World criticism: Netanyahu's 'PR process'
Published: 25.05.11, 10:27
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1. The Lilliputians Have Spoken!
Norm L. Jew ,   USA   (05.25.11)
Luxembourrg objects? Shaath speaks of war (with no objection by any of the leftists---including those who rail against the Congress' response to Bibi ---by the way, it was a bipartisan group who applauded... Maybe these people should just shut up and move to Gaza for a week and see how quickly they find themselves hung from the end of gallows reserved for such appeasers of evil (with all due respect to Shaath---who is a terrorist himself!)
2. Two leftist Jews and the Luxemburg foreign minister...
Tahl   (05.25.11)
Is this what all the fuss is about? Methinks we could withstand it.
3. Bibi
Spengler ,   US   (05.25.11)
Of course Bibi recieved 29 ovations, the american congress is fully loaded with AIPAC money. The lucky part is everyone is keen to this fact but the American public. So it does look like the tail will wag the dog for a few more years to come for sure.
4. Apparently Europe did not understand
afried ,   USA   (05.25.11)
The comments of some europeans shows they do not get it. Natenyahu did not say anything different than the president in most respects. The only difference is that Netanyahu does not want a divided Jerusalem but is open to creative solution. The other difference is Netanyahu says what is a unaminous Israeli consensus that right of return will not happen. Simply if it did it would meabn the end of Israel. If the Europeans have a problem with that than they also want to distroy Israel as a jewish state.
5. A great speech: Made a lot of sense to a lot of people
Scott   (05.25.11)
Too bad Obama is on the wrong side of commonsense.
6. 1967 Borders
Brian van Rooyen ,   Cape Town R.S.A   (05.25.11)
There can never be peace while Israel holds onto land stolen from the Palestinians in 1967. Is it so difficult to understand or are they just too arrogant and stubborn to want to accept it. They must be forced to withdraw!
7. Look at their past "expert commentary"
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (05.25.11)
These so called "commentators" and "experts" should take a long hard look at their past "expert commentary". They are totally out of touch with mainstream opinion, have failed miserably to predict ANY of the International events of the past 5 or 10 years, get paid huge salaries for total incompetence. If they actually listened to what they had to say, they would realise that there is enough pollution in the air without them adding to it. BUT they do not put ANY thought into the consequences of their drivel
8. u;s; jews dont like hard choices
moron ,   galut   (05.25.11)
that's why they dont come live in not blame bibi for defending jewish state blame BHO for trying to throw israel under the bus;this is what has forced them torethink their blind loyalty to 'progressives'--congress often disagrees with presidents and in america the head of state is not the state-congress is co-equal in part to permit participation by the citizenry
9. Netanyahu
Nina ,   Israel   (05.25.11)
Sorry Jews in America are uncomfortable.,If they firmly supported Israelis in danger of annihilation they would say so to their OBama and no choice would be necessary, Before there was an Israel, Jews in America hid their Jewish identity and changed their names,,,Suderov to Smith and Wishnefsky to wish,,etc,
10. If Israelis love Israel that much ...
Ian   (05.25.11)
why not move there - promise land?-they come here so poor and what ever it takes to collect gold and all kind of money then used it to bribe our politicians and manipulate everything to serve their own interest.
11. Declaration of war
Abdel Khader Khan   (05.25.11)
Billion of Muslims around the globe to rise for Jerusalem
12. All the spin in the world .....
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (05.25.11)
Cannot disguise Netanyahu's spectacular success. Everyone saw it with their own eyes. Congress & the American people support Israel. Period And all the leftist whinning can't change that fact. We all know the bias that exists in the media including here in Israel. Our failed politicians like Livni or Mofaz can bitch & moan but the truth is that they are has-beens, their views rejected. Leftists are dejected because again they have been proven wrong, .eclipsed by the popularity of Netanyahu's views. They just can't stand it when someone stands up for Israel or reveals the poverty of their ideas. I bet you a great many Americans wished their president had the qualities shown by Netanyahu.
13. Left wing & journalists don't know what to say...
Am Israel   (05.25.11)
when presented with the truth. Frankly, we don't care if they agree. We will still speak TRUTH to power.
14. Allergic reaction to facts
John ,   New Zealand   (05.25.11)
Congress got it but a bitter few are allergic to facts. For example, the fact the real problem is that certain people want to destroy Jews and Israel. That was the reason for the Nazi extermination camps and the wars for survival Israel had to fight in 1948, 1967 and 1973, and is still the reason now there is no peace. Its insane to expect Israel to retreat in the face of those who want to destroy her. Peace requires those who hate Israel to change their mind, which of course will not happen. The ball is firmly in the Islam court
15. Malley wants to negotiate with Hamas. Says it all.
saus74 ,   TA / Zion   (05.25.11)
16. So "World Criticism" is quoting 3 anti-Israeli rags?
Danny   (05.25.11)
and at least one guy paid to attack Israel?
17. not talking about peace process, talking about a PR process
Rebecca ,   Modi'in   (05.25.11)
And about time. The peace process was dead long ago, and the Pals have been winning the PR process. About time we got into the right battle.
18. choosing between USA president and the Israeli PM
Rebecca ,   Modi'in   (05.25.11)
Seems like their recently ELECTED congress made the choice. This wont be a major issue in the US elections, but the people of the US constantly make choices. It's called Democracy.
19. Don't speak for me the US Jew
Sarah ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (05.25.11)
As a US jew, I have a easy time choosing between my president and the Israeli PM. If you want to get my vote you will back Israel. I will not re elect Obama if he doesn't back Israel. The Media is making this the tension. Their is really no problem. The US will never leave Israel alone!
20. Our haters do not even want us to have one friend
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.25.11)
The U.S. Congress has proven to be Israel's greatest friend. Prime Minister Netanyahu did Israel proud in his powerful speech. But those who can't stand Israel were made very unhappy by it. They do not like to see anyone supporting us. What hurts is that there are as with the two commentators mentioned in this article Benedict Arnold Jews who always find a way to put down Israel and its leaders whatever we do.
21. Cohen's Spin...who is he kidding?
He says: "The speech's intention – with the full assistance and backing of the Republican leadership in Congress and implicit support of Democrats – was to give Netanyahu a public forum to offer a rebuttal to President Barack Obama's recent proposals for moving forward with the Arab-Israeli peace process," Cohen added. Now for someone with half a brain, one could say that Bibi speach was ONLY a rebuttle because of Obama's insistance of speaking first which was, if I may add, planned much after Bibi's. If anyone looks like an idiot, it is Obama.
22. The worms are coming out of the woodwork!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.25.11)
I am not a member of the Bibi Netanyahu Cheer-leading Squad but there is no denying that his speech was brilliant! Of course the Prime Minister was, to a certain extent, preaching to the choir and the Palestinian rejection of his offer of Peace was to be expected. Netanyahu knew he could count of that rejection to pacify his right wing factions! Another Netanyahu "achievement" is that he driving the Antisemites of this world out into the open. #10 Ian says it all in his talk back! His comment only lacks the stereotype picture of the Jew with the hooked nose drinking the blood of children and stealing money with a miserly greedy look on his face! People, millions and millions of them, have kept their Antisemitism in cold storage for years and the "Palestinian Cause" backed by governments all over the world which are too scared to face their violent growing Muslim communities. These immigants into once free European countries and the UK are worming their way into positions of influence and using the inherent hatred of Jews to bolster their positions! Jews all over the world should take Ian's Talkback very seriously and should compare it to some of the utterances in Germany in the 1930's. Some, particularly those in the up till now "Jew Friendly" countries might say that I am exaggerating. They should really think hard and ask themselves if those who say "some of my best friends are Jews" are really friends! There is only one place for Jews and that is here in Israel and I am sure that #10 Ian will agree with me on that point and he will then have a Jew Free (Judenrein) country!
23. US Congressional support for Israel
Realist ,   Israel   (05.25.11)
This will last as long as the Jewish Lobby is more powerful that the Muslim one and that rate of growth of the Muslim Community in the USA is increasing drastically each year. Politicians want to be elected and re-elected and will swing accordingly.
24. Netanyahu told it like it is
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (05.25.11)
The Guardian commented? It's just a bout the most anit-israel newspaper in Britain which gives full voice to the Pali cause while blasting any pro-Israel stance. As it was, Netanyahu told it as it is. Of course we won't return to the 1967 borders nor let even one so-called Pali refugee live within our borders. Those Palis became refugees at the behest of jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon andIraq, when those countries commenced war against us in 1948. Gosh, why don't they just get over it and get a life. And Netanyahu said there would be painful concessions on our part, and we al know that this means giving up some territory, which in fact is legally hours under the 1922 SanRemo Treaty. Jordan conquered it in it's illegal war against us the day after the British left and now we have liberated it. In fact, out of around 4000 years or more, it's only been out of Israel's hands for those 19 years! As for sitting down to talk to a Pali government that includes Hamas who will not give up their aim of totally desstroying Israel, then what is ther eto talk about? While it's true tha tyou make peace with your enemies, those enemies have to want to make peace with you in the first place and recognize your legitimacy. Well, the Palis can dream on. Meanwhile, Israel should launch a massave hasbara mission between now and September, including laying out Israel's legitimate rights to all the land west of the Jordan river.
25. 1967 borders
fredi ,   karmiel/israel   (05.25.11)
Israel did not steal any land from the Palestinians. You should read the history of this region before you comment. This land never belonged to the Palestinians. This is a world myth.
26. #6 I agree
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.25.11)
I agree with you, but Israel isn't holding any stolen land. The only stolen land is Jewish land stolen during the great ethnic cleansing of Jews starting 1920 in places like Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia as well as the entire part of land called "Jordan" and parts of Israel proper like Shiloah village. By the way, Fatah and Hamas don't agree with you. They say peace can never be achieved as long as there are Jews alive in Israel.
27. applause for Israel?
tiki ,   belgium   (05.25.11)
NOT allowed, NOT done, NOT appropriate, NOT nice, stupid, blind dangerous, etc. etc. etc.. All this for an Israeli PM telling the world some 'facts & realities of the Middle East & the Jews and this hypocritical World can't handle it. The World preferes to worship an "Emperor without clothes and Natanyahu pointed them to FACT. But, a PM of Israel, representative of 'most Jews of the world, must be 'reprimanded for DARING to do this....telling the world that THEY are a hypocratical, anti semitic bunch, who have and never had a 'Jewish heart.
28. #9 Nina: Maybe Obama will become O'Bama!
Thoughtful ,   Israeli   (05.25.11)
He has Irish heritage after all.
29. The foolish FM of Luxembourg
Gavriel ,   Budapest, EU   (05.25.11)
The foreign minister of Luxembourg has no right to speak in the name of the whole European Union, his country is currently not holding the EU presidency. Everybody knows in the EU that Asselborn is deeply anti-Israel and most probably a paid agent of Arab interests.
30. Predictable
M.J. Eizen ,   Petah Tikvah, Israel   (05.25.11)
A predictable response by Europe. The press overlooks the fact that Obama blindsided Bibi by delivering his speech literally hours before Bibi was on the way to the United States, which is insulting. The Left and Europe have adopted the Fakestinians as a pet "cause", while ignoring the slaughter, torture, murder and oppression in Arab and Muslim countries worldwide. In about 20 years or so, the European press and politicians will be speaking Arabic, and delivering their speeches from a mosque.
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