Obama to AIPAC: UN vote won't create Palestine
Published: 22.05.11, 21:06
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1. The strong Jewish lobby
Joel Weltman ,   Hollywood   (05.22.11)
Imagine if there was one in 1936. Never Again.
2. Obama's speech
leslie sloan ,   atlanta, Georgia   (05.22.11)
So when did Obama say he would be visiting Israel? I must have missed it.
3. Mr. Obama gives excellent speech!
watcher ,   Israel   (05.22.11)
right down to "witch slappin'" NETANYAHU into a corner! Netanyahu is so regretting startin' up with Mr. Obama!!
4. liar in chief
fad egypt   (05.22.11)
2008: obama at the aipac vowed that jerusalem will remain the undivided capital of the state of israel if he is elected the next day obama returned on his promise and said it can negotiated in the fianl status talks 2009: obama declared in cairo university that israel must stop all the settlements activity and he compared the holocust to the so called occupation to appease the muslim world 2010: when netanyahu was in washighton to attend the aipac there was a crisis between us and israel because israel approved 1600 houses in jerusalem 2011:a new crisis because obama wants israel to return to auscwitz borders against its will these are a few samples of obama policies toward israel after all of that anyone can buy a used car from that man ??!! shalom
5. This Muslim lies about everything
Marco ,   Spain   (05.22.11)
The purpose of the lies this time is to gain Jewish votes and Jewish money for reelection.
6. thank you AIPAC
jacob katz ,   jerusalem, israel   (05.22.11)
7. thank you friends at AIPAC!!!!
victoria bauman ,   eilat   (05.22.11)
what an outstanding conferens. have a good time out there. with alot of respect at love. AM ISRAEL
8. Obama the liar
GOOD ,   USA/Israel   (05.22.11)
Empty promises and lies. How can you protect Israel when you won't do the minimum necessary to protect the borders of the USA? This is shameless Taqiyya he learned in the Madras in Indonesia. AIPAC should have cancelled his appearance rather than giving him a venue to spread his lies. Shameless.
9. The damage has already been done
Israeli   (05.22.11)
Now the Palestinians will stick to the 1949 cease-fire lines as their border (with only extremely minor changes to it). This will stall peace for at least another 20 years. Obama caused huge damage to Israel.
10. Forget borders
Ron ,   Ny   (05.22.11)
Forget about borders for now. We left gaza and instead of palistinians starting to build they gave us an extension of Iran. Israel has shown good faith several times but the palistinians continue to show that they are not trustworthy and that's the problem that Obama fails to grasp.
11. "Ironclad" like reducing Israel to suicide borders
Marco ,   Spain   (05.22.11)
The sooner the Muslim in Chief illegally occupying the White House is gone the better it is for Americans, Western civilization, Jews and every person in the world loving freedom and democracy.
12. The idiocy about "Palestinians"
sk ,   USA   (05.22.11)
Due to lies and deception funded by oil money, Islamic theocratic propaganda, most people in the world don't realize that today's so called "Palestinians" are 100% Arab. The Biblical/historical Palestine or Palestina (re-name of Jewish territory by the Roman Empire) was JEWISH. The idiocy of the whole argument is that Arabs collectively have over 99.98% of Middle East land and all the ME oil wealth. Why should land be taken away from teeny tiny Israel (0.002% of ME land) and given to the Arabs????? Especially since the Arabs are raping the world, including you and me via OPEC and since the Arabs have more land than they know what to do with? There are too many INTOLRANT, HATE-FILLED, BIGOTED Arab nations already. We do not need any more Arab states!!! Let the Arab BULLIES solve their own problems and leave tiny Israel alone. The day that peace and the terrorist problem is solved for the world, is when Arabs are decimated and lose all their oil clout—and their funding for lies, mischief and mayhem.
13. what about right of return????
albert ,   israel   (05.22.11)
NO right of return to the jewish state!!! thank you AIPAC
14. thank you AIPAC
AM ISRAEL CHAI   (05.22.11)
15. It's not just love; but WHO is loved
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (05.22.11)
ZerObama's "iron bound and rock solid" committment towards Israel, is more accurately described as a "rock solid and iron bound committment" towards a Socialist government led by the "Janitor of Atzmaut", the former leader of the leftist Labor party, or better than that, the "Reed in the wind" idea vacum Kadima Charlady.
16. Mr. Obama gives excellent speech
Cherokee Rose ,   Muskogee USA   (05.22.11)
Yes, but when he talks one knows his actions will continue to fund billions of dollars into the muslem brotherhood just like Egypt requested..along with all that fight for the destruction of Israel. Obama will say and do anything to get re-elected then you better watch out. God Bless Israel.
17. Obama give exellent speach
Texan   (05.22.11)
He is campaning 2012 for next turn I do not belive one word that come out of his mouth.... No more next time Obama the Jewish and the American people WAIKED up ....You can't force peace on Israel till the palestinian people not recognized Israel as the Jewish Nation and they quit terrorizing murdering innocent people and children Then we can talk ..You are American President fix you mess in this country ,,,.. Now go play some basketball ,, you looser.....
18. Nothing new under the sun.
~~Lengualima~~ ,   I   (05.22.11)
Nothing new under the sun. For Mr. Obama, Israel must accept a country become indefensible. That, according to him, the Western world's relations with the Muslim become pure peace and love. It may be more naive?. In common language this is called work for free, and without seeing the fruit.
19. demilitarized Sinai, SL,WB, what about Syria, Gaza
observer ,   Egypt   (05.22.11)
after Bashar annihilates Syrians and Israel annihilates Gazans, there will be no need for demilitarization.
20. Pres Obama has bigger fish to fry !
moshe ,   Tivon Israel   (05.22.11)
Pres Obama clearly has bigger fish to fry than Israel. Netanyahu and Israel have IMMEDIATE problems. There is just NO way that Israel can take risky chances ...IF the pals , ham, hiz make a peacful feint should Israel pull back ...bare its jugular to these people ? Even if ...( IF ! ! ) the pals and others seek real permanent peace ...Israel must maintain super vigilance, armed to the insure that peace...for a long, long time. Super vigilance means maintaining a force along the Jordan River. In the meantime even Turkey threatens Israel with blockade busting...How will it end ? Will the Left, the peace lovers, the West do anything to SAVE Israel from destruction if Israel is overrun? NO ! moshe
21. secure israel = no border "palestine"/jordan
eli ,   ashkelon   (05.22.11)
unless Israel keeps the Jordan Valley or at the very least a security strip next to Jordan's border, it will be just a matter of time before the "westbank" will turn into the same mess as Gaza is right now. One must be very naive not to understand this.
22. Obama abstained from UN vote last year against Israel. I cal
Jordan ,   Is Palestine   (05.22.11)
BS on this Lets not be suckers, as the famous saying goes... FOOL ME ONCE, SHAME ON YOU....FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME. Lets get wise. Obama is not our friend. Actions are what count not words for a lobby group. And those actions have been the worst for Israel possibly by any US president.
23. You hold all of the cards Israel. Use 'em.
pb ,   ontario, canada   (05.22.11)
Israel demand your biblical or mandate borders. Pay off whatever original pals exisit (reparations) after you figure out what the arab nations owe you for their cleansing of Jews from their land. You might not owe the pals anything. Give the pals a one way ticket out of town. Tell the rest of the world to PO and go about your business. You hold ALL of the cards. Use them.
24. Speak Softly and Carry A Big Stick
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodUSA   (05.22.11)
I agree with many observers, that Israel must never become a Democrat vs Republican issue. Israel needs both to support its existence..which has been the US goal for decades. Butr recall, that Israel needed Russian support at one time, and French arms. The US has been a Johnny Come Laterly.But it is still Israel's super power supporter (not China, or Russia, or Japan or the EU countries). Lets be sure we butter our bread and not depend on crumbs. Bibi erred in scolding our Pres..who erred in talkin pror to talks. But the US pop. will always support our Pres in a dispute, with anyone. The Pales and their think tanks know it. They say one thing here, another to their own. From Hamas to Assad to Abbas., they have been harsh with Obama, but who knows? Bottom LIne:the Arab world will reject anything other than is minimal red lines and go to the USGA for statehood. Turkey will strike any Israeli vessel that is "provocatvie". Hamas will double talk and lie outright. Hez has 50,000 rockets. The Muslim ( Allah is great) parties are just waiting for their turn. Syria will defeat its protestors..and blame we Zionists. Bibi should speak softly in the future, but warn the Pales..any move to change the facts, will mean their destruction, once and for all (Israel has 500 nukes aimed at every Arab/Pales city). Get it!
25. Serpents creep unseen.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (05.22.11)
Obama was raised muslim.His father was a muslim.He has it engraved in his being. 2 days ago he made a speech to the" arab world". Why should an american president make a speech to an arab world? Muslims have been the greatest problem in world it´s been centuries. In the last century as in the present,muslims have exploded,kidnapped,and behaved as the genuine hustlers that they are. This is their nature and their way of thinking and behaving. Obama should be impeached now,before he does much and worse damages worldwide.
26. Great great speech
Avi martin   (05.22.11)
Recognized our ties to the land pre dates the holocaust ... Affirms the need for Israeli military advantage ... A no to armistice lines border ...peace only through negotiation...what Part of yes can we not understand.
27. Obama good scare.
AlbertoGA ,   St. George, USA   (05.22.11)
He realized after the lecture of Bibi that the BS is over. Now sudenly he want to defend Israel. GIVE ME A BRACK. Obama is interested to give Israel land inch by inch....all the rest is just for VOTES NO to the ploy. Never Again.
28. "IRONCLAD?" Ironclad like President Bush's letter?? LIES
Rubbish from ,   Obamas Mouth   (05.22.11)
and money pimping, that is all. the bow to saudi arabian oil and arab culture and the condescension to friends , abstaining from votes against Israel in the UN, selling saudi arabia 60 billion in arms., pressuring israel like no president ever before..pushing for the 8 miles wide ie suicide borders. if it looks like a duck walks like a duck it is a duck. obama is obama. vote for Romney, etc
29. Obama is adamant
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.22.11)
about imposing his Muslim view of things on Israel When he speaks, he almost always uses the phrase "I want to be perfectly clear" I wish he would be as clear about his school records, which he refuses to divulge He's spent million of dollars and twisted a lot of arms, doing his very best to hide his schooling Could it be that the records always indicated he was a Muslim ? It's common knowledge that when a Muslim denies his faith or converts, he's subject to execution by his fellow Muslims One day, the truth will come out and America will realize it got snookered by a con artist
30. Yes we can... tell each side what they want to hear and get
Mike ,   oxford UK   (05.22.11)
I Barak Husain Obama promise to tell you whatever you want to hear. YES WE CAN tell each side what they want to hear and get away with it!
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