Netanyahu 'pleased' with Obama's AIPAC address
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 22.05.11, 20:01
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1. He went to a Kindergarden, so he kissed babies, so what?!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.22.11)
2. Goodness Gracious Me
Gideon Reader ,   United States   (05.22.11)
What was "fitting" was the gracious manner that PM Netanyahu allowed a bit of diplomatic wriggle room for ZerObama to reduce the pain of the self inflicted catching of one's most personal parts in one's zip. The PM is aware of where this current U.S.administration, (not the combined houses of Congress, nor the overwhelming number of the general citizenry) stands and it's fairly blatantly hostile attitude towards Israel, Israelis, Zionists and Jews in general. That makes it easier to stare your self declared opponent in the eye. Somethiing that PM Netanyahu has shown is is readily able to do, without flinching.
Deb ,   Washington,DC   (05.22.11)
Israel's leaders /people would be foolish to count on anything Obama says regarding its security.
4. Obama's position
sam gaonkar ,   covina, california   (05.22.11)
What obama said is nohing new. He did not say that 1967 borders is the final solution. Nethanyahu has a right to disagree but has no business to lecture US president. It only shows his arrogance and willingness to distort president's words.
5. So many Jonathan Pollard AIPAC of one assembly
Sue ,   USA   (05.22.11)
6. Lines, NOT Borders!!!
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (05.22.11)
If you call a rose a weed, is it still a rose or is it now really a weed just because a tweed says it is!!!??? If you say that Israel must pull back to the 1967 LINES, what DIFFERENCE does it make if obamafraud says lines but he really means BORDERS!!!??? Only his lame brained zombie followers would argue semantics!!! Comes out the same no matter what you call it. This man is a liar par excellence and Jews would be a fool to believe or act on anything he says!!! Just look at that phony fraud of a birth certificate he posted should tell you all about this son of Satan!!!
7. Zionism is Racism...
Industry   (05.22.11)
It looks like the Zionists are working hard to make anyone who does not support them appear to be racists. It is just "their" way. I guess their God really does not exist, or they would not fight so hard to make people support them
8. israel borders
cyla stern ,   woodmere,usa   (05.22.11)
Obama's clarifiction about 1967 borders was very much on time. I hope, the president understood the importance of well protected borders for Israel. Even with peace Israel will be suranded with enemies, probably at least for the next 100 years . I am very realistic.
9. can someone please enlighten me why
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (05.22.11)
usa has to show commitment to israel? is israel part of america? or are the americans stuck at the hands of israeli lobby? which one
10. No, #9, it is none of your business
Marco ,   Spain   (05.22.11)
Your sole business is to move out of Constantinople and return it to native Greeks.
11. Obama's position is very befitting...
Ari ,   USA/ISRAEL   (05.23.11)
... for a Muslim and anti-semite like himself. Netanyahu handed him his ass, Jews in Israel and the US jumped on him. So now, he reverses himself, and spins his words to ensure votes. He has an election to win. He has to buy more time, as Israel pays with lives. He claims everyone heard his words and what he meant incorrectly. His actions leave no room for misinterpretation- Obama intends to destroy Israel, and see to the death of every Jew. Yidden: Understand this very clearly.
12. Why is Livni allowed at AIPAC?
bella ,   us   (05.23.11)
Why is she allowed a voice in any of the proceedings? Because she's an idiot Leftst? Why is she allowed to have side meetings with US officials? US reps don't go overseas and do this.
13. Well that's a twist...might work.
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.23.11)
14. pharaoh's heart is a million sizes too small
max   (05.23.11)
for politics' sake he hid the hardening of his heart, but soon pharaoh Hussein will be up to his old hitlerite tricks again...
15. #7, how many how many christians were killed by Muslimstoday
J1 ,   Earth   (05.23.11)
16. ha! obama folded like a cheap suit
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.23.11)
it's amateur hour at the white house. time for america to get a real president, and not this comedian.
17. to nr. 7.
justice for all ,   world/planet earth   (05.23.11)
you are absolutely right. zionism is an insult to the jewish people (with their sophisticated culture, civilization, history and achievements in science), judaism, jewry. fortunately there are also good(-willing) jews who do not agree with zionism and this state of "israel" like mordechai vanunu/john crossman, noam chomsky, uri avneri, amira hass, ilan pappe etc. and eg. the organization: international jewish anti-zionist network. i have much respect for those people and for that organization.
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