Obama's virtual reality
Yoram Ettinger
Published: 21.05.11, 14:41
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1. Obama's virtual reality?
Tor Gnon ,   Njamena, Chad   (05.21.11)
That's giving this muslin too much of it; he's got none at all: neither real nor virtual. Just like that: aimless, hypocritical, and quintessentially anti-Jew.
2. You are right!
Salma, Palestine   (05.21.11)
3. Obama short memory...Abu Mazen a terror-master
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (05.21.11)
... we should remind Obama wagamama, that Mr Abu Mazen has spilled American blood since he came to office...His office is the killing office of hundread of innocent American and European and Israeli citizens killed in airports,boats,buses,roads,houses,including children ,old people and disables,like the one in the Achille Lauro...DO NOT FORGET AMERICA,THE INNOCENT BLOOD SPILLED BY ISLAMIS-TERRORIST-MASTERMIND ABU MAZEN ALIAS MUHAMMUD ABBAS...
4. We are Still Soap in the Arab World
Noah Lev ,   hollywoodUSa   (05.21.11)
Im not in agreement with some of this analysis. Egypt's Mubarak was good for the West and Israel, vs Nassers nationalism. Sadat got the Sinai back, recognized Israel, and was killed for it. He was the false Pharoah. (Only Allah is G-d). Obamas reluctance to stop Assad, is tantamount to approving his killing of the Kurds and his own people. Brit/USA made goody with Moammar to get them out of the nuke business. Now it might go back? And with nukes? Wowo. Turkey claims friendships..with all but Israel..yet the EU doesnt want the Islamic state..and Russia has misgivings. Turkey was allied with the NAZIs recall. Jordan's King is secure, but his regime..well? HamasHez/Fatah are gambling this summer that the UN will enforce a boycott against Israel, maybe a no fly zone? Will their jets take on the IAF? Your guess? Obama is playing to the (successful) street, and the mob. But the Arabs know we are fickle..we support their leaders, then drop them at a whim. Only Israel is reliable..Bibi was hurt, deceived and intimidated by Obama..( who knows the end result anyway). Can we blame Bibi for reacting to deception? But we Jews will give gelt to the Democrats..and vote 85% for Obama. We also walked in 1944 into Auschwitz..like sheep, not believing the sordid tales about that famour camp. 500,000 dead Hungarian Jews..their lives ended late in the war. Are we "soap" again?
5. Okay, So Let it Pass, Its Only Words
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodUSA   (05.21.11)
Look, the Pales had their fall back to the UN this summer. They have set it all up, and will get the GA approval. Then, countries will recognize the W. Bk as Palestinian and try and set up embassies, consulates, and military attaches. The border with Jordan will become Palestinian controlled and exchanges made there. All buildings in the W. Bk will revert to PA ownership. All Israeli property will be seized, its ownershp annulled. The Arab world will go crazy. The question is, what will Israel do about it? Does LIvni have an answer? Will the Wall become Pales owned? What about the Old City and the Jewish sections? If a boycott of Israel..then what? What if a no fly zone over W. Bk territory, enforced by UN planes? How will the US act? To Israel: apologize to Obama..but, repeat that the 67 lines are indefensible and not a valid starting point of discussion. However, for peace..Israel will make bold compromises . The right of return, a non-starter. Troops along the border with Jordan.. depends n how the Pales/Jordanian act? Obama is simply out of focus..and is playing the Arab/Pales/Muslim cards. Why not, he will get Jewish support big time in 2 years.
6. obamafraud knows what he's doing
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (05.21.11)
obamafraud knows what he is doing folks because he is taking his orders from the king he bows down to, Saudi Arabia. He was put in the white house illegally with muslim money in order to do TWO things, destroy the U.S. from within, and then, once the U.S. is destroyed, Israel can be destroyed because there won't be a U.S. to help defend it. If we last until the 2012 elections, the poser and Congress is going to legalize ALL of the 40 MILLION illegal aliens in this country so they can vote him back in office, if it takes another term to destroy us, and the Saudi's promised that they would dump billions of dollars in the Stock Market and make it hit 15000 pts. just so obamadumb would look like an economic genius, and get re-elected just in case everything else fails. So, we all at Ynet knows he's evil and what he is trying to do, it's just a shame that the liberal Jews and the REST of the sheeple in America and Israel refuse to see it and do something about it.
7. A well thought out article
Joe ,   Canada   (05.21.11)
Yoram Ettinger has correctly described both the basics & the other factors in the Muslim world which prevents any lasting peace in the case of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. As long as the Palestinians & their external extremist supporters are blind to democracy (as a result of their belief in the superiority of Islam, a belief their political & religious leaders use to oppress them & as a tool to keep their material priviledges) there is no hope. So the ridiculous Obama proposal to return to the 1967 borders in return for less than nothing one can expect is dead on birth. The very modest economic help the US is capable to provide the Muslim countries which recently got rid of their last dictators won't be make the slightest difference in the course of events. The one billion dollar the US is granting to Egypt is a drop in the ocean of the 163 billion debt of the country whose poor economic outlook is not a favourable omen for democracy in the coming decades. The lasting world wide economic crisis which also affects the poorest Muslim countries in such basic areas as rising food prices is providing a fertile ground for potential despots to take advantage of the Arab Spring in grabing power.
8. Virtual reality
RC ,   USA   (05.21.11)
Maybe Yoram Ettinger should write a piece on the virtual reality of the Liberal Jews that helped vote Obama Hussien into the White House. I mean, what were those people expecting from someone with his background and the people he associated with. If you think his idealistic vision is wrong now, while he is threading lightly because of elections nearing, imagine what it is going to be like in the second term when he will have nothing to lose. I strongly suggest they take a look at (Jerusalem belongs to Jews in International Law) by Dr. Jacques P. Gauthier in YouTube. The Jews and anyone that has an interest in the well being of Israel better get together and start defending Israel now because the world population is mostly ignorant of the history of Israel and has been lied to for so long that they are believing the lies.
9. #1 As a proud Muslim Jew I think Obama
Yaakov Sullivan ,   NYC   (05.21.11)
must publicly admit he is a Muslim. Since I became a Muslim I don"t need to be in a closet anymore
10. obumma does not cleave to moral law that should punish &
Moshe ,   Usa   (05.21.11)
separate aribs from the right to convene with other law abiding nation states. He has no regard for the historical law abiding record of Jews & Israel & our centuries of enduring the unjustifiable pain & suffering inflicted upon us by other peoples & nations. obumma is an insensitive opportunist who has insulated himself from the terrorist oppression give to Israel by the arubs, both inside & outside Israel. obumma is an animal. Moshe
11. #9 Yaakov Sullivan
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.21.11)
You must make the Haj, and upon arrival confess to the fact that you're a homo, and then we'll see how proud you really are, since by Sharia Law you will be eliminated. Don't forget to tell them you also pray to Statues So far, you've been a pretend Jew, now claiming to be a Muslim, you were also a Christian at one time, a real goulash. The only thing lacking is your claim to being a Hottentot Keep it up; you'll have as many varieties as Heinz has beans Go to the hardware store, get some split washers, you have a lot of loose screws
12. Obummer
John Brittingham ,   Mendocino, CA   (05.21.11)
Are the Liberal Jews still going to support Obuma? It's the liberal jews in America that support this guy. When is Rep Weiner and his ilk going to get a clue the one doesn't give a shite about Israel? while Syria is using their Palestinians as target practice, and Obuma rewards Assad by giving them your land. Wake up Libs.
13. PEACE?
YAKOV ,   MIAMI FL   (05.21.11)
14. This article is out of Reality!
Jamal ,   Jordan   (05.21.11)
"in spite of their 1,400 year old systemic track record of tyranny...." Where is this information coming from? When Europe was living in the dark ages and ruled by the church, Muslims were establishing civilized states and science flourished, so keep yourself in the dark and demonize everyone around you.
15. Question for #14 Jamal
Vered, Israel   (05.21.11)
You say there was a time when Europe was living in the Dark Ages and was ruled by the church. If this was so bad, why can't you admit that that is the stage that the Muslims are at TODAY?
16. Jamal, old trout,
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (05.21.11)
we acknowledge that a number of centuries ago, you desert dwellers were the advanced ones in science and mathematics....but hey, that was hundreds and hundreds of years ago! What have you Moslems contributed to the world in the last millennium? Nothing but terrorism and ill will.
17. Even if
Pinhas Bayit ,   Bet HaKerem   (05.21.11)
this racial stereotyping were true, what about us and our behaviour towards those under our occupation? It's not bereft of either tyranny or violence. And then there's how we treat Palestinians living amongst us. Is that equality and freedom of expression, equal access to education and work?
18. Obama's Virtual Reality
Boris Yasdnilkov ,   Fernandina Beach, US   (05.21.11)
This is an excellent article. The reality is that the longer Barack Obama stays in office and the more he talks, the more I am convinced that he is nothing more than an articulate individual who is a complete ignoramus insofar as the real world is concerned. What a pity: I wanted so much that he would succeed. Instead, he is a complete failure and the sooner he leaves office the better off the world will be.
19. Who is Terrorist? Where do you get your info from?
Jamal ,   Jordan   (05.21.11)
Who killed more than 600,000 in Philipines. terminated hundrerds of thousands of American Indians, killed millions of Aboriginals in Australia, brought hundred of thousands of slaves from Africa who only enjoyed civil rights in late sixties, who made the 5.3 million Holocaust, who made the Sabra-Shatila Masacare, who made killed more than half million Iraqi civilians in 2 years in the name of Weapon of Mass Destruction. Were those Muslims? take a short look at the mirror to know who you really are.
20. Not an idealist
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.21.11)
Obama is not an idealist: he's decided that America's future doesn't lie in work but in controlling other country's natural resources using military might. Like #6 says, Obama knows what he is doing: he wants to destroy Israel to help his "allies".
21. No. 19, Israelis do not get terror information from anyone
Marco ,   Spain   (05.22.11)
They see the Arab terrorists in action with their own eyes every single day. But where do you get your information in far away Aman? Al Jazeera, Maan, Farfur networks? They present your terrorists as shahidin from third hand sources.
22. wake up
art ,   jersey city   (05.22.11)
Stop candy coating Obamas anti Israel policies, Just look at his advisors freedman powers rice mally jones carter they know the reality and they are ALL ANTI Israel
23. re: Israel and outside helps
joel ,   usa   (05.22.11)
24. Obama idealistic? He hates Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.22.11)
One would be hard pressed to find any evidence of idealism in Obama's conduct towards Israel. Or in Obama's conduct in general. However, there is no shortage of evidence that Obama hates Israel. His consistently disgusting treatment of Netanyahu says it all. Especially when you contrast it with Obama's fawning treatment of Moslem leaders and America's enemies.
25. #24 Chaim : Write on. I vote 4 U as Pm with the red button.
Bernie ,   Erehwon, USA   (05.22.11)
26. One fundamental element must be clear to all: All peace...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.22.11)
talks to date have been governed by UN Security Council Resolution, 242. UN Security Council Resolution, 242, in no way suggests what the future boundaries of Israel should be. In fact, specifically, when addressing the subject, 242 refers to "secure and recognized boundaries". Any attempt to see Israel giving up on its security by ensuring that its future boundaries be other than secure and recognized by the warring parties, as called for by 242, is indicative of how much the security of the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, is of little or no importance to him/her, not withstanding statements such as "our commitment to Israel's security is unshakable". Sadly, this includes the present - let us hope, one term - president of the United State of America.
27. The would be king
John   (05.22.11)
I feel sad that Harvard did not turn out this product ' par excellence' Mr. Obama as expected. Years of academic brainwashing ( the good brand ) did not succeed in erasing Obama's favorites: Ali baba and Thousand and one night -- all reinforced by farrakhan, Wright, Cone, Ayers, the REAL gutter group with grandiose plans for an utopian world. A new America, a new Middle East. A disaster in the making ( started already ) and financed by the darling of a warped UN, Gadhafi. This brew is far from being an acceptable concoction to our civilization. 1400 years of slaughter, of deceit, of plunder, murder, lies are mr Obama and his clique's goal in converting them into his brand of democracy? His lack of knowlege of the mideast, Europe, and the world at large make it an daunting task for any president, much less to an inexperienced leader of the free world. Out of focus? He cannot focus on anything rational. Is he a failure?, yes with a big ' F '
28. An education for jamal
Harvey ,   London   (05.22.11)
Jamal There are 57 Muslim states . The vast majority are corrupt and run by despots who murder their own people Others are cruel theocracies such as Iran which also saw fit to murder its own citizens during the "green revolution " Then there are the failed pariah states ,Somalia Sudan , Yemen, Afghanistan Irak etc Saudi Arabia , the arch proponent of global terrorism which along with the rest of the gulf will disappear into the sand once the oil runs out in half a century Most of the above are a combination of all these fine qualities And that is why there is such a desperate exodus of Muslims to the west
29. Of course he ignores arab "tradition"
no news ,   Israel   (05.22.11)
he's one of them
30. Of course Obama is not what we thought.
RobJohn ,   Seattle, Wash.   (05.22.11)
He reminds me of what happened just north of the border recently. A man stepped forward, upon his return to our Northern Neighbor, from his tenure in our US of A, having spent the better part of his adult life here. He became a professor at Harvard, gaining untold accolades from those of his everyday buds. He took over the leadership of the well respected Liberal Party in interim then ran for the Leadership in the just completed federal election. Would one believe it, he lost his seat in the once proud/popular Liberal party, garnering so low a vote that he then stepped down from Politics. He was so out of touch with the people that he also took the total Liberal Party with him. Shades of things to come down here? Many, many, many individuals surely wish that too be true. A person can be quite adequate in some of our institutes of higher learning, yet, be totally incapable due to lack of public knowledge in the school of Common Sense.
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