IHH: Mavi Marmara ready for next flotilla
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 18.05.11, 18:20
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1. Turkie we in Israel are not afraid of you
princess D   (05.18.11)
2. the IHH conddemens the killing of OBL
watch it   (05.18.11)
the world backs a turkish terror organization:
3. do you really think that a proup (IHH)
LOL   (05.18.11)
wich condemend the killing of OBL can be taken seriosely by the world??? what's not so odd is that Turkey backs those guys . you should send this country a fleet for the KURDS they are occupaing and depressing for years... i hope not.
i want the thrut ,   to be said   (05.18.11)
2 hours didn't pass and another muslim lie, this time provided by the terror group called IHH is on the net. and i'm not talking about the lies of last year's flotila:
5. Muslims
sk ,   USA   (05.18.11)
Muslims you have almost all the land and population from N. Africa to Western Asia and greatly outnumber the Jews and tiny Israel. Isn't it time you stopped this BULLYING?????
6. suggestion
sk ,   USA   (05.18.11)
This time any ships seized must not be released until: 1) Ship owners compensate Israel for the cost of enforcing the no-sail zone. 2) Ship owners deposit a multi-million dollar bond with Israel ensuring the ships will never again be used in operations that flaunt Israeli sovereign laws. The bond will be confiscated if the conditions are disregarded. ...or simply rename the ships for Mossad use, or use for IDF target practice ...
7. looks like Gaza is going to get a new reef
ben ,   toronto   (05.18.11)
8. If it's martyrdom they want
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.18.11)
... then I see no reason why Israel should not grant their every wish. They can share the watery grave of their good friend Osama bin Laden (may his name be cursed throughout eternity). As to the alleged "$100 million worth of aid" -- who are they kidding? We know exactly the extent of aid which was aboard the earlier voyage of the MAVI MARMARA -- a couple of boxes of expired over-the-counter medications and some moldy blankets -- and here's a news flash: the MAVI MARMARA is not a cargo carrier. She is a passenger ship, and lacks the hold space to accommodate $100 million worth of cargo. This is nothing more than a ploy to test the resolve of the State of Israel to maintain the integrity of its fully legal and internationally recognized blockade. I think they will find that Israel's determination to enforce the blockade has not wavered.
9. Let one million people board flotilla ships
jim gibson ,   USA   (05.18.11)
Great News! If one million idiots board these ships, they will sink without any help from Israel
10. Flotilla to occupied Cyprus needed
DavidM ,   CTUSA   (05.18.11)
I notice that the IHH flotilla will not deliver any aid to occupied Cyprus. Cyprus has been occupied by the Turkish army since 1974 and Greek Cypriots are banned from returning to their homes. It says alot about the orgainizers of this flotilla that they will not help the Greek Cypriots who live under occupation.
11. Bring nets into their path, clog the propellers, they sit.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.18.11)
12. free Kurdistan!!!!
teyip ,   KURDISH WARIOR   (05.18.11)
and urge your gov. to recognaize the arminian holaucost!!!!!
shara galili ,   TLV   (05.18.11)
if a terror group's ship intruded your country's soveragen water???? what would you do??? italy, for example , bombd ships like those in the end of the 80's . NO condemination in the UN. and untill today the US arrest those ships and send this gus to prisson and noone says nothing.
14. but the UN just said the is no humanitarian crissis
kristin ,   canada   (05.18.11)
on GAZA. so what is the real reason for the unwelcomed visit??? provocation maybe???? this time they deserve everything they are gonna get for the israelies.
15. not aid but terror and provocation
justin austin   (05.18.11)
16. free the Kurds and recognize the Arminian shoah
turkish humanrights ,   first   (05.18.11)
17. aid???? i don't think so
FIDF   (05.18.11)
18. we're orgenizing an aid flotila to assist the KURDS
shalom ,   israel   (05.18.11)
who wants to join us??? there is a facebook group open you can get the details there.
19. but the UN already said there is NO
sandra ,   UK   (05.18.11)
humanitarian crisis in Gaza. and the egyptians also opend their passes to gaza after Mubarak was gone. so what's their point???
20. Zionists ,Don't harm Palestine : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.18.11)
Viva Marmara.
21. All people - no aid.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.18.11)
22. Why does Israel IHH a Terrorist group?
Ali ,   Scotland   (05.18.11)
America does not consider the IHH a terrorist group and I don't know of any country that considers the IHH as Terrorist save Israel
stude ham   (05.18.11)
torpedo them out of the waters.
mark ,   t,a; Israel   (05.18.11)
Why dont you send your 100 million$ aid to Syria where people is STARVING After all nobody is dying in Gaza from starvation. Each time you collect money it is proved half is going to your pocket with false expensive invoices you prepare !! Continiue to cheat the NOBLE TURKISH PEOPLE !!!
25. Which imbecile ...
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (05.18.11)
... from amongst our gang of imbeciles, that us imbeciles keep reelecting, authorised the return of the terror-ferry to the terrorists? If the idiot actually thought that returning the vessel used to carry out last year's attack, would make the terrorists hate us a bit less, then we are in serious trouble.
26. To #5
EZ   (05.18.11)
They will not stop. But, on the bright side, their war will backfire. People have already begun to notice that they build their religious buildings on top of churches and synagogues, that they have vanquished and destroyed numerous cultures and peoples. Thus, the palpable changes: Europe is actively engaged in preserving its culture and history. Southern Sudan has liberated itself from Arab/Muslim hegemony. The Kurds may liberate themselves soon as well (they should only drop the Islamic trappings that are not native to them anyway). Even the poor Assyrian Christians and Copts may soon be free.
27. this is not a peacful protest -
Ovadyah ,   Hales   (05.18.11)
it is a designed protest the Islamic way which Violence will be used to provoke a Israeli responce....Plain and Simple.... if I was the Israeli commander I would disable the propeler. and offer tow to the nearest foriegn port
28. Sarah B,I FED UP yr copy/paste messg. ENOUGH!!!!
Turk ,   TURKEY   (05.18.11)
29. Palestinian Facebook grou20. Zionists ,Don't harm Palestine
A ,   Belgium   (05.18.11)
Don't worry Salma, you fools are pushing your own imaginery dream further and further away by yourselves. Viva Marmera, future home for fish and other sealife.
30. "gather a million people to board the ship"
William ,   Israel   (05.18.11)
sounds like those ferry boats in Malaysia and Indonesia that capsize due to over-crowding. I say - please do.
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