Netanyahu: 1967 lines 'indefensible'
Associated Press
Published: 20.05.11, 21:37
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1. Israeli PM's meeting with Mr. Obama
Yoel Reuben ,   Lod   (05.20.11)
Mr. Prime minister I wish to congratulate you on a most direct and down to earth view of our countries situation, and also for being so straight forword while expressing out in no uncertain terms what we all feel Sir! you are a ststesman of great experience and understanding- Thank you.
2. and that old cobra Obama
canada ,   canada   (05.20.11)
Just sits there like it has since election, swaying its head from side to side just waiting for a chance to strike.
3. Yeah, 7amas wants "peace," too!
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (05.20.11)
Netanyahu wants "peace" attained by subjugating the Palestinians to the status of a bunch of serfs who would eventually emigrate out of the territories. Is that "peace" any different from the vision of "peace" proffered by 7amas: Driving the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea? And BTW, President Abbas was snubbing 7amas for a few YEARS in order to pursue negotiations with Israel, but got nothing but obscurantism, obstructionism and bare-faced lies from Netanyahu's administration. Why, then, is Bibi trotting out the 7amas argument now when he was refusing to engage with Abbas well before the latest accord between the P.A. and 7amas?!? More slander and yet another pathetic excuse to maintain the untenable status quo. And if the 1967 lines are "indefensible" (which they are), what has been Netanyahu's counterproposal? Declining to even suspend settlement building for a few months. This guy is behaving like Arafat(Y"ShU) on his worst day. Every accusation we rightly used to throw at Arafat sticks to Bibi, too. Somebody call the fire brigade because this liar's pants are on fire. Netanyahu, you're foolin' no-one anymore!!
4. BRAVO NETANYAHU!!! You represented Israel wel!!!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (05.20.11)
Israel, your PM was excellent: he was dignified, gracious and firm in front the cameras. He touched on the troubling points and explained Israel's position exquisitely. Obama was the cook yesterday and today, Netanyahu was the chef. Know the difference? Bravo!!!
5. Livni, GO HOME! You are a disgrace to Israel
Harry Wright ,   UK   (05.20.11)
with your petty vendetta. You lack the insight to fully appreciate the problem and you lack the vision for the future. You will forever be a lapdog. GO HOME and stop embarrassing the Israeli people. Take Barak along with you - two lapdogs.
6. Israel was forced in Palestine, time to force Palestine also
Ann ,   UK   (05.20.11)
7. indefensible 67 borders
observer ,   Egypt   (05.20.11)
it is admission by the head of the state that Israel fought in 67 in order to grab land not to defend against attack. Calling on PA to get rid of Hamas before talk is against the UN charter of self-determination.
8. Mr said it right I am proud of you
Al   (05.20.11)
aside from the usual political hit it out of the ball park. I tip my yarmulka to you. At times I may fly off the handle in my anger, but I do admit that at times I am wrong. G-d Bless you PM Nethnyahu PS: Do me a favour send Barak packing...he will usurp you.
9. Really? Wherey they indefensible in 1967?
Nour ,   One-State   (05.20.11)
Millikowsy's nose is elongating - again!
10. Israel has to defend itself from the USA!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.20.11)
Obama wants to return to the pre-'67 borders. Before the Six Day War there were two states: Israel and Jordon. That was the decision of the UN. There was no Palestine so a return to the pre-'67 borders must mean that the West Bank must go back to Jordan "with some land adjustments". What Obama wants is a solution which in reality is the continuation of the Final Solution of the Jewish Question and we all know what means!
frank shulman ,   ca, usa   (05.20.11)
12. NOT ONE SQUARE INCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.20.11)
13. Obama = Israels enemy No.1
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.20.11)
14. The first photo shows the two not even
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (05.20.11)
looking at one another and the second shows a heavy tenseness between the two. Sometimes, these photos tell us more than a recapitulation of what was said, agreed or disagreed upon.
15. Benjamin Netanyaha is my hero
Mike ,   USA   (05.20.11)
He smashed Obama
16. Bibi was OK
Emperor ,   USA   (05.20.11)
I heard and watched the whole speech. Bibi was OK and it was obvious that Obama still does not get it. The body language clearly showed the tension between the two. I was impressed by Bibi's firm stand because it is very clear to me that the possibility of a second Obama presidency will be a particularly tough ride for Israel. Even if PM Netanyahu is not re-elected, a succesor will not be able to change the postion he enunciated today, and therein lies Bibi's accomplishment today. Stay tuned for more...
17. What we have here is a failure to...
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (05.20.11)
communicate. What ZerObama said : "Hurumph! Don't you know that I'm the smartest guy in any room. I have a gift. I told Harry Reid so." What the Beebster said was: "Nice crease in those Mom Jeans. I hear your "JOOS bring me down" kvetch, but remember..... Only one of us has an actual bullet wound from a real face to face shoot out with real live; who then became real dead terrorists. So piss off Urkel".
18. Pic is a photoshop.
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (05.20.11)
19. Why did Bibi even meet with this enemy?
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (05.20.11)
20. Beebee should deny any USN 6th
fleet visits to Levantine backwater fleshpots... that will send a message to Bambi! No soup for you!!! One year!!
21. 1967 BORDERS? ahahahahah NO.
Ester   (05.20.11)
thats just crazy!!!! no peace at any cost!!! kahana tzadak
22. remember olmert and livni
alexi   (05.20.11)
tehy backed taking in nominal refugees 10,000 per year for 5 or 10 years. This stupid offer amounted to waving the white flag of surrender. Not one so called refugee can come back just as the 900,000 jews left arabs lands dispossessed of everything.. What did olmert and livni get for their concessions-no, no, no and yes to tractor terror , hezbollah war and hamas rockets from gaza to which olmert did not respond to over 2 years . These are 2 pacifists who are cowards, yellow, through and through. Just like begin, the arabs would cut a deal with lieberman and landau and not this pathetic duo joined by the eli zeira general barak.
23. School bus & Teenage boy!
Jamal ,   Jordan   (05.20.11)
The old fool words quoted by Israelis officials, it sounds like Israel's Military + Governments are saints from heaven who didn’t commit genocide against Palestinian civilians and children far more than the missiles aka fireworks sent out from Gaza. The other way to look at, is Arab's lives are not worth considered or counted.
24. #14 That's OK, as long as they don't have a
Harry Wright ,   UK   (05.20.11)
fist fight in front the camera and Netanyahu maintains his composure, which he did. Did you see how Obama was looking at him in a later clip???
25. Like a Broken Record
Shlomo Kamera   (05.20.11)
Netanyahoo trots out this tired old line:"he is "the leader of a persecuted people" which cannot take any chances or make mistakes regarding its security. Persecuted people??? The Palestinians are the persecuted people-the jews are the occupiers and aggressors, and the ones with an army, air force and navy, all of which are too powerful, and allowed to get away with murder. Oh the poor, poor persecuted jews! Cry me a river............BDS
26. Did you people notice...
Marco ,   Spain   (05.20.11)
That Obama's seat is higher than Netenyahu?
27. Yay - at last
RubyH ,   JHB   (05.20.11)
Well done Bibi!! Tell it like it is!
28. obamas a t,w,a,t
paul t ,   uk   (05.20.11)
at this map
29. jews can not trust OBAMA
J1 ,   Earth   (05.20.11)
The issue isn’t “1967 lines.” It is the Jordan Valley. Netanyahu’s reaction, as reported in the media, seemed to be centered on the “1967” issue. However, the important part of his statement about borders was not the western border of “Palestine,” but the east – the border with Jordan
30. #17 "So piss off Urkel"...priceless.
Al   (05.20.11)
At times I am harsh on Bibi,,,but I have to admit he totally bitch slapped Odumbo today.
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