Obama: Palestinian UN bid a mistake
Published: 25.05.11, 16:21
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1. hooray!
bibi netanyahu   (05.25.11)
2. what is urgent?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.25.11)
I think that there are more urgent things that these two war criminals should be discussing. While they were enjoying each others companies, their warplanes continued the massacre of Libya civilians. Instead of planning the destruction of Israel and how they will send helicopter gunships to strafe the Libyan people, perhaps they should discuss the hundreds of thousands of refugees they made for no apparent reason? Or the Libyan children orphaned by their bombs? Or what will happen to the Black Africans whose families depended on the jobs Gaddafi gave them?
3. "Humiliation"
Ram ,   London   (05.25.11)
Is there anyone humiliating the "palestinians" other then themselves?
4. Hey Cameron: There is no "humiliation".
shmeelshiya ,   Winnipeg, Canada   (05.25.11)
There is only rational, life-saving responses to terror, terrorist attacks, and murder.
5. Now there has more judiciouness in their speech
Keren ,   IL-BR   (05.25.11)
But still they are speaking falsely, because "Israeli-Palestinian"conflict is not the most important thing of the world for them to be speaking and meeting in their important encouters. They have their own problems,which are huge,from economical to political passing through social and so on ,and it is about THESE issues that they should be meeting and speaking. The more they mind their own grave problems and business,the better all nations will have from these encounters,including Israel and "palestinians".
6. 2 states
colin   (05.25.11)
Even while the islamic american president speaks with the British he is intoxicated with devideing Israel Let the idiot devide america and give the indians thier ground back This islamic fool then can have 2 states.!!!!! INDIANS AND AMERICANS
Morris   (05.25.11)
Even morons have rights !
8. Step #1 Boarders
Bill ,   Skokie IL USA   (05.25.11)
Each side should present a proposed map of what they envision the future boarders would be to the the U.S. lets see how far apart they are. If the issue of boarders cn't be resolved first then forget about the rest. Start thinking about a, one state solution both sides seem to want everything and that can only be accomplished through one state for all. Or perhaps one nation with two states.
9. Obama,
Al Mujahid   (05.25.11)
your blind support to whatever Israel do is a mistake.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.25.11)
To Israel, this whole mess is a result of Britain stealing 77% of the Mandate land that was destined for the Jews, giving it to Emir Abdullah of Arabia, as a payoff for some services or other that he performed for the Brits during World War One Now, the Arabs want the other 23%, so their theft can be completed We can leave Obama out of the discussion, he still thinks it's 2008
11. Abbas advocates of the method:
marcia ,   USA   (05.25.11)
what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too. no can do.
12. You Despicable Coward
Nour ,   One-State   (05.25.11)
If only you repeated "The settlements are a mistake" and if only you told your masters in AIPAC what you told the crowd in Cairo and Istanbul. Finally, Obama exposed as a fraud. He tirelessly aims to project the image of the White Man and to serve his Zionist version - very loyally! Obama, to the dustbin of history you despicable coward!
13. Nour, Agreed. One state=Jordan
Adam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.25.11)
14. #8 Bill - they have shared border maps
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (05.25.11)
There are 3 maps out there: 1 - Israel's map - which was given to Bill Clinton, George Bush jr, and Obama says Jerusalem and Jewish areas stay Israel to ensure access to all religions. 2. Abbas' map - which has the Palestinians getting all the land Israel liberated from Jordanian occupation with Jerusalem split and no Jews allowed in Palestine. Thus no free access to holy sites for all religions (as was the case under Jordan). 3 - Hamas' map - Palestinian borders from Jordan river to Mediterranean Sea, and from Egypt to Lebanon. As you can see there is a bug gap between these 3.
15. quotation marks as propaganda tools
Tomek ,   Poland   (05.25.11)
Objectively, the sentence should read: Cameron said that "terror" against Israel must end as well as the Palestinians' "humiliation." or Cameron said that terror against Israel must end as well as the Palestinians' humiliation.
16. Mr Obama, Hypocrisy is shamfull and will not do you any
zaki ,   UK   (05.25.11)
good comes next elections
17. What's this, Nour?
Cameron ,   USA   (05.25.11)
Losing faith in Mr. Hope & Change. And he was the best chance you had.
18. Israel says no 67 borders, PA says no to blocking UN bid
observer ,   Egypt   (05.25.11)
that the charm of the US democracy.
19. "Mistake" that he created himself
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (05.25.11)
Obama's fingerprints are everywhere in the ME, from the protests in Cairo to the air strikes in Tripoli. He was making deals with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood even before his election, and when he couldn't get Israel to budge on the "settlements," he backed this push for a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood. First Obama had to backpeddle his '67 borders demand and now he is trying to stop the rolling ball in the UN. Unfortunately, the ball has become a huge rolling boulder (like the one in the Indiana Jones movie) that is chasing him, threatening his re-election. And Obama's meddling in the "Arab Spring" has alienated a lot of Mideast UN member countries. It may be too late for him to stop it.
20. #19 Sue, you're doing the usual
B EN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.25.11)
Blaming Israel for what the Arabs are doing to themselves Those aren't Jews in Libya shooting at each other , nor are they in Syria, or in Egypt Arabs are doing it to one another The ball will be deflated, Arabs will be the ones punching the holes in it Your "Arab Spring" is heading for a nasty fall
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.25.11)
American Democracy is far better than Arab Dictatorships The charm is that American's don't resort to killing one another to get their points across
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (05.25.11)
...a different message.I wonder from whom Obama picked up that technique? Incidentally,I listened to the whole of Obama speech that he gave to Parliament,just after the press conference.It was platitude after platitude after platitude and he didn't seem to have learnt his lines properly.He sounded like Tony Blair but without the polish,the catch in his voice and the tear in his eye. New Labour,new danger. New Labor,new danger. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
23. to nr. 9.
justice for all ,   world/planet earth   (05.25.11)
i fully agree with you! if the zionists have the right to their state, so have the palestinians and any other people too. no exceptions and no privilege-treatment for nobody, for not any people. we all (the entire mankind) are equal (in value). even barack obama has to realize this. otherwise he is not an objective mediator in this conflict and then he can better let the un do the job!
24. They have 2 states. Now what
Dan ,   RG Israel   (05.25.11)
There are 2 states, "Gaza Strip" and "The West Bank", It is called Gaza Strip, since that is the area that was captured by Egypt in 1948-9. It is called "The West Bank" or "The Western Heights" by The Hashemite Kingdom which captured the area in 1948-9. Egypt and Jordan held the area until 1967, when fighting RENEWED, and they again lost real estate for their clients. Most of the world "seems" to see the 3 people as 1, but there is little resemblance between Gazans, Ramallians and Hashemites. The silver lining of this cloud is that as long as there is no chance for peace, the terror attacks within the Green cease fire line is lower than when there is talking between the Arabs and Jews.
25. #6 More complicated than you think
Dan ,   Israel   (05.25.11)
The US would have to give back what was captured from Mexico in the Mexican American war that was started by the US, in addition to lands that were claimed but not recorded by the Inians. Great Britain though shoud show the world how to "give back" Northern Irland and get Her soldiers out of the area and back to England, Scotland and Wales or where ever thay came from before they settled on the Emerald Island.
26. #23 Explain Please Kurds, Armenians
Dan ,   RG   (05.25.11)
Please explain when will the Kurds have their own state? Will the Armenians rise from the dead and get a country? Why dosent Turkey recognise them and give them part of what is today called Turkey? Show Israel how to split, don't just talk.
27. #23 - so let "Palestinians" publicly state their acceptance
William ,   Israel   (05.25.11)
of a Zionist State - with Jewish self-determination. There was never a question of Israelis accepting a State for "Palestinians", only the "Palestinian" demand that their State MUST come at the expense of Israel. They can have a State - with land swaps around security and large settlement blocs (on historical Jewish land that was ethnically cleansed and stolen in 1948), a shared city of Jerusalem and free access/worship for ALL peoples, and a return address for "refugees" in Ramallah. Personally, I would like to see the PA extend citizenship to Jews there already and turn it into a truly democratic State with an Arab majority, mirror image the Jewish State next door. But racism prevails among the PA...
28. to 9
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (05.26.11)
So you think that Obama supports Israel?Really?
29. #23 windy braggart
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.26.11)
Haven't you ever wondered why nobody has asked you for your advice ? No "Special treatment", then why are you pretnding "justice,etc." is it to set yourself above us mere mortals ?
30. RE: #21 Ever heard of the US Civil War? Or lynching.....
Cali cal ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.26.11)
of blacks in pre civil rights era?
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