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Rickie Lee Jones to join Dylan in Israel
Or Barnea
Published: 24.05.11, 15:25
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1. don't spend the money on it....
in the know   (05.25.11)
his voice is toasted and he's wasted away her voice is toasted and wasted away (I heard her at the Red Sea Jazz Festival last year...waste of time!)
2.  any opportunity to see and hear Dylan
Barney ,   USA   (05.25.11)
is a fabulous opportunity. His voice has suffered with age but his message and art grows stronger.
3. Happy Birthday Bob!
Line Singer ,   Ã…rhus, Denmark   (05.25.11)
He just turned 70 and he's just as sharp as ever. Correct, he does not have a choir boy voice, he never had anyway. But he's a wonderful, talented man - probably one of the most talented musicians ever. Saw and heard him in concert in DK a couple of years ago and he was EXCELLENT. And Rickie Lee's not bad either!
4. Dylan and Jones
rich ,   new york   (05.25.11)
You should support those who support you in a world that is generally hostile to the Jewish State. Thank you Dylan and Rickie Lee Jones....
5. #4 music and politics make strange bedfellows
f ,   israel   (05.26.11)
why on earth do you think that the two should go hand in hand. taste in music and other art should not bequest support on the basis of who's 'good for the jews'. it's one of our basic problems and we would do well to follow daniel birnbaum and zubin mehta's examples of taking 'our' talents to 'other' territories. and vice versa. art is art...period.
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