Netanyahu says 'No' to 1967 borders
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 19.05.11, 22:06
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1. Its good that Obama said this
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (05.19.11)
Now Netanyahu and the people of Israel and of America see just who Obama is. No point trying to befriend him. Instead Netanyahu must take his case directly to the Congress and the American people most of whom support Israel. As for Obama we should all work hard to make sure this incompetent is out of office by 2012.
2. Judea and Samaria = ONE BLOC !!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.19.11)
But just be careful in the beginning...
3. Bibi is ok
David ,   Durham   (05.19.11)
I applaud Netanuahu for his strength.
4. Road map?
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (05.19.11)
You mean the same agreement in which Israel promised to freeze settlement construction?
5. You better stand up to this guy
Rachel ,   US   (05.19.11)
He is not your friend. Stand up for your country. The US Congress and people of America support the people of Israel.
6. no to 67 borders no to any give backs
alan ash ,   nyc   (05.19.11)
we will show weakness if we follow obama and his crazy holocaust borders . there is no country in the world like israel-moral-and upright . am yisrael chai
7. Finally...
Jonathan ,   Camarillo   (05.19.11)
...a decisive response. Pray that the Palestinians will learn to love their children more than they hate us.
8. Get inn
Moishuk ,   Manc   (05.19.11)
Well done and well said my son
9. netanyahu needs to make some changes in the oration
AM ISRAEL CHAI ,   ISRAEL   (05.19.11)
i reccomand on doing it now before it's too late. we all know nothing is gonna grow fron this negotiations too. so what is best for israel is just saving it's self image. you as a PM has to explain the world that we want peace not that we refuss for peace, leave the last one for Abbas and Hamas. i'm pretty shure PLO will spoil it all in the end, so why not try if you can???
10. No Palestine means No Israel
observer ,   Jerusalem/Palestine   (05.19.11)
which part netanyahu does not understand, we deman 1967 borders, either you accept it, or you accept our children and your children to live in fear for the rest of their and their children's lives.
11. Wake up and smell the coffee !
Jon ,   Baltimore US   (05.19.11)
Just as Netanyahu refused to honor any progress that had been made by the Olmert government on the peace process, President Obama has refused to endorse a letter written by former President Bush on his support of Israel. President Obama has clearly stated how the US will support Israel and he is our elected representative with growing support of the US public. Refusal to make peace hurts everyone in the long run but the current right wing fanatics in Tel Aviv seem to have not gotten the message yet. They seem to think they can do whatever they want and we have to support them in everything. President Obama is absoulutely correct in saying that something has to be done and should be done now. He did not define where the borders would be at the end of the negotiations, just accepted what 99% of the world already recognizes as the starting point for negotiations, the ones from 1967.
12. 67 borders--bibi
arne ,   usa   (05.19.11)
good for him, the guys terrific.the shame is that we as a people never really appreaciated just how good geo. bush was for isreal. there's an old saying" the jews vote like puerto ricans and live like prespitirans". how true is that!
13. Just ignore him
Ken Bergstrasser ,   Toledo USA   (05.19.11)
Our USA president is to be ignored. We do no take him serious here . He is no friend to Israel or us. God help us if we get stuck with him again.
14. As an American, I am sorry and I stand with Israel
jodi ,   NV United States   (05.19.11)
G-d will always stand by you, may G-d's peace and love pour upon you. Please know Obama doesn't speak for all American's. G-d will always defend you. And as an American Christian I stand by you as well. As the book of Joel reads, no one will be able to successfully take over Israel. Much love to you my Jewish friends!
15. Road Map ? #4
Freddy Maier ,   Israel   (05.19.11)
By Road Map we mean the same agreement in which the Palestinians had to change their Charter calling for the destruction of Israel before Israel even start freezing anything.....we are still waiting, the Charter is still the same and valid........
16. BB tell him that israel is already
i love israel   (05.19.11)
a wonderful bout jewish and democratic state weather he likes it or not.
17. 5
birdi ,   israel   (05.19.11)
I am so proud of Bibi. Thank G*d he has said NO. My support for Bibi never faltered. Thank you Rachel, thank you to the American Jews, thank you to the US Congress for your support of our beloved country, ISRAEL.
18. Okay as you want Bibi
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.19.11)
give us back OUR 48 borders .
joanne turner ,   the woodlands tx   (05.19.11)
today i am ashame to be an american... our fore fathers are weeping. God Bless Israel...God bless Her people
20. 1967 borders
Greg Knowlton ,   Bradford, Pa. USA   (05.19.11)
Thank you for standing your ground PM Netanyahu! I'll continue to pray for you and all of Israel! We don't all here in America feel the way our president does!
21. #4 road map
Chatich   (05.19.11)
Interesting how you fail to mention that the same so-called road map says the 'palestinians' must recognize Israel, renounce terror and end incitement. How would you say those promises are coming along then?
22. Green Line was never a border!
Gabriel ,   Budapest, Hungary   (05.19.11)
The so called 67 border has never been a border between two states, it was an armistice line only. Since 67 the ethnic realities have changed, Israel should keep cities and infrastructures built by Isrealis and inhabited by Israeli citizens. Palestinians were never able for any compromise, They are like repeating machines: "67 borders, Jerusalem..." It was time to make them clear that Israel will never give up its capital city and the three major West Bank blocks: Ariel area, Gush Etzion, and Ma'ale Adumim.
23. Number 10
Avi Gur ,   Ny USA   (05.19.11)
Its easy to see that you really do not live in the Middle East . I have been to Israel several times. The Israelis do not fear anything.
24. #1
Harold ,   USA   (05.19.11)
President Obama is asking Israel to move back to the 1967 borders as the whole world is asking because occupation of the Palestinian lands to accommodate European Jews is illegimate and against the International Laws. Mr. Obama is very stonge and he will be re-elected in 2012 elections no matter whether the Jewish voters vote for him or not.
25. Bibi is in no position to say "no" to anything...
Persian CAT   (05.19.11)
He's just spinning for DOMESTIC consumption.
26. Obama Plan and Saudi Peace Plan Illegal
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (05.19.11)
Eugene Rostow Under Secretary of state author of UN resolution 242 wrote in 1991 that Israel and Jews had a right to settle the West Bank, and that the British Mandate cannot be rescinded. He also said that Israel was not required to go back to the 67 borders.
27. Livni is a Traitor
John Cone ,   USA   (05.19.11)
Pure and Simple ask yourself why is she trying to brown nose Obama and Israel? Same with Ehud barak and Peres why do they always support Obama and not Bibi ask yourselves that question?
28. @ #10
Johan van den Top ,   The Netherlands   (05.19.11)
Even if Israel would accept you still would find a reason to kill and try to destroy the Jewish people, you hatefull people. Blessed be the nation and people of Israel.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.19.11)
Mr Netanyahu is still doing a great job. Bizarre how the man with no certain history,Obama,overlooks history when it suits him.Bush's undertakings to Israel aren't the only ones that Obama overlooks. What about the US's commitments to Israel that underpin the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty?The Egyptian government is trampling on the treaty without a word of protest from Obama,yet Obama is still going to bail them out. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (05.19.11)
Of course Israel could NOT go back to the 67 borders as they are, nor was Israel expected to, according to Resolution 242, which all subsequent agreements were based on. This was made perfectly clear in Resolution 242, Israel was expected to retain some of the land for security reasons that were as obvious today, as they were in 1967. Second, all refugees will have to go to any new Arab entity, period. There can be no other way. If this is refused by the Arabs and intended to be used as an excuse to continue attacks upon Israel (which is what Hezbollah did with Sheba Farms in Lebanon). Then Israel need not make any deal on land whatsoever. So the refugee issue MUST be resolved before any deals, period. Plus this is reasonable on Israel's part, the Arabs have insisted that NO JEWS be allowed in their country, Israel hasn't said Arabs wouldn't be allowed, the ones that are there now are welcome to stay. But No new in the refugees will be allowed...that's why they will have a new country. It seems the Arabs always want their cake and want to eat it too. At some point, the world needs to stand up for what's right. Israel is already giving up major security, by even agreeing to the two state solution. After all Israel is giving up land for nothing but a piece of paper, and a promise, that the my opinion...haven't proved they can honor.
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