EU backs Obama's call for '67 borders
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Published: 23.05.11, 11:40
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1. Excuse me, but what is the 67' border?!
Just asking   (05.23.11)
Never heard of it, there is only the 1949 armstice line, scribbled with a green pencil on a crumpled map. Israel has no legal obligation to regard that scribble as anything but a scribble (kiskush balabush). These moonbats and Israel-haters should get their facts straight, before spewing all their venom toward the JEWISH STATE! Nice to see these loser euros getting agitated. We must be doing something right for a change. Three cheers for Bibi!
2. The EU and Obama can go jump!!!!!
forever ,   Israel   (05.23.11)
3. UN Security Council Resolution, 242, in no way...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.23.11)
suggests what the future boundaries of Israel should be. In fact, specifically, when addressing the subject, 242 refers to "secure and recognized boundaries". Any attempt to see Israel giving up on its security by ensuring that its future boundaries be other than secure and recognized by the warring parties, as called for by 242, is indicative of how much the security of the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, is of little or no importance to him/her, not withstanding statements such as "our commitment to Israel's security is unshakable". P.S. UN Security Council Resolution, 242, does not call for the setting up of an additional state in the region nor does 242 mention concepts such as "Palestinians", "Palestine" or a "Palestinian state".
4. Birds of a feather flock together
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (05.23.11)
5. rise up US jews and defend Israel
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (05.23.11)
Obama is getting away with his Pro PLO view. This policy will send 100,000 jews into exile
6. The EU supports anything anti-Israel
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (05.23.11)
As the EU goes into terminal decline, financially, demographically, & morally bankrupt, you would think they would pay more attention to their own grave problems. But, of course, their consistent anti-Israel positions are merely one of the symptoms of their decline. In a relatively short time, the EU will be no more, the Euro only a souvenir of failure - the writing is on the wall for those that want to read the message.
7. yes mr swindish foreign ministar
rashid ,   palistinian   (05.23.11)
how is the mosq we wanted to build in gothenberg in sweedenlan are you going to allow it or do we need to continue to demonstrate there like what we have done all last week believe me until gothenberg and helsinki is truly part of islam it is your call mr foreign el daula
8. Someone should inform this Swede
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (05.23.11)
that Israel's neighbors are not Finland and Norway; and further, there is NO partner for peace!
9. swedish minister stupidly naive
Shan Ti ,   Belgium   (05.23.11)
The swedish minister and so many other European leaders are talking while having no realistic clue of the ground-situation in the Middle-East. Going back to 1967 borders means having the possible "peace-partner" (that any minute can change back to hostile enemy) only 9 km away from the big coastal city of Netanya. Always very easy to claim solutions if you are "safe and sound" and 1000's of km away. Just stupidly naive and dangerous!!
10. Carl Bildt wants Israel to be wiped off from
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.23.11)
the map, like some other lunatics...better to shut up for this retarded scumbag...hey You Swedish wimp, better take care of your Muzzies running amok, than to interfere in Israels affaires >>>>NOBODY needs your unqualified remarks...!
11. Munich 1938 - "Peace of our time"
vendaval ,   Victoria, BC, Canada   (05.23.11)
... (Neville Chamberlain) - in less than six monthts the rump Czecho-Slovakia was gone for good. New Munich in the making, eh?
12. borders
motti ,   cape town   (05.23.11)
tellsweden , hitler wanted to rid europe of jews. actually to a large degree succeeded, just the netherlands for an example. now mr swedish minister you can get gobbled up by islam. other than a volvo what else has sweden got that is of any use. all praise to a strong israeli pm and about time too. well done mr prime minister
13. PS to # 3: 242 has been the resolution governing all peace
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.23.11)
talks and since all parties to the conflict have accepted it, it has been the basis for all talks and actual agreements.
14. Arabs on every corner in London
Moragh   (05.23.11)
Just received an 'e' to say I should have a look at London. Apparently there's a muslim shop on EVERY street corner. One person remarked that the British are being persecuted on every street corner. Well the Brits are sick of it and apparently there's a big "shake-up" coming since katie ashton (her with her face pushed to the back of her head) is joining hands with the muslims AGAINST Israel. I would love to come face to face with that ashton creature!
15. The arabs are in for one........
macktheknife   (05.23.11)
helluva shakeup. Personally, I can't wait to see (or participate) in that move. It's hard to believe that Swe3den is going along with arab takeover. They must be shit-scared! Poor dears
16. Sure, they'll happily call Israel to keep splitting itself
KT   (05.23.11)
Sure, they'll happily call Israel to keep splitting itself every time, and then absorb those Arabs that that wanted their own country. Why appease their Muslim population at their own expense, when they can make Israel pay instead?
17. "indefensible borders" ......Ha & lol !
Salma ,   Palestine   (05.23.11)
Bibi and All "Israeli" generals know that Palestinian security forces and the Jordanian army can protect the borders better than the "IDF". Just stop to justify the continuing of occupation under the pretext of security.
18. no one likes israelis but palestinians?
james   (05.23.11)
19. a few blind EU leaders (modern Neville Chamberlains)
S Benard ,   Bountiful, USA   (05.23.11)
It never ceases to amaze me how blind and ignorant a few of these EU leaders are. They are modern Neville Chamberlains who genuinely delude themselves into thinking that appeasement is peace. But peace is more than an absence of war! Those EU crazies who refuse to learn the painful lessons of history are doomed to repeat them! They aren't just stupid; their hubris makes them dangerous too!
20. The European Union is irrelevant
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.23.11)
The most quarrelsome and warlike people in recorded history have absolutely no right to lecture Israel -- or anyone else -- about "peace." Most of the pain and suffering throughout the world can be laid squarely at the doorstep of the Europeans. The African continent is still reeling from grand European visions of "peace." Israel will be the sole determiner of what constitutes Israel's security needs; the Europeans and the Americans have absolutely no say in this. A retreat to the 1967 borders is absolutely out of the question. If the Swedish Foreign Minister wishes to give land to the ersatz "Palestinians," why doesn't he just start with Malmo? It's 90% Arab and Moslem already.
21. If Obama likes going backwards
Talula ,   Israel   (05.23.11)
instead of fowards, then lets go back to when blacks were slaves - or is that different? I happen to not think so. Just as black slavery was abolished for better times, our borders cannot possibly go back to 67 borders for safety. What is WRONG with this man?
22. Salma/17
james ,   ul/il   (05.23.11)
The West Bank and Gaza Strip are disputed territories whose status can only be determined through negotiations. Occupied territories are territories captured in war from an established and recognized sovereign. As the West Bank and Gaza Strip were not under the legitimate and recognized sovereignty of any state prior to the Six Day War, they should not be considered occupied territories.
23. Ashton wins 'Neville Chamberlain gullibility' award.
Doug ,   Wales   (05.23.11)
So 'peace' was the defence in 1948, peace was the defence in 1967 and peace was the defence in 1973. Peace was also the defence when ceding Gaza for peace. Well Catherine Ashton it's a good thing Israel doesn't need to rely upon you for peace and their well being. You are clearly prepared to sell the Jewish state down the river. A military strategists you are not. Folly is the name of your game. Sacrificing Israel on the altar of political expediency and burying your head in the sands of the Arab/Islamic agenda is obviously your preferred pursuit. BTW, have a look at the charters of Fatah, Hamas and the PLO's phased plan when you have a moment. I can't find the word peace in any of them. You are a disgrace to our country. If the UK had to depend on you for security in 1939 we'd all be members of the Third Reich now.
24. Strong Israel
Roman ,   poland   (05.23.11)
wave your flag
25. Bibi needs to remain strong
Rachel ,   US   (05.23.11)
He has the US Congress and American people on his side. The EU is always against Israel.
26. #17 We all know they'll turn their weapons on Israel..
Eli   (05.23.11)
when the time is convenient, so therefore, they can't be trusted and are a security threat.
27. ASHTON has to GO!!!!!
george ,   phoenix, AZ, USA   (05.23.11)
she is an antisematic woman who condemns israel on daily basis. sometimes i think in EU condemning israel is an intercontinental sport....
28. EU would like to back it B side on Israel expences
Dani ,   Amsterdam NL   (05.23.11)
Obama was blamed by Democratics and Repubblicans for his assertion on Israeli '67 borders, second issue is what borders we are talking about, green lines are not borders!
29. Ready for your close up Mr.Raines
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (05.23.11)
Mr.Raines. Mr.Raines. Your French Police Captain's Uniform is pressed and ready. Time for your lasting performance. Cue Music: "It's still the same old story. A fight for love and glory. A case of do or die."
30. 67 line doesn't exist anymore
Alessandro ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (05.23.11)
67 line is a convention that doesn't exist anymore. And it doesn't exist because of the Arab countries threats against Israel. So now, don't complain.
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