Hail the spin doctors
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.05.11, 00:01
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1. I know it's the wrong season, but...
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (05.23.11)
Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel his feet are made of clay,...altogether now!
GLENN ,   YUCAIPA,USA   (05.23.11)
3. I disagree with this article because....
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A/   (05.23.11)
President Obama said that everybody is against Israel (Europe, Latin America etc.- which remains to be seen) and therefore Israel has to cmply with israel haters and anti-semites. The statement is like saying in 1939 that Hitler is upset and he wants Checkoslovaquia and Poland, so let's give them to him... because he is upset. Instead of fighting against tyrants and german antisemitism then and european and arab antisemitism now..... we must be reactive to evil, if it exist, let's comply with whatever they want.
4. Obama is not Bush
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (05.23.11)
Bush was saying that because of the "new realities on the ground" Israel cannot possibly go back to the 1949 borders. Obama is saying start with the 1949 borders but give Israel a little space because of demographic changes. This is a huge difference in attitude and substance. Bush understood Israel. Obama could care less.He only said even that to fool Jewish liberals into giving him more money for his campaign,
5. how clever
Steven ,   San Francisco   (05.23.11)
Obama and his followers are: First give an ultimatum to the Jews, then create an occasion right afterwards to make nice to them, since they are fools and will readily believe lies if those lies makes them feel safer.
6. Hamas again says NO to Israel-Hamas
Ern ,   US   (05.23.11)
is part of PLO . Ball not in Bibi;s court . Obama should have made his position as clear on Thursday as he did to AIPAC..but then who knows his position in 3 more days.
7. Obama will say ANYTHING to get re-elected
rivka ,   los angeles   (05.23.11)
And Bibi should have told him, after the outrageous and disrespectful suggestion of PRE 67 borders > "Mr Obama - I am prepared to accept your pre-67 border conspiracy, as well as your plan to give away Jerusalem like a bag of chips to the Hamas/PA/AlAqsa/Salafis/Hezbollah/Fatah/PLO/Black September/AlQueida/Muslim Brotherhood "FACTIONS" - IF you, Obama, accept to take the Black Civil Rights movement BACK to 1950 - recognize the KKK, give them a country bordering the Pentagon - and bury their leaders & founders next to JFK in Arlington. That would be a fair compromise, don't you agree, Mr. Obama ? Obama is NO FRIEND of Israel - the only part of Jewishness he loves - are their campaign funds and their votes. When he has both, he will throw Israel under a bus faster than an Arab can steal a Rolex.
8. Jerusalem
rivka ,   los angeles   (05.23.11)
The Grand Mufti Husseini forfeited ALL rights to Jerusalem and the mosque, when he made an alliance with Hitler. And I told my son last week that I demand the right of return to being a virgin. As for ANY 'peace' agreement signed by Abbas or any Islamic who follows the Koran - what prevents them - a day after signing an agreement - to renege the next day. The Koran says that no Muslim is obliged to honor any promise made to an infidel, dhimi or Jew. Arafat - after he signed the Oslo accords, grabbed a Nobel Peace Prize, grabbed the prize money, and immediately started planning the 2nd intifada. In a conversation he had with Mandela - he told Mandela he had NO intention of honoring the agreement. "As a Muslim - I am ALLOWED to lie to Israeli dogs".... anyone paying very close attention?
9. If Bibi strives for peace, he must make it
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.23.11)
cristal clear: NOT ONE SQUARE INCH.
10. Bush was a P H O N Y....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.23.11)
He was NOT a friend of Israel...!
11. Listen To What He Said: A Contiguous Palestinian State
Dan ,   USA   (05.23.11)
Obama said he wants a contiguous Palestinian state. That would cut Israel in half. How is he soothing ruffled feathers ?
12. Spin what? A tornado has air to work with, but a"Palestine"
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.23.11)
has no "Palestinians" (at least no real ones since they never existed).What are you spinning then...?
13. The question is..........
Wise Saba ,   Ma'agalim   (05.23.11)
What will Husein Obummer now say to his muslim brothers. Obummer speaks with forked tongue, he is not to be trusted.
14. "happy and relaxed"
Zev ,   Israel   (05.23.11)
The Jewish people were always the most naive people on earth. That is why we have been opressed throughout our history.
15. What's the best?
Alexandre Chinovich   (05.23.11)
The best thing Mr. Obama can make for Israel is to end his presidency in 2012. Otherwise, during his second term, he will have no restrictions to do what he wants. Poor Israel!
16. The only way to find out what Obama is
Vardina   (05.23.11)
really after is by showing what kind of peace he can make in the Middle East before- not after - the coming elections. If we delay everything until after the elections he will drop all his previous commitments and feel free to manipulate for the next 4 years...
17. Obamas reelection depend on Jewish money
Moshe ,   Netanya   (05.23.11)
Soros can give a lot through Swiss banks. Obama almost lost his S. Side Chicago base after killing Ben Laden (that community suport Ben Laden 100 % (Chickes came to roost). Of course, they have nowhere to go. In NYC, most but not all Jews supported killing of Ben Laden. California Jews and black largly against. In other states, they supported killing but they wouldn't vote for Obama even if he kills more Taliban/ Some people on this board still don't understand that Obamas base (blacks, Jews, and Arabs) are, in general, against killing of Ben Laden.
18. The real spin is this editorial
S Benard ,   Bountiful, USA   (05.23.11)
The true spin is the content of this article. It denies reality and seeks to put a friendly face on the deceptive speeches of America's Deceiver in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama! My Jewish friends, Obama is NOT your friend!
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