Netanyahu denies crisis with US
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 22.05.11, 08:56
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1. today it's happening AIPAC conferens!!!!
thank you AIPAC   (05.22.11)
2. toda AIPAC
harel levi ,   israel   (05.22.11)
3. the US has never been an honest broker
Cynic #2   (05.22.11)
and will never be. The Palis should not count on the US, the world is changing and the US is going broke and its influence is waning. So what Obama says is of no consequence. The ME is moving towards confrontation with Iran. God bless everybody.
4. thank you AIPAC
5. Europe
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.22.11)
America is fast becoming irrelevant in its influence over European policy making. It is no wonder that Netanyahu is trying to persuade Obama to pressure Europe not to take steps over Israel's intransigence over the settlements. But there is no AIPAC in Europe and sooner or later we shall find ourselves at odds with our biggest trading partners.
6. now there is one green bottle on the wall and he is a smilin
Martin ,   SA   (05.22.11)
muslin. Know our enemy. We seem to be running out of options. Bibi they want to take you AND US (all of Israel -heaven forbid) move over the red line. Theyll say, work with us we'll help you but then you must step over the red line (and once you over then we'll guide you into oblivion.) Now you and your team have to prove determination and you Jewish essence, your ability to ensure that our roots are not yanked out in our face. You should be davening ie connecting to your forefather Avraham Y and Ya akov even .... Dovid Hamelech our deepest roots of whom we are and contemplate on what is rightfully unconditionally ours. I challenge the team to rent their clothes rather than cross the red line. If you are our soldiers you need to know when to stand firm and not budge and smile and be understanding even diplomatic. Ask us to prey for your success un this vital battle to hold to what is dear to us. Rember you havnt negotiated with the Arab League yet. You know they dont negotiate. They the league/brotherhood are buying into our support base France England have gone yellow and cave in to them without them making even one concession of note. Only Italy seems to realise they need us.This is a rediculous situation.
7. it is netanyahu fault
fad egypt   (05.22.11)
netanyahu speech in the knesset is the reason for what happened in that speech netanyahu has agreed to give up the jordan valley except for a very narrow strip along the jordan river in which the idf will be deployed to patrol the border of the PA state represented in military outposts he also said that he will keep the settlements blocs which means that he will give up the rest of the isolated settlements so that speech has encouraged obama to flex his muscles and demands a withdrawl to auscwitz borders and actually obama mentined the land swap option so israel can keep the blocs and may be the narrow strip along the jordan river in exchange of land in negev or galilee to be given to the PA so there is no bigger difference between the two speechs what should be done to prevent the PA threat from becoming a reality is that israel must threaten the PA to reverse oslo and annex area C the reversation of oslo means that abbas will be expelled from ramallah and go to jordan or lebanon and the dark days of the PLO will return again as they were in the seventies and eighties so abbas will be forced to change his mind and cancel the plan but unfortunately BIBI hasnt the will to do so shalom
8. Can someone tell me WTF OBAMA, ARABS,EU want from town size
tiny ISRAEL   (05.22.11)
Can someone tell me WTF OBAMA, ARABS, EU want from town size tiny ISRAEL ? Obama is puppet of ILLUMINATI in CFR and EU... - Tell me if you can find it on the MAP! This peace process is illegal. The original mandate for the Jewish state included Transjordan, but the British illegally cut it off in 16/09/1922. Then the UN further partitioned Israel to accommodate Palestinian Arabs. *Judea called Palestine by the Romans after Bar Kokhba's revolt.
9. AIPAC, don`t boo, just shooo..........
Nora Tel Aviv   (05.22.11)
..... Obama out of the White House.
10. One fundamental element must be clear to all: All peace...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.22.11)
talks to date have been governed by UN Security Council Resolution, 242. UN Security Council Resolution, 242, in no way suggests what the future boundaries of Israel should be. In fact, specifically, when addressing the subject, 242 refers to "secure and recognized boundaries". Any attempt to see Israel giving up on its security by ensuring that its future boundaries be other than secure and recognized by the warring parties, as called for by 242, is indicative of how much the security of the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, is of little or no importance to him/her, not withstanding statements such as "our commitment to Israel's security is unshakable". Sadly, this includes the present - let us hope, one term - president of the United State of America.
11. thank you AIPAC & BB
ben gold ,   israel   (05.22.11)
12. Netanyahu denies crisis with US
Susannah ,   Israel   (05.22.11)
There has never been a more critical time frame in our history where the decisions of a Prime Minister mattered so greatly. Benjamin should not be concerned with the global ramifications of standing firm in not conceeding land rather he should be concerned that he is not disobeying the God of Abraham and Issac!
13. Obama and Netanyahu
Sol ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (05.22.11)
I don't see that Bibi can "demand" something from Obama. At best, he can make requests.
14. bibi can expect little from
gdfathermax ,   tel aviv israel   (05.22.11)
the current white house incumbent. however he has congress on israel,s side. he will give the speach of his life to both congress and aipac. the europeans are irrelevant but will cause problems. their jew hatred is coming to the fore, if israel stands united and strong no one can harm us.
15. Dont back down..Mr Netanyahu...If you lost
Al   (05.22.11)
Your performance on Friday was bang on. If you back peddle now you will look weak. Simply by suggesting that there is no crisis you have minimized Obamas intention. He intends to disembowl Israel. What part of that do you not get? Dont let your victory on Friday turn into a defeat. You are entering the 2nd rtound and about to drop you opponent. If you enter the ring as a snivelling mope you will be dropped.
16. He needs to keep the speech the same
Jon ,   Baltimore US   (05.22.11)
and get reelected without Jewish money and the Jewish vote. Show people that we do not need to stay subservient to the wishes of Israel. The US can do quite well without them weighing us down any more.
17. King Abdulla doesn't want the Palestinians either
Scott ,   Haifa   (05.22.11)
His father kicked them out of Jordan and they became Israel's problem. We're getting fed up with this whole Palestinian drama. Why don't you Arabs use your mega-oil money and take them back to your land?
18. To # 7 Fad
Rachel ,   US   (05.22.11)
I agree, Bibi should stop announcing all his "concessions" and just get to the table. That just brings on more pressure. But he better continue on the course he started at the WH because this President is not a friend. Bibi will needs to continue with strength and conviction he showed at the WH.
19. Its the other way round
Herzelian ,   Herzeliya   (05.22.11)
20. BO is a friend of israel
issac ,   israel   (05.22.11)
BUT sometimes friends do make mistakes
Ester   (05.22.11)
22. #20: Do you mean Barak Obama or ....
Israeli ,   Israel   (05.22.11)
Body Odor? The latter is more "friendly"!
23. Security
Lioness ,   Israel   (05.22.11)
As an Israeli I want to feel secure. I want to know that NO rockets will be fired from Judea & Samaria, therefore we CAN NOT go back to the '67 lines. Obama and the British Vague Hague must realize that!
24. Bea Arthur is still smirking
GideonReader ,   USA   (05.22.11)
In Mel Brook's History of the World, an uncredited Bea Arthur sits behind a unemployment funds disbursement clerk's grilled window, and asks each applicant-supplicant is he had performed his professional function, or tried to performed his function. She asks "Comicus-Mel Brooks, if ,as a stand up philosopher, he had "bullshitted", if he had "tried to bullshit", Comicus-Brooks answering in the negative gets his stipend, which is finally pulled back. So do the broom and shovel folks at Israel's ministries who tightly smile and say everything is cool. Bibi did the correct thing. Infront of the world he did NOT Bee Ess us.
Female Palestinian   (05.22.11)
If AIPAC isn't listening to you BiBi, then AIPAC is washed up!
26. There is no crisis
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.22.11)
There is no crisis. Obama wants to destroy Israel but he also wants the Jews to give him money. Everyone knows this, except maybe Netanyahu.
27. I agree, there is no crisis.
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.23.11)
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