Verdict pending in Rose Pizem case
Naama Cohen-Friedman
Published: 19.05.11, 00:13
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1. What is the 13th Commandment?
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.19.11)
2. they both deserve life imprisonment
benny the kid   (05.19.11)
3. Rose Pizem
Helene ,   Center   (05.19.11)
I don't trust anymore Israel's justice. Only yesterday we saw what happened with MOshe Katzav.... I am afraid that these two horrible murderers will be charged with manslaughter only and that this disgusting mother may go free. All what is happening lately with our justice system is so depressing. In the USA, a man like DSK who was hot even charged yet with rape is already in jail..... may be we should take an example. But here it's corruption, corruption and again only corruption......... SAD
4. #3
Mordechai ,   Manchester, UK   (05.19.11)
I understand the sentiment but not the logic. DSK is on Rikers Island because the court decided there was a risk that he would flee, That decision does not involve an assessment of his guilt or innocence. Katsav has already been convicted and has appealed, In the Rose case the accused have been tried but not convicted (yet). Three different cases.
5. sad
mark ,   nazareth illit   (05.19.11)
as a parent i could not even think how a mother would harm her child or even the thought of someone harming my child would send me on a revenge rampage. the mother should hang from the gallows infront of everyone and the other two should be executed as well
6. Ynet your professionalism never ceases to amaze me...
Marco ,   Spain   (05.19.11)
"Thursday will see the Petah Tikva District Court rule on WEATHER the two should be convicted of murder or the lesser charge of manslaughter." Never knew that your Jewish "weather" plays an active role in the judicial system.
7. I'm so happy they were both found guilty
Talula ,   Israel   (05.19.11)
Little Rose, whereever you are, NOW you can rest in peace, justice has been served against those who should have loved you and protected you.
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