Hamas: Obama speech total failure
Elior Levy
Published: 19.05.11, 22:27
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1. Obama speech means nothing to palesetinians
Westbanker ,   West Bank   (05.19.11)
Words ... words.. words... we demand for an action Obama.... stop talking and do something useful
2. don't stress Israel.
maya ,   australia   (05.19.11)
As anyone that has watched this for a long time, we know hamas will stuff it up for obama. just give them two days and its back to square one.
3. Hamas: Total Failure
LaLa Kitty ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.19.11)
Hamas, hamas, hamas. Banana fana mo mas. hamas! Do you dig it? Do you get it?
4. maybe i don't agree with all that he said but
long live ,   ISRAEL   (05.19.11)
it was a pretty good speach. they just want to go on with their terror ways... we had enough terror and we had eanough from HAMAS.
5. why can't palestinians try???
yaniv ,   israel   (05.19.11)
they said they won't miss an oportonity and that israel is to blam. so here is annother oportonity and netanyahu says he is ready. why being so negative about everything???? HAMAS has a very tinny heart.
6. #2 ,..Yes...those retards are really a trump
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.19.11)
card for Israel...a not at all secret , secret weapon...
7. Hamas is radical. recapturing the whole land of israel
Saed ,   Iranian jew   (05.19.11)
Just one old and dated advise to israel.just reinforce IDF.america will support israel and try to build all of your military equipment by yourself not american help.our enemies are determined really determined.just watch their eyes.and just support benjamin to pass from this historic events.israel your enemies are watching and looking for a chance to pour their poison on your blood.look at a history,every country has fought for its rights except you it's the is not generous to give you your should grab your rights and keep them tight.
8. Obama seemedto upset all involved - but the speech
Michal   (05.19.11)
was very problematic for the Arabs, and they should be hysterical by now!
9. Fascists do not need lessons in democracy
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.19.11)
Because they aren't interested in it.
10. I am absolutely dumfounded that Obama
sid on thames ,   uk   (05.19.11)
could use the example of Mr Fogels words vs the words of the Arab doctor in regard to losing their children. Obama said the palestinian lost three daughters, the man lost a son. ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL USA. The Fogels lost a son, a daughter in law, a ten year old grandson, a four year old grandson and a three month old granddaughter. Had their throats slit in their beds by terrorists. The doctor lost his daughters as a result of war caused by six thousand kassams raining on Israeli children. Terrorism vs war, Obama should hang his head in shame. Who the hell are his deluded advisors?
11. Terrorist beggars think they're brilliant, so why not rich?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.19.11)
12. Demanding ghouls on their plush couch aren't they?
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.19.11)
13. hamas don't need
bachrach Andras ,   kfarsaba il   (05.20.11)
Hamas: we don't need any advice from america about democracy,we need M O N E Y! andi mihakfar
14. #1 - save yourselves
William ,   Israel   (05.20.11)
Why demand other people save you from your own racist, backward actions. Save yourselves from your fate. Return to negotiations, recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland, promise to end the conflict at end of negotiations, and let's get a map out with a marker and get started. Otherwise, the hot air, it seems, is coming from Ramallah.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (05.20.11)
Poor Hamas, they're so sad that Obama won't support their terror. To bad boys, you don't like it, see ya. The USA intends to give Israel all the weapons it needs to fight any arrogant aggression on your part. Hamas and their arrogant and selfish attitude is destroying the peace process. Hamas needs to recognize Israel, renounce terrorism, forget the right of return, and back off the 67 borders. It really is pretty simple. The settlements blocs will stay part of Israel, that's the deal. Take it, or leave it. Your arrogance has led to nothing but humiliation for all your people. Your tactics of terror have been a total failure, time to change.
16. A Sad Day for Obama
ynr   (05.20.11)
So then on whose side is Obama? This is the presdent who is betraying the alles of the US and embrasing the enemies of the US. It is a sad day not for Israel but for Obama.
17. Hamas Is So Yesterday's News
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (05.20.11)
Hamas and its Iranian handlers live in a medieval and primitive time warp built on a foundation of fanaticism, misogyny, bigoted intolerance, violence and rabid anti-semitism. Hamas really needs to get over it! Israel isn't going anywhere and neither are the West's charitable handouts or recognition of a bona fide Palestinian state no matter what passes for a Palestinian joint government. Until Hamas, as part of a Palestinian "government," complies with the EU's conditions for Palestinian recognition of Israel, the peace initiative is dead in the water.
18. to Westbanker
Yosef ,   Galil   (05.20.11)
Thanks for confirming: Obama's speech does not mean anything to ANYBODY...
19. To: No. 1
Words ... words ... words ... please name one useful action that the ersatz "Palestinians" have EVER taken. While you're at it, please name one single contribution to humanity and to civilization made the ersatz "Palestinians." Hint: Terrorism and violence do not count.
20. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.20.11)
You have it all backwards. Obama was elected into office by the American people. He works for the American people, and his job is to act in accordance with the wishes of the people who elected him to office. The people of the United States are overwhelmingly strong supporters of Israel. Americans dislike terror, terrorism and terrorists. The ersatz "Palestinians" are all three. Whatever Obama may think or feel personally, he works for the American people, and is obligated under law to act in accordance with the wishes of the American people. The problem is not with Obama, not with the people of the United States and not with Israel. The problem is -- and has always been -- with the ersatz "Palestinians."
21. Go Israel, Down with Obama.
Thomas ,   Kathleen FL. U.S.A.   (05.20.11)
22. The Stinians
Joe ,   Florida, USA   (05.20.11)
The Pallies wouldn't know what to do with their own country. All they know is raiding, forcing themselves on others, exploiting, distorting, and cutting off heads. Since they lack reasoning skills, how cculd they solve issues? How can they feed their population? What will their contributions to science be? After all, they've contributed a big fat zero to the world. All of their manpower is devoted to KILLING and DESTRUCTION. All of their money is devoted to these as well. So, if they get their own state, they'll somehow magically be a role model? Really?
23. Hammas
Terry ,   USA   (05.20.11)
Any country that does not recognize.Israel as a State has no right to peace because terrorism is.they're only mindset !
24. Hamas, Republicans & Likud
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (05.20.11)
This is a case study of jointly ticking off the right wingers in the US, Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Conclusion - Obama must have it right. I bet he ticked off al Qaida, too. He probably also ticked off the people and those who wanted the US to force a settlement. Netanyahu gives his first speech next Tuesday followed by a Worldwide broadcast of his speech to Congress where he can tell Obama what to do.
25. Two points about Obama's speech:
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.20.11)
1. He must realize, the 1949 armistice lines (dubbed 1967 boundaries) are simply a none starter for Arab Israeli peace. Even UN Security Council Resolution, 242, which was accepted by all parties, has been the basis for all peace talks and actual agreements does not suggest such future borders. 2. Obama should have addressed directly and forcefully the Muslim-Arab categorical refusal to accept Israel's right to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people on ANY parcel of land between the River and the Sea. This refusal has been the core of the conflict, yet Mr. Obama has refused to deal with it.
26. Not normal
Mark ,   USA   (05.20.11)
A normal person would recognize that to the arabs, democracy is foreign. After all, it's a Greek concept and passed down thru Rome and English Common Law. But Obama isn't normal. He, like most Lib-Idologues (and perhaps even Marxists) don't pay attention to facts. They, like the Kamakazi, follow their ideology regardless of consequences.
27. It must be good policy....
Larry ,   USA   (05.20.11)
because everyone is pissed!!! LOL!
28. obama
ruth white ,   rock river u.s.a.   (05.20.11)
hamas doesnt care what obama said. and Israel should not have to give up what the Lord gave them.
29. there goes your little creation helping you out
jacob ,   Encino, CA   (05.20.11)
The more extremists israel create then the more time it gets for building settlements. You must be saddened that your other buddy bin laden was killed: 1 less terroist to scare the US with. Now you need to create new ones I guess to keep the west in line.
30. #29 - Yawn - US is perpetually afraid...
William ,   Israel   (05.20.11)
you don't need anyone else's help to have a boogie man...whether it be a terrorist in an Afghani cave or Glenn Beck. BTW - Bin Laden was of your own making, of your own policies. Take responsibility for your own fateful actions around the globe, including the latest bribery money to Arabs worth billions while US families lose their homes.
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