Netanyahu associate: Obama detached from reality
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 20.05.11, 02:21
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art ,   jersey city usa   (05.20.11)
Obama has sold out Israel. Obama/Hillary have shown their bad faith and that they can not be trusted. The US has reneged on ALL guarantees treaties understandings and promises. Now he expects Israel to trust him to support Israel after the pa is Nobody will believe that he will deliver a non military pa. Long term he has proven that the US is a treacherous alley and by so doing strengthen iran.
2. The corridors are dark
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.20.11)
3. The "eace now between israel and palys is the best it's ever
david ,   uk   (05.20.11)
going to get. Things should just stay as they are. Obama wants to
4. It was not that bad
PAL   (05.20.11)
I would not look for a fight where there is not one, especially as the PA are not going to return to talks regardless. Olmerts deal is different from Netanyahu and a future government may be different again. Olmert would give East Jerusalem, Netanyahu will not. Who knows what a future government will do on East Jerusalem.
5. Peace Now = Rockets on Tel Aviv Now
Mike ,   TA   (05.20.11)
Only when the coffee shops and boutiques in North Tel Aviv are bombed will the lefties get it...
6. Obama's speech
Reuven ,   W. Vancouver, Canada   (05.20.11)
It's not Mr. Obama who is detached from reality -- rather, it's Mr. Netanyahu (and Art, too).
7. Israel's loyalty rewarded
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.20.11)
Obama's 67' Auschwitz borders speech is Israel's reward for trusting in America Babylon for peace. Israel was so sure that by trusting a good friend and close ally that everything would work out for the best. It hasn't,in fact Israel has been backed into a corner, a prelude to the destruction which the international community had planned since the Oslo accord was signed in 93' on the White House lawn. That was what the U.S. led peace process was always about ,correcting their mistake of 48'. All the years of warning and screaming by those like myself went unheeded.
8. Obama was never a friend of Israel
Rachel ,   US   (05.20.11)
Hopefully now Netanyahu will get a clue and fight for his people with the same intensity as Abbas does for his.
9. Truth: Palestinians need 2 b Babysat ---
ZAL ,   US   (05.20.11)
which is why there is no peace. End of story. Thy have proven hundreds of times why they NEED to be pent up, set apart from the Jews because of their hatred, greed, idiolgies and recklessness. Everywhere they go, they naturally EXUDE TROUBLE, for everyone. Even the rest of the hypocritical Arab collective who've refused them rights and kept them in poverty, unlike the news who took in their 600,000 DISPLACED fellow Jews with open arms. A "Palestinian" state would be the most reckless thing to create and Israel should fight tooth and nail to prevent it.
10. Obama speech!!!!
roman ,   poland   (05.20.11)
Israel has a right to self defence. I stand with Israel.
11. Oh, you're wrong:Husni Obama get's it!Then we'll "get" it!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.20.11)
12. #4 The future government...
Jules   (05.20.11)
... with ask all dwellers of East Jerusalem to declare their unconditional, absolute loyalty to Israel as democratic, Zionist state, the Homeland of the Jewish people. Anyone who disagrees is entitled to seek residence in over 50 Muslim countries.
13. Yes We Can
Old Solly ,   New Jersey, USA   (05.20.11)
The clear truth of Obama's position on the ME and Israel is now exposed. Previous agreements by the US reneged, allies sold out, and Israel appears to be alone. But it's not. The good people of the West, Christians and Jews, stand by Israel in her time of need. Obama will fall from power soon, and Israel is strong. Let us hope that Bibi has the strength to stand up to world powers. War is coming, and Israel, as always, will be victorious (because defeat is death). No, Obama can't force us. Yes, we can stand up for ourselves.
14. Just Say "No"
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (05.20.11)
Netanyahu can give his speech which too will be televised and just say no, to Obama and US mediation. Tell the US publicly to take a hike if Likud cannot set US policy exactly. Then tell Wexler and Abe Foxman and all the Jews who agreed with Obama's approach as reasonable for the US since it mirrors the Bush positions, that their support is no longer needed or desired. Bibi can even give a speech on Fox News if he wants and turn his rejection of the US and our President into The biggest campaign issue in 2012. He can make it bigger than the Kill Medicare issue.
15. Israel
RC ,   USA   (05.20.11)
Israel should only trust in God for its deliverance (Psalms 121) but we hill and mountain folk also stand with Israel. Zion = Israel, bless Zion which is Israel. Jerusalem belongs to Israel.
16. re "problematic rightist coalition"
Li ,   USA   (05.20.11)
That may be true, but it is an incredibly lame excuse. Netanyahu wants the United States to put everything on hold in order to worry about concerns caused by extremists? Enough of that.
17. Flames upon Obama (May his name be forgotten)
James ,   Toledo, Ohio USA   (05.20.11)
Obama is a traitor to the USA. Him and his democrate socialist party have almost succeeded in destroying this once great country. Now he wants to go down in history as the American president who was instrumental in the destruction of Israel. There are MILLIONS of your friends here in the USA who are convinced of what I just said. We are on the brink of revolution here. Hopefully you are not on the brink.... Don't play his game. We will get rid of the traitor here soon. Freedom loving Americans will help you as soon as we get rid of this piece of scum. Until then we pray the God of Israel will protect you.
18. You always knew Obama is not in Tune.
RJ Kennedy ,   Ottawa, Canada   (05.20.11)
He is out for re-election, not for the good of Israel. Turn to Psalms 83 if you yearn for real support.
19. How true #8.
RJ Kennedy ,   Ottawa, Canada   (05.20.11)
Obama is no friend of Israel. He is a polotian intent upon re-election. His focus is on how to acheive that aim. He will say whatever, do whatever and insult whomever(even if they don't realize it as such) to ensure his desires. His wife applauds him thoroughly. You're best bet is to rely upon the man above and put your trust in his words.
20. The World is fed up with Israel violation of the law
lydia ,   Brisbane   (05.20.11)
21. Two points about Obama's speech:
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.20.11)
1. He must realize, the 1949 armistice lines (dubbed 1967 boundaries) are simply a none starter for Arab Israeli peace. Even UN Security Council Resolution, 242, which was accepted by all parties, has been the basis for all peace talks and actual agreements does not suggest such future borders. 2. Obama should have addressed directly and forcefully the Muslim-Arab categorical refusal to accept Israel's right to be, to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people on ANY parcel of land between the River and the Sea. This refusal has been the core of the conflict, yet Mr. Obama has refused to deal with it.
22. obama detached from reality
alexx ,   new york usa   (05.20.11)
An old saying went "never miss an opportunity to shut up "...especially if you are uneducated and missinformed on the subject. Throwing your ONLY ally in a hostile part of the world to the wolves is simply IDIOTIC ! We who fought and WON the 1967 war against hoards of "peace loving arabs" promise that those borders will NEVER BE AGAIN ! Of course we might want to reconsider as soon as California is returned to Mexico, and Hawaii to its founding natives.
23. Obama the Idiot
Brod ,   USA   (05.20.11)
Netanyahu does not need to waste his time meeting with Obama the Idiot. After giving his speech to Congress-the American people, Netanyahu should meet with other American leaders like Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney. Congress should start impeaching Obama for siding with Islamist-Jihadism-America's number one enemy.
24. In reality the Israel border should go all the way to Iraq,
E,M Jordan is Pales ,   S.F   (05.20.11)
In reality the Israel border should go all the way to Iraq, In history there were not this two States Jordan and Arab Palestinian State , Jordan was part of Jewish State and British Empire has created that nation for their interest in M,E ,Divide and role on them long term British policy .
25. Israels border
Do NOT withdraw!!
26. Expediency the Order of the Day for Obama
Elias   (05.20.11)
Don't need to be a psychologist to see Obama's rationale. After he's assassinated Bin Laden then he needs to appease the Arabs for the death of their iconic leader, and what better way than to suggest a peace solution based on 1967 borders. Whether he really means it or not depends on the way the Americans use their veto in september, when the Palestinians unilateerally declare thir own independent state.
27. On the contrary,
Bulldozer   (05.20.11)
its Netanyahu who is detached from reality not Obama. The writer got it all wrong. Ridiculous article
28. All nations against Israel
freeourspeach ,   U.S.   (05.20.11)
Someone looking at this whole situation,(With a open mind and the facts,) Has to wonder what in the holy book is going on with this world??? Have people(U.S.) gone mad? How can you as a nation have any lasting peace if your foe's are getting everything handed to them through violence and propaganda, And not even have to sit down at the negotiating table ? Their will eventually be a peace treaty Imposed on Israel but it aint going to last . Our current president is a radical nutcase.
29. What goods?
Rachel ,   US   (05.20.11)
GLENN ,   YUCAIPA,USA   (05.20.11)
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