Hamas: US can't convince us to recognize Israel
Elior Levy
Published: 22.05.11, 22:02
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Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.22.11)
Hamas makes Israel's case every time one of it's spokesmen opens his mouth. But who set Obama up as the adjudicator,anyway? THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
2. israel
fad egypt   (05.22.11)
wont gain anything from your recognition or from abbas israel must forget the idea of peace with the arabs and expel the PA and annex judea and samaria then implements the iron wall policy those who will accept israel jewishness can stay and participate in the elections those who wont accept israel jewishness and will act against the state cant stay anymore and will be out of the country and that must be applicable to all the citizens arabs or jews shalom
3. on terrorist HAMAS ' mr zurhi
joel ,   usa   (05.22.11)
4. Obama on Israel
Francis J. Donovan ,   Hicksville, NY USA   (05.22.11)
Obama seems to have flipped from dicating to Israel on borders to demanding that the Palestinians concede Israel's right to exist. Aside from the merits of the controversry Obama does not know that it is wise to avoid taking sides on a controvertial issue. Iam Irish bu blood for many generations but on this issue I stand with Israel. gnowthi
5. Hamas says no - to negotiations, to Israel, to Obama
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (05.22.11)
What is new? Hamas has said no to negotiations for a state, to Israel's right to exist at all, to the Quartet's demands, to negotiating the release of Gilad Shaliet, to Obama's speech. What is new in their saying no?
6. the headache of the world from day 1
Ian   (05.22.11)
In the Middle East, like in Europe and every other continent, hundreds of tribes have lived, Assyrians, Phoenecians, Seleucids, Babylonians, Hittites, Arameans... all have lived and all have gone assimilating with other cultures... But about 100 years of Hebrew ownership of a piece of land still give us a headache
7. Recognize Palestine first
Amir ,   Yaffa, Palestine   (05.22.11)
8. Survival of Terrorist organs depend on bloodshed in Israel.
Asher ,   NY,USA   (05.22.11)
9. Hamas
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.22.11)
Despite the billions of dollars Fatah has received. Hamas remains the only democratically elected representative of the Arabs living in Israel. According to Hamas, it is a religious obligation to exterminate the Jews.
10. #5Eric WHAT IS NEW?
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.22.11)
What is new is that Hamas can now restrain Fatah from negotiations even if Fatah has a change of mind. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
11. Well that's that: call his bluff and take back Gaza
ZAL ,   USA   (05.22.11)
I's a GREAT spot for a seaside resort! Destroy Hamas (as Abbas asked us to do anyhow) and simply give people a choice to stay or go. The trouble makers will go and the ones who WANT Israel back in there can stay. It's a billion dollar income option vs hundreds of rockets "incoming". NO PAL STATE IN GAZA: NO 1967 BORDERS: NO RIGHT OF RETURN TO ISRAEL: KEEP A WIDE STRIP OF THE JORDAN VALLEY NEAR JORDANs BORDER: ALL SETTLEMENT BLOCKS R A PART OF ISRAEL. final answer we all know we will arrive at. 'Nuff said.
12. Hamas is the Palestinians worst enemy
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (05.22.11)
Hamas has the most sympathetic American President to the Palestinian cause it will have in a generation but yet it proudly proclaims to the world it will refuse to ever recognize the State of Israel. Rather than end the terrorism and try and do what's best for their people and establish a Palestinian State with contiguous borders next to Israel Hamas wants to continue the conflict. No amount of Kassam missiles, Grad rockets, or busses and restaurants and Israelis that Hamas blows up will bring the Palestinians one inch closer to a State of their own but will instead consign the Palestinian people to more misery and more deprivation all because they are being led by a terrorist group whose fantasies of having it all are only making things worse for their fellow Palestinians.
13. #2: FAD: Well said: spoken like a TRUE Egyptian!
ZAL ,   US   (05.22.11)
It's so refreshing to hear clarity so forthright. So glad you understand. Peace brother. Be well!
14. to no.2
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (05.22.11)
Fad, as usual you are right.. After all, who the heck is abbas, other then an old vicious uber terrorist with lots of Jewish blood on his hands..Or zubri and mashal... No matter what would have happened in Washington, their reaction would be exactly like the one we having here: Rejection..But the language, they are using is totally lunatic: it's as if they don't understand a word Bibi or OBama said...Who doesn't want their freedom? It is they who want to take away the freedom of Israel to exist..And unfortunately,such a propaganda seemed to work for them.. It vails the eyes of too many around the world..Your proposed solution is not only very logical and necessary, but easy and urgent to impliment asap.... But, unfortunately, it "looks" they want war...And they will get it...It will be costly to us, because we cherish and value life - All Life...We prove it every day...And every soldger is our Son and our Daughter, who are the world to US...But we are not on a suicide mission. We know, we'll come Victorious, because we are defending our Homeland, to which we have a 6000 years of ownership with much proof and evidence...We have settled with everyone who claimed a chunk of our land and finally remained with a tiny sliver, that could hardly be seen on a map...We already have aloud to be pushed to the corner. But no more...We have won at least 6 Wars, we will win this one too... Thank You for your Friendship, Fed...
15. Once a terrorist, always a terrorist
citizen   (05.22.11)
Hamas' response is so predictable.
16. Stay Strong Hamas!
IRAN#1   (05.22.11)
Victory is yours eventually.
17. Deal Sweetener
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (05.22.11)
Your call is very important to us. Please listen to the recorded music, Hava Nagila, until one of our Customer Service Agents responds. We may record this call for quality improvement purposes. Wait time is 00:45 seconds. Oh, would a Hellfire missile up your,.... address, help sweeten the deal?
18. Marbook mr hamas Terrorist?
Wondreing   (05.22.11)
Do you think by not recognizing Israel you think YOUR STILL NOT A TERRORIST ? Does the World Hear This With The Ear's Hashem has given you? Just Wonding?
19. Who Cares What Terrorists Think?
Seth ,   Boston   (05.22.11)
Soon they will be receiving their "72 virgins." LOL
20. Take an Akamol
Herzelian ,   Herzeliya   (05.23.11)
21. jordan is palestine
mohson   (05.23.11)
go back to original mandate since there was never a palestinian country and look at 3 options- 1) create 2 states out of the whole territory including current day jordan which is an artificial entity. 2) Boot hamas out of gaza and reverse olmert/livni convergence. 3) israel requests the Un and the arab world to award it 100 trillion dollars and a new territory far away from the arabs. Let the arabs do what they do best-slit the throats of sunnis, shiites, christians, alawites and druse. Slit your throats and then you can blame someone else for your troubles.
22. New borders
Steve ,   USA   (05.23.11)
If the world wants a Palestinian state (in September), let them. This could be good for Israel in the long run. After fencing off the Palestinian population centers (each one like an island enclave, completely cut off from the outside world), Israel will . not have any responsibility whatsoever for the Pals anymore. If missiles are fired from these areas (Palestine) Israel will have the right to destroy it just like any country would have the right if attacked by another. How the Pals would trade with anyone would not be our problem either. The world didn't seem to have a problem when the Jewish People were confined to ghettos, why would they have a problem with the Pals enjoying the same fine conditions. So go ahead Pals, declare yourselves an independent state. The only other choice would be for you (Pals) to recognize Israel for what it is (a Jewish State), give up terror, educate your children to like other people of all kinds, send all radicals to prison (and keep them there), use the money that is given to you by the world for constructive things like opening businesses, trade, education and so on. To most modern people of the world this is called life. Your choice. Tiny vassal kingdoms scattered all over with no escape or become civilized.
23. To N 14, Jennie
Luiz Felipe Haddad ,   Brazil   (05.23.11)
Dear Jennie. Your comment is clear and fair. Nowadays, I understand your struggle each time more. While Arab Palestines (Hamas/Fatah) continue to deny Israel's existence and sovereignty, no agreement will be possible. I remember Arafat refused, in 2000, a good peace's proposal, from Ehud Olmert, because of a faked and outrageous "right of return". I hope no more wars occur into the Holy Land, but Israel must defend herself, like any threatened country. Salutes from a Brazilian friend.
24. What! Another "no" to Obama? What is this at all!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (05.23.11)
The whole ME is telling Obama "no"? What on earth is going on!
25. hamas
David ,   America   (05.23.11)
WATCH YOUR MOUTH!!!! You may find yourself like the proverbial bug on the windshield!
26. to#6
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (05.23.11)
Lets just hope, your headache will only intensify,ian....
27. No Recognition
Ken ,   Australia   (05.23.11)
No dice, the palestines only want to play there own games, game time is over and cut off time is comeing. How can terrorists be in the position of dictateing ideology as a negotiateing mechanisim, terrorist mentality has lost and they are cying like little children,what will they resort to next - Bombs and kidnapping. No state can ever be created by way of gunpoint, LET THIS BE CLEAR. The hamas are the most delusional cohorts of idiots there are in the arab world, there is no state other than with the direct negotiateing partners which include as the primary partner the USA. Hamas is nothing compared to america, so lets remember that, and the catch cries of the hamas is delusional, there is only occupation in there own minds and un-fortunatly they beleive in there own brainwashing. Settlements and blockades do not have anything to do, at all with the final status agreements at the end of the day. The hamas has played out there cards in tottal, as a no win game , they have simply lost, soon there will be no-one they can go to , they will all be forced to leave the strip and the west bank, which is obvious of how the territory is shapeing , we can now see clearly that the hamas is nothing but a corupt body with out any substantial reason for existing, there fore there destruction is inevitable, the people of there area will render them useless in the next elections.
28. Should Israel exist, if Palestinians have no right to exist?
lara ,   Australia   (05.23.11)
Israel wants to exist as a Jewish state. Palestine wants to exist as a race of people. Regardless of how you look at it, all of these people are human. They all deserve the right to medical care, education and freedom of movement. One side currently experiences all of these liberties while the other does not. Children are discriminated against based on their religion and are deprived of basic human rights based on the Jewish Israeli model simply because of their race. So why would any Palestinian agree to discrimination based on their race? There are some serious double standards in this conflict. Understandably, neither will sacrifice their own for the other. There is no such thing as Peace, and agreeing to peace, is agreeing to destruction by the other.
29. Obama is a big lier
WestBanker ,   WestBank   (05.23.11)
His goal is to be elected, He does not care about middle east, though he cares about his own safety to be the president of the states! Before couple of days the Israelis were angry from his speech when he mentioned 1967 borders, now the Palestinians are angry from his contradiction promises One word to you OBAMA ... your silent is much better than your talk
30. # 18: FYI its Mabrook not Marbook!
WestBanker ,   WestBank   (05.23.11)
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