Rose Pizem case: Court finds mother, grandfather guilty
Naama Cohen-Friedman
Published: 19.05.11, 13:47
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1. Hangem" High
mba ,   northerner   (05.19.11)
2. A good day for Israel's justice system!
Talula ,   Israel   (05.19.11)
And for dear sweet innocent little Rose - she can rest in peace knowing justice has been done. These two should never EVER be allowed to walk free again. I hope they get a daily dose of abuse in prison for as long as they live.
3. How can anyone do such a thing to a jewish baby?
Erica   (05.19.11)
completely shocking to do this to one of your own
4. Rose Pizem
Helene ,   Merkaz   (05.19.11)
At last some good news !!!!!
5. 3How can one do such a thing...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.19.11)
to a baby? Why does the race of the baby matter?
6. #3 stated like a egotistical supermist
Josh   (05.19.11)
7. #3 & 5 FYI the child wasn't Jewish she was a human being!
Liliana ,   Israel   (05.19.11)
The mother of the late Rose Pizem is not Jewish and therefore the late Rose Pizem isn't Jewish. However she was a human being and as such may G-d bless her soul and give her loving maternal grandmother (who took her for burial in France) peace of heart and mind.
8. Horrible
Charlie ,   Chicago, USA   (05.19.11)
story, but at least convicted, the sentence should match the crime! #3-you scare me. This is a horrible crime against a child, period.
9. Amen Talula i hope and pray so too.
gali in israel   (05.19.11)
10. #3: What? its ok to do "such a thing" to a non-Jewish baby?
Yitzhak ,   Israel   (05.19.11)
I certainly hope that is not what you meant. Is it? A baby is a baby. Period. Full stop.
11. #2
zorro ,   far away   (05.19.11)
Oh seriously! " I hope they get a daily dose of abuse in prison for as long as they live". Real mature. You know nothing of this case. Just keep your mouth shut.
12. #6 if you can't spell supremacist, don't accuse people of it
Kachman   (05.19.11)
just because they have a nationalist point of view doesn't make them racist
13. N 11 is right - "Thou not judge"
Geula   (05.19.11)
I do not know anything of this case either. But I thought that murder means premeditation and planning whereas manslaughter means killing on the spot. I could not find any signs of murder though the outcome was the same for the poor child. Not for the society - the mother and the grandfather needed help then and they need it now.
14. #3 Erica
Marco ,   Spain   (05.19.11)
Would it have been any different if the baby was not Jewish? You are a racist Jerk Erica.
15. #3 Erica you are sick.
16. #3, rose wasnt jewish. her father was.
eporue ,   europe   (05.21.11)
17. # 12 Judaism is NOT a nationality ; It's a RELIGION
Lucine   (05.21.11)
... if you cant tell the difference between ethnicity and religion, you're in no position to make such statements.
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