Settlers: We won't live in Palestinian state
Yair Altman
Published: 25.05.11, 14:28
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1. good, leave
steve ,   canada   (05.25.11)
leave your stolen land the world boycott will help
2. nothing new
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.25.11)
The Jewish residents interviewed say they won't live in an Arab state. This is nothing new. Abbas and Hamas have already stated that no Jew will be alive in any territory under their control.
3. Stolen?
Sobieski ,   Germany   (05.25.11)
It is NOT stolen, the romans, then the christians, then the muslims stole it! Now it comes back to its owners
4. Enthusiasm is great,but feet rooted in the earth is greater!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (05.25.11)
They are right! Bibi spoke well to U.S's congress ,but we can not forget some of Netanyahu's past attitudes,regarding Hevron and others. These Israelis are very right: they were sent to live there and must never be betrayed. Not even in the slightest thought.
5. There are some that would take citizenship
Adam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.25.11)
6. Reality
michaelpielet ,   , Israel   (05.25.11)
Gverit Zarbiv, your not moving because the arabs are too smart. The arabs want israel to choke on all the arabs and the arabs have absolutely no interest in peace with a Jewish state.
7. The word 'settler' is erroneous
Atom   (05.25.11)
How can one be referred to as setter in his own land? From now on Jewish leaders should agree to get into negotiations before correcting the terms of reference.
8. no way
fad egypt   (05.25.11)
to keep isolated communities under the PA control that is a joke if the jews can live in the PA state without problem so why the state of israel was established in the first place ?? the international community will say well lets the jews in tel aviv become palestinians and tel aviv becomes palestinian and israel becomes palestine under the leadership of abbas i know that the jews returned to their land and the jewish zionist leadership has the right to control the land if the jews become PA citizens they will be masscared and butchered by the PA the palestinians themselves are non humane with each other (fatah and hamas ) what will be the situation with the jews ??!! i would prefer the lesser of the two the evils i would prefer the evacuation of the jews so what is the real alternative ? as a person who believes that there is no something called land for peace or two state solution and there must not be something like that i believe that the optimal solution is to annex judea and samaria and give the citizen ship the PA arabs after the eradication of terror and then implementing treason law or the iron wall all the citizens jews and non jews alike must respect the jewish identity of the state of israel and must refrain from acting against this respect those who arent going to respect the identity of israel as a jewish state and will act againt it or will sympathize with the enemy or incite against the state or delegitimize the state will face trial and put in prison because of the treason shalom
9. funny, the palestinians COMPLETELY agree with them on this
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.25.11)
no jews in the west bank or gaza is what the pals say. must be true now.
10. No, you'll not live in Palestine since no one asks you to
Dan Shomron ,   Israel   (05.25.11)
move to Jordan, it being the Palestine the Arabs seek. Eretz Israel is Eretz Israel in which Arabs do and will continue to live in it. But Jordan, situated on 78% of historic Palestine is the Palestine of the Arabs.
11. They already live in Palestine...
David ,   Haifa   (05.25.11)
and are welcome to make aliyah.
12. I'm Not Going Anywhere
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (05.25.11)
And neither is anyone I know. We will all continue to live and work and plant and thrive here in OUR land- under OUR government; the government of Israel.
13. israelis have abandoned Zionism in favour of hedonism!
observer ,   UK   (05.25.11)
but luckily, the majority of arabs will never make real peace with israel, thus there will be no "palestine" in judea and samaria. even suggesting the possibility of giving away jewish land is an abandonment of zionism that years ago would have been seen for what it is - suicide. At this rate, in 20 years israel will be offerring the whole of jerusalem "for peace". When will the foolish Israeli leaders realise that appeasement has never worked for anybody and it most certainly will not work for the jews!! if appeasement has not worked with civilised countries.. it most certainly will not work with the arab countries who are dominated by the barbaric religion of hate that is islam! israeli - it is time to re-acknowledge zionism as your idealogy - this means a rejection of world opinion (which has never done anything good, it is about as stable as human emotion), it means fighting. Too many of you are just concerned with temporary pleasures.. "azov et hapolitika" - this attitude will destroy your state.
14. Yup stolen ...
The Truthseeker ,   The World   (05.25.11)
#3: "It is NOT stolen, the romans, then the christians, then the muslims stole it! Now it comes back to its owners " .... err .... what about the Canaanites? ... remember? you massacred them when you got there .. so no, not your land (ramblings written millenia ago in some book by some lunatics does not count)
15. Israel Loves Pain ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.25.11)
If only Netanyahu had kept his mouth shut on this topic about Israel's willingness to incur more pain. Hasn't Israel already made enough painful concessions and compromises for peace ? Isn't it time for the Arabs to deliver painful compromises ? Why did Netanyahu have to ruin an otherwise good speech by offering to deliver more pain to 1 segment of the Jewish population that deserves it the least ? This stupidity of offering to sacrifice Jews who are faithful to God's command to build up Zion will bring severe judgment upon the comfy anti-Zionist Jews of Tel-Aviv who are so quick to sacrifice their brothers and reward undeserving Palestinians for their great evil. The best of Israel have to suffer while the godless left and other enemies within do not? You really think God will let this injustice pass without His response ? So for me the Netanyahu speech gets a D-
16. Nobody SENT you there
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (05.25.11)
You went there to get cheap housing and tax breaks. The government didn't send you there, your wallet did. Stop talking rubbish.
17. im so sorry for these guys i was planning to join them too:(
Ester   (05.25.11)
sad very sad.. i hope it wont happen... we already a gush katif and never again it was painfull!!!
18. Stupid people, get your act together!
Roy Edwards ,   USA   (05.25.11)
Rather than always attacking your leaders which weakens you (!!!), get behind your leaders for a change and support them and be proud of them! This particular leader is strong, proud and represents himself and your national interests quite well. People like it when there is a proud Jewish leader who says it like it is. At the moment, you have no one like him! Would you like Peres or Livni talk in front of Congress with a stupid Yiddish accent and play the weak Jew that the 'Goyim' despise?! Be proud and strong!! Stop this nonsense for a change!
19. settlers' charter: destruction of Palestine state
observer ,   Egypt   (05.25.11)
Palestinians will not negotiate with people who want their destruction. Israel's constitution? till now, there is no such thing as written Israel's constitution. Taqyiah is not only peculiar from minority Shiites sect, but Taqyiah is also adopted by majority of Jews. Half the world Jews live in Israel.
20. #16
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.25.11)
Neve Tsuf to the airport is 22 km so Grads hits with less than 30 second warning. Of course, Fatah will probably launch from Nili which is 12 km (10 seconds warning) so that Iron Dome won't even be activated. I love your desire to show solidarity with Sderot.
21. Support Bibi
FredR ,   Nice   (05.25.11)
Bibi is a strong leader ; support him he is able to defend jewish interest much better than weak labor or kadima...
22. I agree and disagree with Yaakov Katz
Steve Klein   (05.25.11)
Indeed, "National Union is the only political party left that is still true to the platform of the State of Israel." I disagree with Katz in that Netanyahu did not change Likud's platform and policy - into a policy of surrender and retreat - only yesterday in his speech before a joint session of Congress. Mr. Netanyahu altered decades of (land of Israel) Likud policy in his Bar Illan University speech, June 14, 2009. It was in that speech that Netanyahu caved to Obama's central demand that he accept a Muslim-enemy will be established on Jewish land in Israel. It was in that speech that Netanyahu accepted the Bush road map for Israel's dissolution. Likud's Central Committee voted Thursday, April 29, 2010 on an amendment to its charter that allowed Prime Minister Netanyahu to avoid internal party elections for three years. Likud thereby codified Netanyahu's policy of retreat in the face of the jihad. Likud thereby codified territorial surrender as Likud policy. How can any right-leaning Jew in Israel vote for Likud (vote for surrender and retreat) given this reality?
23. settlers: of course we'll resist
observer ,   Egypt   (05.25.11)
the same as Palestinians resist for their OWN land? Settlers!, colonizing others land is not easy thing to do.
24. wont live in 'palestine'
moron ,   galut   (05.25.11)
doesnt peace mean they can live in territories just as arabs live in israel?
25. # 18
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (05.25.11)
Excellent point. Well said sir! We have to realize that these people went to the settlements for financial gain and they see themselves losing their tax breaks if they redraw the green line. But they are indeed acting stupidly because the values of their properties would increase substantially as well if they redraw the line. And the others would get a load of unnecessary compensation on the back of the Israeli taxpayer, just like the Gush Katif parasites did.
26. hypocrisy
zach ,   ramat gan   (05.25.11)
1) wait till the Indians in the reserves start bombing and shooting missiles into the cities and then you can talk Steve. If you dont see the similarities you are trying very hard
27. Don't resist, DECLARE INDEPENDENCE! Like North Cyprus
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (05.25.11)
So what if only Israel recognizes it (like only Turkey recognizes the North Cyprus enclave as a state). There is no international push to get Turkey out of "North Cyprus" for the last 40 years. Jews from Itamar to Kiryat Arba, and the Jordan river valley strip in between (excluding Jericho) can declare a State of Judea-Samaria) while Israel annexes the major blocs. Or better, yet, including these and all the major blocs, Ariel, Latrun, Pisgat Zeev, E-1, Adumim, Efrat, Etzion bloc - and with part of eastern Jerusalem as its capital! This thin circular state willl surround the Arab donut-hole state in the middle - and should demand mutual recognition by the Arab state, or NOTHING passes over its land to reach the territory of the Arab state. Israel can support and recognize "The State of Judea-Samaria" just like Turkey supports arms and recognizes "North Cyprus". With a population of 500,000, this would be same size in area and population as Luxemburg, larger than many countries. This should happen on the day the PA runs to the UN with an independence vote - Judea-Samaria declares independence! The Arabs can have the land they actually, physically reside on , no more. The Jews of the area have the same right to self determination as the Arabs do!
28. Mike #25, Observer #23
Steve   (05.25.11)
Mike, these fine Jews are not uniformed you seem to imply. They saw first-hand what happened to the peaceful residents of Gush Katif who complied with forcible evacutation of their communities. They saw how these unforntunate Jews languished for years in delapidated mobile units; how the government betrayed them, time and again. These were less then ten thousand Jews; not the seventy or eighty thousands living in Judea and Samaria, outside of the major "settlement" blocks or communities.. Many Jews are living in Judea and Samaria for idealistic and religious reasons; not for financial gain. #23: One does not colonize one's own land. Israel re-acquired her ancient lands as a result of wars of self-defense, 1948, 1967, etc. Colonization of Israel began in the seventh century CE after the death of Islam's prophet.
29. tsk, tsk, tsk . . .Give Bibi a break!
Bill ,   KC, MO   (05.25.11)
Netanyahu has the TOUGHEST job in the entire world of politics period. Easy to criticize. In fact, most people are very good at finding fault - it doesn't require skill or even knowing anything about the situation to find fault with a situation. On the other side of the coin, few come up with solutions. That does require skill and knowledge of the situation. *knowing the situation in this case would be intellegence reports, meetings with foreign leaders, etc Few people can live their life in the fishbowl of public life without being criticized - without people finding fault with what they do or don't regardless of what they do or don't do. Netanyahu knows this only too well. How exactly can you make peace with no concessions? What are you negotiating if it is not that? The only way to negotiate that way is to threaten war. Is that the way Israel wants to be viewed by the world - as people unwilling to make peace unless it doesn't require anything from them? It is more than irony that some of the critics of Netenyahu in Israel and abroad doen't want the UN to impose peace on them but that the Palestinians should just accept peace with no concessions from Israel. It is hard to give some (any) of your homeland away. Israel is not the first country in history that has had to do this to achieve peace, Lets face it - a 2 state solution that gives away part of Israel is a tough pill to swallow. What is the alternative, war? You had better believe that the religous beliefs of the US are shifting. There are some in very high places that think abandoning Israel would bring peace with extremist groups - maybe even lower the price of oil for Americans. Doesn't matter whether this is true or not, just matters that they believe it. These are dangerous and naive people. Would those in Israel that think no concessions need to be made be any less naive if they think support would not evaporate from many leaders in the US overnight if they refuse to compromise? Give Bibi a break! This division - American Jews boycotting Israel - The right in Israel calling for no compromise and the left in Israel calling for giving it all up without negotiating - and the US Jews thinking they are the only ones that know what is best for Israel sends a message to the world that is, well not conducive to anything good for Israel. Just my thoughts . . .
30. # 18 Roy Edwards. Re "stupid Yiddish accent"
Ben Alofs ,   Bangor, UK   (05.25.11)
What's Yiddish got to do with it? I am opposed to political Zionism, but I love Yiddish and klezmer!
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