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'Ahmadinejad wants friendship with Israel'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 27.05.11, 00:35
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1. Yeah Sure
Ken ,   Australia   (05.27.11)
PIgs fly backwards also
2. They want to buy Israeli submarines after
Sarah Lee ,   PA   (05.27.11)
the chopper deal went aray.
3. Ahmadinejad wants relations with Israel?
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church USA   (05.27.11)
God forbid. Can't have that. but, you know.... if....
4. How ugly could Ahmadinejad's daughter be?
meir elazar   (05.27.11)
I bet her beard looks better than her father's
GLENN ,   YUCAIPA,USA   (05.27.11)
6. Ahmadinejad Is A MASON! So Was His Father!
Gabriella Matis ,   Florianopolis,Brasil   (05.27.11)
His father was not just a mason, he was a Masonic KINGPIN!!! We may all be being duped!
7. Ahmedinedjad as our friend
cyla stern ,   woodmere, USA   (05.27.11)
Israel is willing to be a friend to everybody who will come with peace and accept our existance. Everybody with profit from this friendship, especially arab countries.
8. So really, our biggest detractors are just envious
William ,   Israel   (05.27.11)
A'jad, Ghaddafi, even Hitler....all with Jewish ties, and try to kill us but really out of envy and a yearning to be closer to us. Like a shy little boy who throws rocks at a girl he likes on the school yard. Reminds me of that 1970s song: "Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends???"
9. A Muslim cleric ...
sk ,   USA   (05.27.11)
... who is thus a professional liar, makes some dishonest claim & Dud finds it newsworthy?
10. Ah yes, I also heard that Ahmadinejad wanted ...
Edward ,   New York USA   (05.27.11)
to be Bar Mitzvahed.
11. I dont know about this...
Oren ,   Israel/NJ   (05.27.11)
i dont know whether to believe this... too many rumors and articles pour out of some arab/muslim countries for propaganda or just flat out false rumors that i dont know what to believe... i will say this that i would not be surprised there are many moderate persians who are not anti israel or jewish...highly unlikely ahmadinejad is one of them
12. Then the guy must be really a jew
tea man ,   marjayoun   (05.27.11)
All those talkbackers must be eating their words right now too bad he just have one more year as president and israel has few extra years to survive maybe they match in heaven or some place close
13. secret chum
daze ,   US   (05.27.11)
So little machmoudalman wants to be our pal...hey hey hey
14. Like a wolf wants friendship with a sheep.End
Adam Helberg ,   US   (05.27.11)
15. israel will never stoop so low as to
have any personal relationship with an ape with the i.q. of 7, like the century he is living in. israel has relationships with intelligent sophisticated people and leaders. there is no way any jew can have any relationship with an ape.
16. Don't believe one word of this nonsense
Israeli 2   (05.27.11)
17. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer
k ,   US   (05.27.11)
I am sure the same can be said for Iran, I do not trust that country and their intentions
18. Ahmadinejad the Jew
Mark ,   U.K.   (05.27.11)
It has long been suspect even before his presidency, this mans Jewish ancestry, we are now discovering that Hitler, Lenin, and thousands of East Europeans Jews were and are haters of their Jewish ancestry. The Middle East is another story in itself, credible info now is that Yunis al Astal a Palestinian who espouses "the ingathering of the Jews" is indeed of Jewish ancestry. Obamas brother, born to a Jewish woman, a Jew but not a Jew hater. Millions of people on this planet of Jewish ancestry. 12 is a root number and can be squared, it may indicate a multitude, 12x12= a type of infinity. 12 tribes brings to mind anything. Anyway a serious study of the mind should be done as to why there are self Jew haters.
19. Sure:and every woman secretly wants to be a hooker !
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.27.11)
20. What a load of B.S.
Neal ,   santa monica   (05.27.11)
Why put out these articles?
21. An unlikely story
Mossadnik   (05.27.11)
Khamenei is really our man in Teheran. We only go after the real power brokers, not low level henchmen like Ahmadinejad. Why do you think Khamenei is doing such a swell job of driving Iran into the ground?
22. An opportunity for Netanyahu?
Li ,   USA   (05.27.11)
Right now Israel has a very narrow foreign policy framework that, most honest people would admit, is headed for a crash soon. Using a Palestinian state as the basis for entirely reforming Israel's foreign policy and relationships could easily provide a security that Israel has not had since it was formed. It would be a big and dramatic , and necessarily abrupt, shift for Israel, a sort of Israeli revolution. The Iran rhetoric is about out of steam, the coming Palestinian state is the opportunity of a century for the cause of Zionist banditry.
23. Ahmadinejad
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (05.27.11)
A secret Jew - maybe ? Albeit a self-hating Jew.
24. #12: "tea man"----
EZ ,   US   (05.27.11)
Your words, your you express what you're thinking are vile and monstrous. Thank G-d I don't know you. You are a throw back to the stoneage and further yet. It is people like you that make this world miserable. You must be one pathetically unhappy and angry entity. It's so nice that you're not here. And it will be so nice for humanity when people like you no longer exist. Not even your favorite memories that you carry with you...from your childhood; those moments of your life that you now cherish...even they will evaporate with you and all will forget you're ugliness. Why there are people like you is beyond comprehension: but I surmise that you fufill one single purpose: in order for there to be good, there must be evil. With so much good in my own life...I suppose it's even better when I hold it up against your feelings you've expressed here. How sad and detached it must be to be a litmus test for what not to be, think or feel.
25. Sounds like a hit piece
Louis ,   Monrovia USA   (05.27.11)
Somebody in Iran is trying to get A-jad shot. Good!
26. May not be as daft as it sounds...
Mr Green ,   Manchester   (05.27.11)
1. Khamenei knows that Iran is in a state of complete stalemate politically and economically where time has just about stood still and there has to be a radical rethink of policy 2. Khamenei is becoming very very 'impatient' with Hezbollah seen as a State within a State - and Nasrallah an unpredicatble fireball who could involve Iran in a war not of her choosing. Even some of the RG now want to dismantle Hezbollah completely before they cause even more havoc to Irans political reputation. In short Nasrallah is fast becoming history 3. Internally there is a potential volcano of public anger that could erupt if Iran continues to fritter away oil wealth on such a vast military build up now said to be in excess of 40% of her entire GDP 4. There is massive doubt creeping in about the benefits to Iran of the strategic benefit of Nuclear Weapons. Why go to such lengths to develop a weapon that would never be used - not even as a threat because doing so would invite assured nuclear catastrophe. Further Khameneis people have expressed deep concern about such weapons under the control of rogue elements of the RG 5. Iran feels rattled and even betrayed by Turkeys seemingly aggressive entre into Mid East affairs and wants more involvement and participation. That would be quite a turnaroud where Iran ends up staunch friends with Israel and Turkey left out in the cold! 6. A very high official in Khameneis office expressed only a few days ago the need for Iran and Israel to meet face to face and try to determine and find ways to reestablish relations
27. "Iranian website associated with the opposition" reported o
Marco ,   Spain   (05.27.11)
Before you people get too excited, get to know the source of this outright lie.
28. tea man marjayoun 12
JUDAH THE LION   (05.27.11)
ISRAEL & THE JEWS will always survive for ever
29. No chance for peace--nor intrigue--should be ignored.
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (05.27.11)
The report must be looked into pragmatically and given every opportunity to find a peaceful relation with Iran--of course without compromising Israel's security.
30. And if you think thats far fetched
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.27.11)
Word is that an Iranian Official from their Trade Ministry has in the last week been openly talking about a Middle East Free Trade Zone that includes Iran, Israel, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Emirates, Egypt, Saudi, Yemen, Palestine and Lebanon! If Mid East politics has been confusing up to now...if these developments are true..I give up
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