Livni: 2-state solution good for Israel
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 23.05.11, 22:34
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1. And Hamas' call for Israel's destruction
Rachel ,   US   (05.23.11)
Is just a little minor detail to paper over?
2. Livni is ridiculing herself.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (05.23.11)
Who invited her to go to Washinghton ? What is she doing there?? She is very bad for Israel and should shut up. She and Olmert should be in prison Olmert for the known reasons;she for supporting that irresponsable person. Both are irresponsabible and think on the good of themlselves and not in the good of Israel. By the way:does she care about a Jewish Israel? I don't think so.
3. How long will the opposition parties
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (05.23.11)
serve up this outdated BS? Two-state solution can only mean handing over more strategic positions to the enemy to enhance their genocidal agenda. You just have to look at who your dealing with - PLO and Hamas, both aiming to wipe Jews off the map of the Middle East both figuratively and literally - physically.
4. The Barking Chicken Quacks Again!
EZ ,   US   (05.23.11)
When will this ego maniac get the message that she is NOT wanted in Israel and she is our enemy. Livni is a monster
5. Thank you Livni
Ron ,   Israel   (05.23.11)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (05.23.11)
Because we can live in Israel ,and Tzippi airhead can piss off to the second state.
7. Bring it on...She's the Opposition.
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.23.11)
8. agreed,Israel and Jordan are perfect
Trumpeldor   (05.23.11)
for eveyone since Jordan is 80% of the british mandate for palestine and Israel received the paltry 20%
9. Tzipi Livni
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (05.23.11)
She represents nobody today, she doesn't admit she will never be Prime Minister, In three words: She is pitiful!!!
10. Livni works for the White House not for Israel
11. Livni do you think palestinian accept peace?sure not.they
Saed ,   Iranian jew   (05.23.11)
Will turn west bank to a gaza.if yesterday they were able to fire from gaza to sedrot,then they will be able to fire at tel aviv.get out this idea from your head,to give west bank to palestinian.just our progress in future may force our neighbors to accept peace.
12. Great ideas
David M.   (05.23.11)
That's why she and Olmert were so successful during their tenure. If we add to it the Gaza withdrawal success, its very clear that the woman is completely delusional. Maybe she should take a trip to England where they promised to lock her up.
13. mexico
jorge stern   (05.23.11)
and what will she say after Hamas takes over the new state of Palestine ?
14. how self serving can livni be?
DAVID ,   NEW YORK   (05.23.11)
of course, doing the opposite of that the government does does distinguish yourself from them and could help get votes, but shouldn't you consider whether it is a good idea to voice support for things that are dangerous for israel even if it gets you votes? and what was that whole gaza disengagement thing about?? would anyone with 2 neurons left in their skull want to trust you with anything? after what you and your (corrupt) friends did,what gives you the chutzpah to walk around in public?
15. Poor Livni...I feel sorry for her...
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (05.23.11)
She is not even half of Golda,she is not the right woman for Israel
16. Don't let Hamas dictate Israels policy
Rika Chaval   (05.23.11)
Livni is right, Status Quo is good for Hamas, 2 states is good for Israel. Palestinians also want it, as polls have been showing for years, just like a majority of Israelis (and even israeli Jews). Hamas knows very well that Palestinians will never forgive them if Hamas jeopardises Palestinian independence and statehood. Israel shouldn't do Hamas the favour of being the one who jeopardises the 2 states solution, let Hamas bear responsability if they don't comply with demands of the Quartett.
17. All that can be said regarding Livni is
Paul ,   Jerussalem, Israel   (05.23.11)
Thank God that Israel exists in spite of the brain-dead amongst it's political elite. No to a 2-state solution, no to negotiations with an Islamic entity.
18. She is pathetic.
Gabe Yakmore ,   Canada   (05.23.11)
Palis will be repatriated to Jordan where they belong. Pure and simple. They are Jordan's responsibility. Not Israel's.
19. Two States are better than another war.
John ,   Alamosa, Colorado   (05.23.11)
True, I do not live within the region. But, I have been following Israels history for sixty years, and with just a glimmer of hope on your horizon, it's time! I lost two close high school friends during your 1967 War. The diaperheads (Hamas-sorry U.S. terms) can not even agree who is going to drive a car, nevertheless agree on anything! Besides, they are just jockeying for a position at the table.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (05.23.11)
21. Livni's fantasyland
Brod ,   USA   (05.23.11)
To Livni, the 2-state fantasy can produce everlasting bliss. Does Livni know about Islamist-Jihadism? Islam means submission. Islam wants the whole world to submit to it. And tiny Israel is their prime target in the region. The 2-state pathway to nowhere is exactly what the dark forces want Israel to fall into. It is a trap for Israel. Israel should say NO to this trap.
22. Nice to live in a dream!
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (05.24.11)
I think if we really new that peace would come about with a two state solution we would jump for it, but since the Arabs have only one idea and that is to destroy the Jewish state so then a one way state solution is possible and that is Israel will keep what it has and the Palestinians can go back to Jordan where they came from
23. Good for you Livni
WestBanker ,   WestBank   (05.24.11)
Lets see what what you are going to say when you become a PM
24. lol talkbacks here like @ 2, 21 and the rest belong
Eitan ,   TA   (05.24.11)
in the asylum, you people there is no other word to describe are just nuts. Livni lived her entire life in Israel, served in the IDF, Mossad, numerous political positions and you bunch of counch sitting nothings visited Israel 2 times in your life have the nerve to fart those nonsense here? This is not chutzpah, this is
25. Fayad had a heart attack
Israeli 2   (05.24.11)
Livni in shock: "What? Oh My Dear! I must pay him a visit, my poor hero!"
26. #24. Eitan: what's you point?
Tom ,   USA   (05.24.11)
Starting from Josephus Flavius all the way to A. Burg (ex-chairman of the Knesset,) there was many Jewish/Israeli individual who changed ideology and switched side in the end. She jumped on the American Jstreet/Obamajews bandwagon and pushing the policy of capitulation just like the 60-es Peacenicks sang "John Lennon's Give Peace a Chance". Utmost naiveté: don't you know that to the East and West from you bloody wars going on and you want to sing Kumbaya? That's all there is to it.
27. She stared longingly into his deep brown eyes
GideonReader ,   United States   (05.24.11)
.....and saw the possibility of opportunity of possibly putting her mop and bucket in the cupboard and becoming the PM of a rapidly disappearing Israel. The name of the game is advantage. If you do not have great legs and terrific boobs, and your voice can cut glass, what is there to do? Ohmygod! "She cried". "This is better than a Vietnamese Custom Nail job or a new pair of gold earrings someone else pays for. A two state solution? Hey I have it. Howzabout a two state solution that we can sell in Europe as a time release Final Solution. Sad Hag. But a scrubber after my own heart., is the Kidima Charlady. Cheap and tawdry, but available 24/7 for anything.
28. Livni and two State Solution
William James Waard ,   Mosier Oregon   (05.24.11)
She is out of her mind and suicidal but not just for herself but for every Jew in Israel. Put her away for your own good. William
29. Kadima Traitor
Mike ,   Philadelphia +usa   (05.24.11)
Who's payroll is she on? Obama's? Hamas? Fatah? the UN? She is an insult to the nation and traitor!! Kadima, find a new leader this woman is pathetic !!!
30. Eitan of TA
IZL   (05.24.11)
Barak was a decorated soldier, so? Netanyahu was also in the IDF and his brother is a hero. Don't take this personal Eitan, but many Israeli's don't agree with Livni. You might be right about the one's making comments abroad, but I've got news for you, their words are worth jack, and are opinions. They do however, influence their countries, and in this sense I congratulate them for supporting Israel. Keep in mind, this article refers to Livni addressing AIPAC, this is to do with their country. Livni was Addressing American's. They have a right to answer back. Do you have a problem with this? So they have a right to a voice Most of the politicians in Israel have served in the IDF, and many many were Mossadniks as well. I do not think Livni's credentials make her uncriticizable
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