected of selling stolen artifacts
Zvi Lavi
Published: 18.05.11, 11:25
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1. Was allowed to leave the country?
Avi ,   Israel   (05.18.11)
Well they`ll never see him again despite the bail.
2. And WHY ws he allowed to leave the country?!?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jersalem, Israel   (05.18.11)
3. Why wasn't he named??
judyinjerusalem ,   jerusalem   (05.18.11)
4. If he hadn't sold the low end, he may have gotten the coins
Josh   (05.18.11)
Just goes to show you how stupid the criminal mind is. Probably some tourist got caught in customs and said who sold them their trinkett. Menawhile he is sitting on a fortune in coins. For a few shekels he tipped himself up. He should be jailed.
5. For as much as we pay in tutions...
Steve   (05.18.11)
...he should be held simply out of revenge.
CHARLES ,   BOSTON USA   (05.18.11)
Was the "professor" related to Moshe Dayan?
7. Name this person & the school.
Claudia ,   Tampa USA   (05.18.11)
This is such a flagrant breach of trust that we need to contact the university and let them know what we think of this unscrupulous person. He needs to be identified and fired, then imprisioned.
8. Protecting our heritage - Pay bribe, leave, we keep it quiet
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (05.18.11)
This is how the Jewish Peoples national heritage is protected. Some well-connected professor is caught looting antiquities from archeological sites and selling them to tourists (while keeping the nicer pieces for himself). In exchange for a bribe ("posting bail"), he is allowed to leave the country, never to return, and with no requirement to return all the stuff he stole and took to the US BEFORE he was caught. The authorities them apparently agree to keep the professor's name and university secret, so there are no adverse consequences, no US investigations can be launched of the university's activities, no well-healed donors are scared off or outraged, and so the public's right to know is shut off - resulting in a totally uninformative newspaper article which leaves readers wondering just what shady deal took place under the table to protect the professor, his sponsors and his university - rather than the Jewish people. Don't journalists dig for the truth anymore???
9. Is it legal or illegal? Thats the (stupid) question.
Observer ,   World   (05.18.11)
Of course it should be illegal, you dont sell your history ...
10. If there is a real Journalist dig on this "proffesors name"
crime against ,   Jews history   (05.18.11)
let us know!
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