Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Netanyahu said nothing new
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 25.05.11, 00:12
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1. Palestine will be Free
Palestinian   (05.25.11)
2. ron,
boris ,   nyc, us   (05.25.11)
you want more concessions - it's easy, just bring the rope to abbas, he'll be happy to hang you and there will be peace!
3. A brilliant speech
David M.   (05.25.11)
It was the best speech anyone could deliver. Bibi was poised, conciliatory and all his arguments well documented. Of course there will be many who will object to his acceptance of a Palestinian state, his willingness to give up parts of the Jewish historic heartland. In this speech he also didn't mention the expulsion of Jews from Arab countries. There was no need for him to make any other concessions. What kind of concessions did Palestinian leaders ever make to achieve a peace deal with Israel? Going to the UN in September is very clearly a hostile act on their part. Why should Israel accept any Palestinian refugees in Israel proper when they rejected all previous offers? Shouldn't Palestinians also make a gesture and accept Jews in Palestine as well? Unfortunately, all this is irrelevant until Palestinians accept Israel as a Jewish state.
4. Bibi Hits Home Run In Congress
Dan ,   USA   (05.25.11)
What idiot would actually believe Bibi's speech in Congress was aimed at the Palestinians? Or was trying to affect the Palestinians? It was aimed at America's political leaders and it was a home run. Despite the closet Muslim Obama, America's leaders will not abandon Israel.
5. Heard Nothing to Bring PLO Back to Table
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (05.25.11)
I listened and heard nothing to bring the Palestinians back to the table. Netanyahu described a non-state with no independence and no sovereignty. The innovation of viability was crushed by the lack of sovereignty he described. And the permanence of settlements outside of Israel is just settlements and IDF soldiers in permanent occupation. he may have sounded conciliatory but offered nothing to lure anybody to the table. Palestinians have heard the platitudes of "concessions" that have never appeared too often. The gate was locked on the Gaza withdrawal, no commerce or freedom of movement in or out allowed. And his idea of permanent occupation is hardly going to be well received. The Palestinians have no reason to change their course with the UN and EU and the rest of the world. Netanyahu did make clear that with him, they will never have either independence or sovereignty, through negotiations.
6. Have you ever heard something new
Eli ,   Yerushalayim   (05.25.11)
from the Palestinians in the last 60 years? They still not recognize our very existence.
7. Not effect them? Should tick them off PLENTY!
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.25.11)
8. And where are the Palestinian "innovations"
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.25.11)
Israel has gone a long way toward the Palestinian position - farther than Rabin would ever have considered - yet for the Palestinians (and apparently for Ben-Yishai) it's not enough. Well, tough! Israel, lest we forget, has rights and interests too. It is not obligated to grant the Palestinians everything they demand.
9. bibi said something important
moron ,   galut   (05.25.11)
he countered as best can be done the growing anti-semetic forces which have gained influence most obviously in media and universities...the press in israel needs to be more pro-israel too
10. Abbas gave his answer
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.25.11)
Abbas gave his answer to Israel before Netanyahu wrote his speech. When Abbas publicized his alliance with Hamas he publicly acknowledged that "peace" will be achieved under articles 7 and 9 of the Hamas Charter: extermination of every Jewish man, woman and child.
11. Bibi said something important
Lia ,   Kiron Israel   (05.25.11)
Please stop trying to direct our lives here. Press more favorable to Bibi? Bibi said in his speech that Israel is the only democractic state in the region and you want to censor our press? Let the press people say what they think because if we do not get from our leader at least we have it thru the press.
12. #11
moron ,   galut   (05.25.11)
not suggesting censorship just a little less self-destruction but readers can always read something else ;only point is left media encourages israel's enemies and discourages its friends but if that suits leftists they are 'free'
13. #5. Who wants the PLO at the table?
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.25.11)
#5. You act like it's a great thing to entice the genocidal PLO to the negotiating table. This is the same PLO, whose covenant endorses the "extermination of the Zionist enemy". This is the same PLO which has maimed and murdered far more Jews than Hamas. This is the same PLO who seeks to trim Israels waist to a suicidal 8 miles (15 minute tank ride) and inundate Israel with rockets and hostile Arabs. Who wants the PLO at the table?
14. #7 ticked them off plenty? Hmmm
Deutronomy 28 ,   World   (05.25.11)
Let's see, your PM gives speech, some Hamas freedom fighter stabs 5 zionists to death in their sleep, who would be ticked off ? Lol
15. #8 no obligations from Palestinians either
Deutronomy 28 ,   World   (05.25.11)
No peace, no one in your country ( not sure if it's the US or Israel since the US is ruled by zionists lol) will ever be safe. every now and then some " Ben laden" will commit 911 act killing few thousands and ten years later you kill him and you declare victory, so it sounds like a great deal for the resistance, is it a great to the US? Lol
16. #4 totally agree Dan
Deutronomy 28 ,   World   (05.25.11)
It's so great to see the level of commitment of American politicians to dig themselves and the American people into bigger hole internationally and economically, there is nothing the world likes more then seeing the American people suffer because of American politicians' decisions... Please send more money to Israel so it can spend it on its military to defend itself... It's not the time to try to pay the 14 trillion dollars debt, it's time to spend some more, causing more unemployment in the US, more people hating the US, making the US a legitimate target to its enemies... So yeah Dan Bibi or booboo or however you wanna call that dumb ass did hit a home run and it's great the world loves it... By the way he mentioned that the rocket fired at a school bus was made in china now having china supporting the enemies of the US now that's a real nice home run don't you think ? Lol
17. Bibi hit it out of the ball park by spinning a tale and
Al   (05.25.11)
winning America's Political Idol. On Hannity last nite Sean joked by asking if Bibi was born in Hawaii..Bibi didnt get it and answered 'I already have a country'..Sean responded that he was only kidding. The point is BIBI is loved by the Americans for he had the balls to show up their Equal Opportunity President for the boob he is. Obama was upstaged by a foreigner in the oval office and thats what the Americans who cant stand Obama for being the loser that he is, just love about Bibi. I underestimated Bibi..he is truly a master of Political BS. And that is what is needed right now in the modern age of Tweeter, Facebook etc.
18. #5 Mark ben Josuf - GREAT observations that are FULL...
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (05.25.11)
....of SOUND and fury; signifying NOTHING. And according to Shakespeare, this type of FACT-FREE achievement is just LIKE "a tale told by an IDIOT".
19. To # 17
Joanna   (05.25.11)
Netanyahu did get the joke (and by the way, Hannity did not ask him whether he was born in Hawaii. Instead, he said that some hoped that Netanyahu could produce a birth certificate from Hawaii). His speech was excellent and even Harry Reed could not resist agreeing with him. The State of Israel ought to be proud of its statesman.
20. Bibi got Congress to support Israel, reject Obama
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (05.25.11)
1. Congress gave Bibi 29 standing ovations (compared to 25 at Obama's State of the Union message) - unprecedented for a foreign leader. 2. Bibi successfully made the case for Israel (and for Jerusalem!) and won the respect and support of the American people. They are "jazzed" about Israel as never before (we love underdogs, especially those w/ fighting spirit, bc they remind us of ourselves in 1776). 3. Bibi succeeded in getting Democrats to side w/ Israel - against the President from their own political party. Democrats are not willing to risk losing their re-elections by alienating Jewish voters.
21. to 1
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (05.26.11)
Where is "Palestine"?Can't find on the map.
22. Just a point
Oren ,   Israel/NJ   (05.26.11)
i am a proud zionist and israeli im very aware of the defense and security concerns of israel but when netanyahu says the borders would be indefensible "9 miles" wide at one point maybe its true but for 3 wars they defended those borders just fine...ideal maybe not but indefensible i dont know about that
23. #5 Mark, haven't you heard
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.26.11)
Hamas, which is now allied with the PLO, flat out refuses to sit and talk to Israel You want concessions, what are the Palestinian's willing to give, with you guys it's always gimmeeee ?
24. Winning the war of words
Rosie ,   Ramat Hasharon   (05.26.11)
Words speak louder than actions in the war of words that is being waged to deligitimize Israel. Bibi scored a goal and should be cheered for that.
25. Really? It got you going into 11 paragraphs.
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.28.11)
26. What Offers Has Abbas Made
daat y ,   israel   (05.28.11)
Why do you blame Netanyahu? What has Abbas done . He refuses to negotiate. Incitement,honoring terrorists,lying about his history and world history is all he does.and where is our media even discussing it.
27. Bibi got Congress to support Israel, reject Obama
Harry Light ,   London UK   (05.28.11)
Sue, What you are really saying is that Bibi/Israel controls the congress. The American voters have nothing to add.
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