Top Jewish Americans ponder support for Obama
Published: 22.05.11, 10:09
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1. give hime a break
Nava Bloch ,   Tel-Aviv-Jaffa   (05.22.11)
He is only doing his job. He is the presidents of the USA. Bibi gave him a hard time. They both know thathis global plan will be great for Israel-and for America.
2. "I was wrong about him"- only said by those who believed him
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.22.11)
those who either didn't believe him or those who were against what he stands for can say "i told you so". and we will.
3. One fundamental element must be clear to all: All peace...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.22.11)
talks to date have been governed by UN Security Council Resolution, 242. UN Security Council Resolution, 242, in no way suggests what the future boundaries of Israel should be. In fact, specifically, when addressing the subject, 242 refers to "secure and recognized boundaries". Any attempt to see Israel giving up on its security by ensuring that its future boundaries be other than secure and recognized by the warring parties, as called for by 242, is indicative of how much the security of the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, is of little or no importance to him/her, not withstanding statements such as "our commitment to Israel's security is unshakable". Sadly, this includes the present - let us hope, one term - president of the United State of America.
4. 2012 Elections
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.22.11)
Obama cannot win without Jewish support. Most of that support has already eroded as a result of Obama's bullying of Israel and gentle hands towards the ersatz "Palestinians." Most of the rest of Jewish support will go away as a result of Obama's call to Israel to retreat to 1967 borders. Let's see if the Islamic community in the United States will pick up the slack -- and it is a multi-billion dollar slack (running for president is not cheap). Something tells me they won't. Rule one of running for office: Never bite the hand that feeds your campaign coffers. Obama has. More fool he.
5. Obama
yigal ,   zefat   (05.22.11)
Obama. God gave the land of Israel the people of Israel and you do not tell us what to do. We Jews, we got the the Land of Israel straight from God and no one you have to understand very well so you do not have problems. Your job is not to make problems for us. America lives right with Israel if we do have problems and God will make big problems
6. Remember what obama said we will never allow that israel to be a target for criticizes.
Saed ,   Iranian jew   (05.22.11)
Obama always supported israel and there is no need to remove the support from obama.obama sees one thing that we may not see.peace with arab nations will occur in one case that israel show mercy to palestinian and coming back to 1967 borders.however obama is prejudice and stupidity will never allow them to accept a country as a jewish state in the heart of alquds mosque.hamas is a good example.obama should notice that what iranian foreign minister said,palestine is wholly belong to palestinian and israel should quit the region.the main problem is akhund regime that support hamas and hezbollah and should be removed.
7. Sarah
Hakim ,   Palestine   (05.22.11)
Obama can win without Jewish support. Obama called on Isreal to stop its policy of finding excuses to justify stealing more Palestinian land. The U.S. leadership had always spoken in parable for fear of Jewish lobby group. Obama the only leader to make the U.S stand public.That is a mark of a STRONG LEADER.
8. Pre-1967 Borders
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.22.11)
In 1948, when the Arabs attacked the new State of Israel, it stole away from the Jews a great chunk of its designated land. When the Arabs again attacked Israel in 1967, Israel reclaimed land which it should have had in the first place. Therefore, the post-1967 borders are really the correct ones - at least in regard to the so-called West Bank of the Jordan River. Had Israel declared these lands as part and parcel of the State back in 1967, and had given citizenship to the resident Arabs therein, much of our current problems would have been resolved - except for the introduction of so great an Arab population into the "democratic" process in the "Jewish" state. This latter concern terrified Israeli leaders as it would have undermined the Jewish majority. Maybe, it is time to reconsider this option - one State - with all residents, Jews and Arabs citizens. What's the worst that can happen? Would it be worse than what we have today?
9. You dont have an idea...
Nava? ,   ISRAEL   (05.22.11)
this guy obama - wont have Jewish vote- but unfortunately am not sure if he minds- Jewish people do not represent a large percent in the US
10. USA can't stay world's superpower with BHO as a leader!
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (05.22.11)
This is becoming a joke.
11. Obama and Bibi
Yoel Reuben ,   Israel   (05.22.11)
What Bibi declared in no uncertain tirms is what all we in Israel feel It is our God given right to defend ourselves, we have a small country and is ours forever, we cannot and wil not speak to people who seek our downfall- Bibi is a truthful man of whom we are proud.- God bless you Mr. Prime Minister
12. hussein obama
fad egypt   (05.22.11)
shot himself in the foot he will be voted out in 2012 !!!!!!!!!! baruch hashem
13. It's a ploy to help Israel
VOR   (05.22.11)
Obama gave the speech to get EU support against declaring a Palestinian state at the UN, after that vote is over nothing will come of this, relax
14. why he will not lose the Jewish vote
megs   (05.22.11)
For one thing, the Republican Party's identification with the Christian Right is immeasurably stronger today than it was 25 years ago, making it unlikely that liberal or moderate Jews will find a comfort level with the GOP anytime soon. For another, the current generation of American Jews is not nearly as supportive of Israel and Israeli policies as were their parents and grandparents - and support for Israel was the one factor that in the past might have swayed some liberal Jews to vote for a Republican.
15. Dont sugar coat that which he said..He is an enemy of Israel
Al   (05.22.11)
We Jews have an ability of acting stupid to the point that we deny our own imminent danger. My father survived Auschwitz and he told me that till the time they were being marched into that hell, they actually believed they were being processed for resettlement. Wake up....wake up...This Obama is an enemy of Israel. Dont sugar coat him...drop him. Once he is gone...he like Carter will go around the world bad mouthing Israel and the Jews till his own death. He is simply an anti-semite. Stop making excuses for his behaviour.
16. #1 sit in tel Avis sip a latte and pretend..MY dear you know
Al   (05.22.11)
nothing of American politics and what makes Obama tick. You and Israel are his korban. He will cut you off for he is a true muslim. He has no time nor place for us Jews. He is BAD to the BONE. PM Netanyahu was bang on when he handed Obamas head back to him. This is not Israel where being a goof off gets you points..This is America where being mean and lean is the way business is done. Obama is a mean spirited anti-semite..He wants to destroy Isreal. He will spare you no quarter.
Michael ,   Haifa   (05.22.11)
I always thought that American Jews were first and foremost American citizens with a clear loyalty to their own country before any other country
18. Jews should abandon Obama and Leftism
Brod ,   USA   (05.22.11)
Why would Jews be supporting Islamist-Jihadist like Obama? He claims to be a Christian, yet he did not even help the Christians in Egypt, Ivory Coast and Nigeria who have been slaughtered and continue to be persecuted and slaughtered by Islamist-Jihadists. Instead, he has been siding with the Islamist-Jihadists-Muslim Brotherhood in Egpyt in toppling America's ally-Mubarak and his government. He tries to protect Islamist-Jihadists who have committed mass murders like Hassan and others who tried to blow up an airliner with passengers, murdered Americans at recruiting centers, and tried to bomb Time Square, by fattening them up in jail rather than sending them to the gallows. And he is siding with the Islamist-Jihadists in the Middle East to usurp the Land of Israel and to pressure tiny Israel-America's friend and ally in the region in giving its liberated historic homeland of Judea and Samaria-Land of Israel to the Islamist-Jihadist usurpers. Congress should begin to impeach Obama for siding with Islamist-Jihadism-America's number one enemy!
19. #9 Nava and others
Df ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (05.22.11)
As was said later you have very little knowledge of the American political system. Jews make up approximately 2.1 % of the American population (2010 estimate). However, the American political system is such that the electoral college elects the president, not the people. In effect, the people vote for the electors who pledge, but are not required, to vote for one candidate or another. But the biggest point is that in general (there have been exceptions) if one candidate gets 1 more vote than the other candidate, he gets ALL the electoral votes of that state. This is not required as the electors are independent. (In the 2008 elections, the 5 electoral votes of Nebraska were split - 4 republican and 1 democrat.) This means if one candidate in California gets 1 more vote than the other candidate, he will get all 55 electoral votes. The other candidate may gat 100,000 more votes in say South Dakota, but will only get 3 electoral votes. Now, 10 states and the District of Columbia all have Jewish populations greater than the national average. In these 10 states and D.C. Jewish voters can make or break a candidate. The total electoral votes of these states and DC in 2012 election is 204. 270 electoral votes are needed to be elected president. In the 2008 election, not one of the 10 states or D.C. went republican. In 2008 the republicans received 179 electoral voted. This means a swing of only 91 electoral votes will swing the election to the republicans. Do the math yourself. Just a swing in California (3.3 % Jewish population), N.Y. (8.3 %) and Florida (3.3 %), all of which went democratic in 2008, will elect a republican. The main point is that Jewish population is concentrated in high electoral college votes and therefore can have a profound effect on the results of the election
20. 2012 elections
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (05.22.11)
America, you have urgently to find a strong Repubblican candidate to stop Obama being reelected. the worst thing tha tcould happen - not just for Israel but also for Americans - is that he will be reelected by default. Pleaase wake up and find a strong candidate to get this joker out of the White House.
21. #13
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (05.22.11)
I sure hope you're right! Seems certain EU members are still vacillating or worse, pro palestinian state.
22. Rev Wright
Rachel ,   US   (05.22.11)
How could anyone look at those Rev Wright videos and see that Obama would not be a friend to Israel. It was so obvious. Am I the only one not shocked at how he is treating Israel today?
23. Obama
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.22.11)
Looks like Obama is loosing it!!! He is deperately trying to get the new arabic movments over to his side. Then, why bother with israeli ties,,,his true face is appearing..
24. 1 liberal secular Jew's vote
Michael ,   Los Angeles   (05.22.11)
one may not matter a great deal, but i cannot, with good conscience, give my vote to Obama. I'm a centrist with liberal social leanings.. But there are inconvenient realities threatening Israel and America's "high ground"... and it is our "leftists" or "progressives" alienating Zionists like myself. If I have to be the only American liberal to vote for what is "right", then so be it. I just cannot stand by and go along with the rest of the hypnotized.
25. The Manchurian Candidate
Mike Keren ,   Parsippany NJ   (05.22.11)
Obama polled before his speech and discovered the majority of American Jews care more about liberal domestic policy than Israel. He is assured majority Jewish Democratic support, and there is every possibility that Islamic sources will provide the money he needs for the campaign if the Jews do not. The fools who voted for him in 08 will continue to follow him as he pushes Israel over the cliff.
26. Reuven Brauner: WRONG!
joel busner ,   galilee, israel   (05.22.11)
I want a Jewish State and I want the Land of Israel. Imagine Israel today with your Judea/Samaria (West Bank) Arabs as citizens. You could have a block right now of over 40 Arab Knesset members. This would mean constant legislation and judgments in combination with the ultra left that would destroy the Jewish State. In 1948 they shouldn't have offered them citizenship and instead they should have encouraged those who hadn't left to leave. That precedent would have continued with the '67 victory and there would be no internal Arab problem eating away at us today. They would hate us from the outside no more and no less than today but Jewish men, women, and children would walk the streets as a free Nation in our Land. And if people want to call us ridiculous names like 'racist' etc, who cares? We have G-d and the holy Torah.
27. Cancel invitation!
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (05.22.11)
It is high time to show courage, pride and character instead of cowardice. This man is an enemy of the jewish people, if he's reelected wil destroy not only Israel but America too!
28. Words to live or die by
Gideon Reader ,   United States   (05.22.11)
The Oval orfice meeting between Israel's PM and the US President, gave the world the opportunity to be exposed to the personal character and meanings of the personal words by which each live. Crystal clear was Bibi's motto: "Am Israel Chai" Obama's were no less obvious in their icy display: "Ain Gav Bli Pigyon"
29. most american jews...
yos   (05.22.11)
are libtards anyway, so yes they'll vote for this imposter- in - cheif.
30. Obama wants to destroy Israel...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.22.11)
All of his supporters are rallying for the same cause...!
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