'Netanyahu, Obama share little chemistry'
Jonathan Weber
Published: 21.05.11, 09:48
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1. The Guardian and the Independant
Sagita ,   UK   (05.21.11)
How could you even bother to mention these two,very hard to find two newspapers who are as bad as these two when it comes to writing about Israel.They hate Israel,and they make no bones about it.
2. Chemistry?
Settler   (05.21.11)
Okay will move back to EU, sorry for the TROUBLE
3. 103 days until September - Tick Tock Tick Tock
Chris Linthwaite   (05.21.11)
4. share little chemistry
WTF   (05.21.11)
Falasha Black Jews of Ethiopia - Chinese Jews - Russians Israelis - Black Jews - Moroccan Israelis - American New York Jews
GLENN ,   YUCAIPA,USA   (05.21.11)
BENJAMIN ,   SINGAPORE   (05.21.11)
7. Bibi politely, respectfully asserted his
Joe ,   US   (05.21.11)
position, with some heart felt passion, and managed cleverly to rebuke some of Obama's views showing them as vapid. It was well and timely done in a clear manner as Bibi addressed Americans, and the world. Bravo. It needed to be said. The US Congress will back Israel. Obama looked like a chump. and his body language showed he did not like it. Friends can be frank.
8. Bibi and Obama
nva ,   jerusalem   (05.21.11)
Bibi's unabashed rejection of Obama's terms need not be a put down of Israel but rather a kol hakavod for Israel. Obama is not god. Our supposed friend Obama? has humiliated and insulted Bibi and Israel one too many times. Enough of this blabber of "he said lines not borders" and "mutually agreed land swaps." Every person in the world knows that Abbas/Hamas will never, not ever, accept any land swaps of any kind, so when the term 1967 lines or borders are actually is a nuanced term for 1948. PRE 1948, before we returned. I for one am extremely proud of Bibi for standing strong, and if i had to sit next to Obama. i too would have to look away in disgust...his treatment of Netanyahu since his Presidency in the Oval office has been the epitome of disgusting behavior.
9. Obama nation
noel nesor ,   Israel   (05.21.11)
Bibi's got 1000% right in being scared of th Protus and his aslamic bias. The 'obamanator' is either naive,misguided, deranged or downright evil. Israel cannot compromise its existence so Bibi, like it or not, is saying the right things at the right time in the right place. He deserves the support of all who wish to see the continuation of the Jewish democratic state. Beware of the 'Obamanator' and his like. They are racists anti-Jews in disguise.
10. Way to go Netanyahu!
Joe ,   Israel   (05.21.11)
About time we had a leader with some backbone and that does not go to heel of each American president. Stay strong, the people of Israel are behind you.
11. Hey wait a minute, wasn't jellyfish Bibi supposed to cave??
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.21.11)
12. This isn't about chemistry, it's about policy.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (05.21.11)
Netanyahu defended Israel's interests. That's his job. Obama thought he would ambush Netanyahu by giving a speech before Netanyahu's address to Congress. Skillfully, Netanyahu turned the tables on him. It was a very slick performance. Obama looked like someone trying to pass a kidney stone. Obama is an amateur, Netanyahu is a professional. All the spin in the world cannot change what the American public saw with their own eyes. Our detractors & adversaries don't care about reality. As long as we exist, as long as we don't agree to committ suicide, they will crticize us. Truth no longer means anything to these people, fairness is thrown out the window. Leftists & Islamists have a common bond in anti-Semitism, now disguised as anti-Zionism. What Netanyahu really said is that we are here & we're going to stay here. I think all of us should be glad that this fell to Netanyahu. No matter how much I criticise him, we are lucky not to have fools like Ehud Barak or Tzippi Livni in his place.
13. As far I could follow...
FO ,   Belgium   (05.21.11)
not one word uttered by Mr. Netanyahu, about Israel's legal rights to settle in the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, an irrevocable right obtained by the League of Nations in 1922, a right unaltered in International Law and valid to this day due to Article 80 of the Charter of the United Nations. Even the USA ratified the League's decisions called the "Mandate for Palestine" by the "Anglo-American Treaty of 1924".
14. the whole world loves obama...
eporue ,   europe   (05.21.11)
and nobody can stand bibi...
15. unsure about black, to me it seems, obama said loud and...
eporue ,   europe   (05.21.11)
clear: "the israeli occupation has to stop now"... he didnt (only) say anything like, settling things, making agreements, a palestinian state, as previously.. i think, it was now the first time, the US president said something like "west bank is not israel"... ...this is all in "back to 67 lines"... usually the wording is "yes to a pal state", but never "israel go back to the 67-square"... correct me, if im wrong...
16. What "chemistry" do you expect when dealing with arsenic?
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.21.11)
17. Bravo, Bibi!
Avi ,   israel   (05.21.11)
Or in the three-word version: Bravo, Bibi, indeed.
18. chemistry and policy
Jeff ,   Maccabim, Israel   (05.21.11)
better chemistry leads to an easier conversation and maybe some sort of policy in the end...
19. Bibi stands strong
Len ,   Australia   (05.21.11)
I feel for Bibi, pressed from every side he has to balance the right degree of diplomacy with foreign nations hell-bent on making Israel make concessions that no other country in the world would even entertain, yet he also has to please most Israelis who will not budge an inch no matter what. Bibi really has very little choice, One he gives in to Obama and the UN and EU's demands for Palestinians rights and face the real danger of an indefensible territory. Two he refuses downright refuse to give any ground to the demands and face a very probable Israeli-Arab war. Which one does he pick? It seems both will end up with same results. War against Israel.
20. no. Obama is buds with socialists and antisemites
the balance of the world aint too fond of him. keep an eye on the 2012 election...the one Obama's gonna lose.
21. 15 ur right and it's 1 of the MANY reasons y American
voters r done with him. He is not of an American mind. Most of us are more like minded with Israel than u in Europe.
22. 18 there is no policy to be made with an antisemite.
23. Stand with Israel
citizen   (05.21.11)
When has the British press been sympathetic to Israel? Netanyahu said what had to be said, in a clear and forceful manner. This will not go down as 'the most undiplomatic moments of international policy', this will go down as the moment in time when the duplicitous game of diplomacy has finally been defeated. Our PM has spoken the truth, our survival within safe and secure borders is the key issue.
24. Obamas problem
YaĆ«lle Schlichting ,   Raubling, Germany   (05.21.11)
Obamas biggest problem is the absence of any successes at home. +++ huge state deficits +++ his reform on health insurance is short before failing +++ Guantanamo is still in operation +++ The oil disaster in the gulf of Mexico is still a vast problem +++ His energy policy is disillusioning +++ Compared to Bush (I didn't like Bush) Obamas budget deficit is 7.5 % worse than average +++ Europe's economy is jump starting and Obama can't start the U.S. economy +++ After more than half the time of his first legislation Obama should bring something about at home and? What is he doing??? He is looking for new failures outside the U.S. +++ The Arab countries will not become democratic. The current despots will be succeeded by other despots. +++ Israels biggest shortcoming? No Oil!
25. Obama - cynical, narcissist, naive - God help us
Yaniv ,   Israel   (05.21.11)
26. Well done Obama
Robert ,   Brisbane Australia   (05.21.11)
It's Obama who should be congratulated for not succumbing to the demands of Netanyahu as successive US presidents have done with Israel.
27. Cold as ice!
Susie ,   Scotland   (05.21.11)
Hussan Obama is a puppet you cannot form a relationship with a puppet! He is only thinking about one thing and that is his huge bonus from J P Morgan when he finishes his term!
28. Mr Obama sir ISRAELIS borders like 1967 in your black dreams
29. Netanyahu is an unrepentant demagogue and grand-stander
Rafi ,   US   (05.21.11)
Rafi ,   US   (05.21.11)
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