US: Hezbollah has more missiles than most states
Published: 25.05.11, 12:12
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1. Hezbollah a threat to whom?
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.25.11)
Remember Hezbollah represents Iran sponsored terrorism on a grand scale A threat to Israel and Mediterranian Shipping - Yes But equally a threat to Syria - YES Syria. Its been on record for years that Iran have always wanted to destabilise Syria for an excuse for another Hezbollah style takeover. Ive lost count the number of times Ive said this on Talkbacks Equally a threat to Turkey. Ahmadinejad and his Revolutionary Guard have been angered and feel betrayed and resentful by Turkeys muscling in on their Arab sphere of influence Equally a threat to North Lebanon. Lebanon is almost cut into two and were there to be an uprising against Hezbollah in the North they would not hesitate to pound the North into smitherines courtesy of Ahmadinejads Iran
2. How do you spell Hezbollah?
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (05.25.11)
Let's stop defining Hezbollah as some amorphous group of terrorists. They are Iran, and Iran is Hezbollah. Iran funds Hezbollah, Iran trains Hezbollah, and Iran provides them very sophisticated weapons. And does so, without any real threat of reprisal. So, when looking at these killers and barbarians, look towards Iran. Therefore, a soon-to-be nuclear Iran, is a soon-to-be nuclear Hezbollah. Worse, if Iran launched a nuclear attack, they will in turn be destroyed. A nuclear attack by Hezbollah, will be seen as a terrorist incident, with Iran hiding behind some manufactured denial. This is likely Iran's goal; deploy a nuclear device (read: Kill Jews), and slink back to its' cesspool of a country.
3. WHAT have you done against this threat ?
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.25.11)
Mr. Gates...???
4. #3 the answer
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.25.11)
Under Obama, Gates did one thing: condemn Israel
5. #1 .To anybody who attacks them
Chris.B ,   Australia   (05.25.11)
I love to hear people claim absolute ficticious stories about Hezbollah's mandate.
6. So...
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (05.25.11)
So you have a map of the terrorist organization strongholds, warehouses etc. So, you just need to enter coordinates into rockets and fire. Or what are you waiting for? That they start an cut off a half of Israel?
7. #5. Chris B - Fact or Fiction?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.25.11)
I just cant believe your naivity or perhaps you dont understand the meaning of the word MANDATE Mandate means Give (someone) authority to act in a certain way Who on earth has given Hezbollah a MANDATE like some Gangster Organisation to hold Lebanon to ransom? Who on earth has given Hezbollah a MANDATE to start a war with Israel by kidnapping their soldiers and killing them causing untold damage and misery to Lebanon? Who on earth has given Hezbollah a MANDATE to transform South Lebanon into Irans Missile Bunker? In short Chirs B - MANDATE? - My 'farse'
8. @ 3
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (05.25.11)
What has Germany did against this threat? It continues to be one of Iran' top trading partner giving it access to western technology. The US is doing all it can short of open conflict which would have no effect on the US, however Israel would probably have to evacuate a major portion of it's population centers. So if you want to really point fingers point to Germany and the other Eurowimp countries like Italy etc that feed Iran and Hezbollah.
9. Who's To Blame???
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (05.25.11)
As #
10. Who's to Blame???
Edward ,   Savannah   (05.25.11)
As #8 has pointed out, Germany and Italy and the Euroweinnies are enabling Iran to pursue its' military objectives by the huge volume of trade with it, giving it funding but Israel shares a big part of the blame as well. They did NOTHING under Netanyahu's watch to STEM the flow of weapons into Lebanon, and it even goes back to Olmert when he did NOT finish crushing Hezbollah in the 2nd/ Lebanon War. READ the Report, "How Israel Bungled The Second Lebanon War to get the gist of the gory details!!! The U.S. has done nothing either, and will do nothing because our Prez is a Muslim and that will be found out OPENLY when he gets RE-ELECTED by his liberal blind Jewish followers and he initiates another holocaust against them. It's coming folks, you can't dance with the devil and not expect to get burned!!!
11. Hezbollah is a fact of life...
Marco ,   Spain   (05.25.11)
If you people don't like that, you can ship out....
12. Marco / 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.25.11)
you are just what we imbecile to give us advice.
13. Syria owning
Moshe ,   US   (05.25.11)
the Golan was a fact of life, too. Until the facts were changed for them, #11.
14. True, but....
john   (05.25.11)
They may have more missiles than most states but how many are actually operational? If they have 50,000 rockets but only 5,000 ready to go, that leaves 45,000 underground, which need to be transported and then loaded....don't think Israeli drones won't be waiting for that to happen.
15. Marco
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (05.25.11)
And, btw, Marco, when this happens, (rockets for ETA) you can count on me. I have plenty of very good advices and I will be happy to share them with you, OK?
16. Our interest is to dismantle them.
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.26.11)
17. Chris B, Australia #5
Jake   (05.26.11)
Does the truth always get inverted "Down Under"?
18. #7 Mandate
Chris.B ,   Australia   (05.26.11)
Their mandate is clear protect Lebanon From Israel and liberate any Lebanese land stolen.Did I mention the prisoners? You are naive to think anybody will help the Lebanese people besides Hezbollah.No Air deffence sytems for the army of heavy weapons....please you can put that up your FARSI
19. to Chris Wanker B 5
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (05.26.11)
Do you know who Hezbollah is?
20. Has Lebanon recovered from the
zooog ,   US   (05.26.11)
widespread destruction that the Israelis caused in 2006? They can have as many missiles as they like but they don't dare use them. If they should be stupid enough to start something, I think that this time Israel will put Lebanon back into the Stone Age .
21. #19 John Darren AAAAAAAAAAAA?
Chris.B ,   Australia   (05.26.11)
Yes I am well aware of who they are. Do you know where Lebanon is?No. Let me translate for you. stash the bucket bong away John its no good for ya mate AAAAAAAAAAAA
22. Muslim Spain
deavman ,   Acca   (05.26.11)
I guess get you arse ready to ship out as well, because the moslems are intent on coming back to Spain and claim it theirs... again.
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