Protesters interrupt PM's AIPAC speech
Published: 24.05.11, 07:06
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1. Jewish protesters?
Igal ,   Brooklyn, USA   (05.24.11)
To be an idiot is a bad thing, but to be JEWISH idiot is even worse.
2. These useful idiots ignoramuses....
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (05.24.11)
Jews have been and are victims of authoritarian tyrants and these fools cannot understand that. These ignoramuses defending terrorists! How idiotic can you get. Unfortunately there are still Jews with a gettho mentality
3. Fascinated with their courage
Samer ,   Ramallah   (05.24.11)
They still few but it shows there is a hope among the Jewish people..
4. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.24.11)
What a shame there is no hope for a true peace partner to emerge from the ersatz "Palestinian" rabble. Five million Jews in the United States -- five protesters at the AIPAC speech. What does that tell you? And, for the record, like one of the protesters, I, too, am the child of Jewish concentration camp survivors, and my views are the polar opposite of his. I tend not to be terribly sympathetic towards a fictional people claiming a fictional heritage, a fictional history, and a co-opted identity. I see the ersatz "Palestinians" exactly for what they are -- a violent terrorist rabble whose exclusive goal is the destruction of the State of Israel and the extermination and/or expulsion of the Jews. No wonder you feel such affinity for the five lost souls who demonstrated at Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech -- like the ersatz "Palestinians," they, too, are completely delusional.
5. I thought Jews were smart
k ,   US   (05.24.11)
What is wrong with these protesters, do they think appeasement is the answer are they blind to history?
6. Lenin was by no means a fool !
Jules   (05.24.11)
It was him who coined the term "useful idiots".
7. Uneducated Dummies of MOA: YOU MOVE OVER!
ZAL ,   US   (05.24.11)
It's time to stand up to these idiots. What a blinded, indoctrinated bunch of pavlovian FOOLS! They sound like yesterday's Stalinist sympathizers! SHAME ON THEM!!!! And yet...ONLY 5 demonstrators!? How pathetic is that! This is the same ugly, unruly brood of terrorist sponsors who repeatedly violated the law yesterday, boxing in police cars (as one of their fellow idiots got carted off for violence) and obstructing justice (not to mention traffic). They should all be put on a govt watch list and harassed the way they harass everyone else. THEY REPRESENT NO ONE BUT THEIR OWN EGOS!!!
8. very credible people stand up with very plausible arguments
eporue ,   europe   (05.24.11)
against bibi - and israels occupation... the legal aspect of the occupation is against you, and so the whole world is... and the voices will become louder, and the settlers more aggressive - and with all that, the worlds population more listening... you cant beat this movement down, you cant encounter it by "indefensible", "having protests in gaza or not"... you are on a totally lost position, on a doomed one... you must get out of it, immediately... i mean, on your own...
9. Protesters
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (05.24.11)
This protesters have no idea about what Judaism is all about! They talk about Jewish values and never learned Judaism in order to know that they are mistaken, that what they are promoting are universal values from the sixties, which were swallowed by history.. The most important thing in Judaism is to know that there are 3 bases to the world, Am Israel, Eretz Israel and Torah, the other things come after!
10. Samar, unlike your people....
Rachel ,   Israel/USA   (05.24.11)
the Jewish people are free. They are free in their homeland: Israel, and they are free in the United States. Your family and your religion would prevent you from being free to express your opinions in the independent nation you will never have. Your people have chosen hatred of the Jews over your own peace and prosperity.
11. Protesters : These people abuse
DT ,   TA Israel   (05.24.11)
democracy but would never fight for it. They belong in Gaza
12. #4 - Bravo Sarah B.
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (05.24.11)
You are the only TB that got it right...
13. 6. I've come to believe that some of us are damn geniouses..
because we have to make up for the absolute morons amongst us...go figure.
14. 23 and 21 years for at least 2 of them
Ron ,   OC, US   (05.24.11)
Safe and warm in America and listening to a little to much Al Jazerra and Democracy Now. Maybe an Arab college professor. The 70 something...Who cares. 3 out of thousands. There is probably about that many out of 10,000 Arabs that support Israel. I have a feeling there may be more. Some in Iran, some in Syria. Some in Lebanon.
15. There are no human rights violations by the Palestinians
Zev ,   Israel   (05.24.11)
The Palestinians do not use faith to justify their slaughter of women and children. Bombing buses, pizza shops, supermarkets and schools can be justified when done by the Palestinians. It is ok for the Palestinians to not allow any Jew to live in what they want to be their future state. There are plenty of non-Jews in the world that say the above. We don't need these 5 to understand that people could be blind to the facts and brainwashed so badly that they need help. I feel sorry for them.
16. funny how they support Jewish land theft
Golan ,   Modiin   (05.24.11)
When did these people protest Arabs stealing Jewish homes? massacring Jewish men, women, and children? When did these "jews" demand the right of return for the Hebron Jewish community to return to their original homes currently occupied and stolen by Arabs? Hypocrites, or just plain anti-semites?
17. thank you AIPACF
israel   (05.24.11)
18. Nope, #3 - I'm fascinated by their ignorance
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (05.24.11)
They are only a few, and show that the vast majority of Americans and Jewish Americans are much more educated on the issues than these dolts. "Denied their rights"?!?!? "Silencing dissent"?!?!?! Crikey! At least somebody is teaching these dupes a few key phrases to blurt into the microphones. The way they talk, you'd think that these same people should be protesting against the U.S. government's extra-judicial execution of Osama Bin Laden! I wonder if they'll be protesting to support the "right" of Hamas to be "fighting for the same human rights" by firing rockets into civilian neighborhoods or blowing up buses and restaurants. Five pathetically weak, but vocal, individuals.
DEMINSTRATORS: It is important to realize this basic fact about Fatah.  The "dispute" between Fatah and Hamas is basically a turf war between rival gangs of thugs, and has little to do with ideology.  Regarding their problem with "the Zionist entity" they have held a different view regarding tactics, but not about ultimate goals.  Fatah under Abu Mazen (aka Mahmoud Abbas) believes in getting as much territory "for free" up front, either by negotiation or by having it handed to them by the UN (or Obama), only after which they can take up armed struggle, in a more advantaged position, to get the rest.  Hamas has been more open about their intention to utterly destroy Israel.  The coalition hammered together by the new rulers in Egypt between Fatah and Hamas may have persuaded Hamas to pretend to be "more flexible" in order to achieve the initial goal of getting sovereignty and recognition of "Palestine" before launching an all-out war for extinction of what is left of Israel.  The "outside world" had imposed three conditions on Hamas in order to give it recognition as other than a terrorist organization: 1) Recognize Israel's right to exist , 2) Renounce the use of force, and3) Accept the previous agreements regarding "peace with israel" made by earlier Palestinian leaders.  I don't know how much of this Hamas is prepared to pretend to do, since agreeing to any of it would make them look hypocritical in the eyes of their own supporters; but I fear that the "outside world" will give them a pass on this in exchange for the mildest version of a statement to the effect that they are "willing to negotiate".  After all, the demand that Fatah modify the "Palestinian Charter" has been forgotten by the "outside world".
20. Brainless people
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.24.11)
These people should be moved by force to Sderot. Sure they will be happy to build bunkers to avoid being hit by rockets sent from their friends.
21. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.24.11)
Oh, please. Do you think we don't recognize your arguments for what they are? Well, we do. You -- and others like you -- are doing nothing more than spouting a very old-fashioned brand of Jew hatred, except instead of villifying individual Jews, you have turned your focus to the most concrete and viable emblem of Judaism there is: the State of Israel. All your silly and tired rhetoric about "occupation" is really nothing more than anti-Semitism turned into hatred of Israel. When will you learn? We really don't care what you think. We really don't depend on you for our survival; we really don't care whether you agree with us or not. Frankly, we don't care whether you like us or not. We have our state again -- nothing you can say or do will dislodge us. So please give it a rest. This much I can guarantee: long after Europe has eroded into an Arab and Islamic cesspool, long after so-called European culture has faded into a dim and distant memory .... the State of Israel will be strong and will continue to thrive. The Europeans have held sway over this planet for the better part of two thousand years; time for you to fade away. Your history is replete with blood libel accusations, pogroms, random massacres of Jews, the Inquisition and, of course, the Holocaust. You have some damned nerve criticizing Israel. Yours is a dying so-called "culture." Roll over and play dead, now, like a good doggie. Haven't you figured out just how irrelevant you are?
22. reply: funny how they support Jewish land theft
kew ,   usa   (05.24.11)
You are so right Reid stated Israel conquered territory from Jordan, Egypt and Syria. but Israel does not occupy them, and some Palestinians has posted they believe they should get 72% if not all of Israel, because they feel it all belongs to them even thou the UK gave Israel the land. The 1967 border line would not stop there. but the border line would give Palestinians an upper hand on conquering Israel and destroying Jews
23. AIPAC and BiBi
Moragh   (05.24.11)
Thank you BiBi for standing your ground on behalf of your beloved people. I take my hat off to you!
24. the proterstor's father came to the US
duble standards;( ,   israel   (05.24.11)
a baised country and just went on with his life. but there where thousends of holaucost survivers wich nobody cared about and no country wanted to take care of. people like my perents came to israel by ships and the great "humaniterian" britan boombed the refugees ships. and since then so much injustice came to the world and nobody protested. what about sudan? what about turkey? what about russia? what about lebanon? what about iran? what about argentina? what about venezuella? what about lybia and all arab world?????????? as usual, NO ONE SAYS A WORD, UNLESS IT COMES TO ISRAEL.
25. Golda
David Usher ,   Vancouver, BC, Canad   (05.24.11)
When I lived with my family, and worked at Hadassah Hospital in 1970-71, I had great admiration for Golda. This vastly increased after the Yom Kippur War, when she prevented the IDF from destroying Cairo, after initially down-playing the threat of attack. In contrast, today's Governmental policy is in many absurb directions. With a multiplicity of threats, neither Bibi or anyone else at the top has any idea of what to do, except to attack Palestinian marchers and threaten much, much worse. I agree with Obama, though not completely.
26. not so protest but lacking love...
michel ,   france   (05.24.11)
These jewish people are like many in our history looking not so much to protest because they really oppose but because they are looking for the approval of the goim,they are self haters jews.
27. Sarah B. Just stay in America. Hussain Obama needs your vote
Richard   (05.24.11)
Do you have anything better to say than, like all the time saying - this is irrelevant, that is irrelevant, they are irrelevant.. I think you are irrelvant.
28. #23 Put your hat back on baldy
29. #3. 5 MILLION TO 5.. Tells me nothing
Hillel ,   New York   (05.24.11)
It just says that these protestors were able to get in, in the first place because they were Jewish. Sadly I think you will probably find 55 million pro Palis in the USA. Go to some of those University campuses for a start, especially the ones in California. Think of Daniel, the famous 16 year old who was almost savaged in America by Palis for waving the flag of Israel.
30. to # 4 ?
Ma   (05.24.11)
Rick Colbath-Hess is a brave person, son of Holocaust survivors, courageously not afraid to put his full name, not hiding behind delusional personality.
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