A speech isn’t enough
Ehud Olmert
Published: 27.05.11, 14:36
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1. Why do we have to see this man again?!!
Aaron ,   Judea, Israel   (05.27.11)
Haven't we had enough of this man who left office in disgrace? He had ample time to do whatever he advocates while he was Prime Minister. He should keep his mouth shut and save us all the agony.
2. Olmert misses the point
Old Solly ,   New Jersey, USA   (05.27.11)
Netanhayu has a peace policy. It requires acceptance of Jewish state, from which all parameters follow. The pals cannot accept a Jewish state in "their" land. So be honest, there is no possibility of peace. Why negotiate with yourself. You are not helping by obfiscating this simple truth (to paraphrase Obama).
3. Reality check
Phil ,   Flushing,USA   (05.27.11)
Until the Palestinians grow up and have a reality check nothing will change. Right of return, secondly that Israel is a jewish state, stop hatred in your speeches and texts, and secure borders. We can not worry about what the world thinks, because to cave in otherwise is our annihilation. Stand up proud and in unison with a loud voice and shout AM YISRAEL CHAI! The leftist are shouting for us to cave in therefore the solution is the opposite. Hatred and bigotry are not the basis for peace.
4. Olmert? did he bring peace?
Eddie ,   UK   (05.27.11)
This Olmert was the architect of Israel's withdrawal from gaza; He also was planning a unilateral withdrawal form the west bank and Jerusalem. This was stopped by Hamas missiles form Gaza. The same Olmert had to go to war with Gaza - proving his miscalculation on unilateral withdrawal, with no peace treaty or security arrangements. In fairness to Ehud, he is not a cry baby like the left, who call Netanyahu a disaster, and that he is destroying American support etc. However, let us imagine a world if Olmert had succeeded in his insane moves. West bank would be a carbon copy of Gaza - overtaken by Hamas and other radicals. The size and proximity of the WB to Jordan would mean that there would bne no security or fence. So weapons and terro groups like Hizbolla, al qaeda would flood the WB. The Hamas leadership would now make additional demand , ie the liberation of Israel, and return of refugees. Israel would have gon to war with WB, perhaps reoccupied it. The world condemnation would be massive - perhaps a NATO force would come in to "protect" hamas from Israeli reprisals. Olmert is the most corrupt of all politicians in Israeli history. his words are nothing but lies.
5. As long as we have speeches, it's good
Dov   (05.27.11)
If G-d forbid Israel gives away even the tiniest bit of Jewish land to Arabs, forget about peace! Daily rockets into Israel after 10,000 Jews were expelled from Gaza is the best evidence of the danger of giving Arabs land near Israel. Olmert, why do you think Netanyahu replaced you? Because your brain works like that of Ehud Barak, Livni and Oppenheimer, guys out to destroy Israel.
6. olmert
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (05.27.11)
Written by a man whose whole life is nothing but a lie. Question peace with whom and when? Olmert offered to surrender completely to the initial arab demands. The arabs totally refused any and all of his offers. Olmert represents the true substantive threat to Israel, a refusal to face the reality that there can be no peace with people who do not want peace, and will never recognize Jewish sovereignity. This was a representitive of the likud? This tired old man should stay home and keep his opinions to himself and his spouse.
7. Standing up for Israel is bold. Surrender is not.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.27.11)
In the loony world of the Israeli left, ceding our tiny Homeland is called "bold steps". In reality, standing up for Israel is bold. There is nothing bold about surrender.
8. Holyland is close to his heart.
Ilan ,   Ariel   (05.27.11)
But he never figured out how to make enough money to keeping to principles profitable.
9. olmert
frank ,   israel   (05.27.11)
aren't you supposed to be in Jail or at least on trial for your crimes? you failed as a politician and person. You are corrupt and stole more than simply money but our rights as individuals, as citizens. You have not paid any penelty because of more corruption. So anything you have to say is discounted because you lied, cheated and stole. You abused and mistreated the people that put you in office. You corrupted the entire system and now you write to tell us what may be the problem? You are the problem! You and everyone like you that uses the government as a means of becoming rich....you are nothing and should be sentenced and actually go to jail for you natural life because you stole and cheated 6 million people who were depending on you for honesty and you fdidn't fail, you cheated us all....
10. Will Olmert please shut up
John cone ,   USA   (05.27.11)
Will this train wreck ever be quite. Did the US have something to do with him interviewing today.
11. listen to shmolmert
marcel   (05.27.11)
the one who promised happiness when we withdrew from gaza gave us death, rockets, a defeat in the hezbhollah war, one arm tied behind our back, and an incomplete gaza war. he should now preach to us. He belongs in jail, where livni, another incompetent can visit him.
12. Olmert generated the best PR of Israel worldwide
Krzysztof ,   Warsaw, Poland   (05.27.11)
and his arguments have a lot of reality despite it is not comfortable to say it now.
13. It is difficult to understand why this man, Olmert,
RobJohn ,   Seattle, Wash.   (05.27.11)
along with his sidekick, Livni, even comes out of hiding to speak. He has caused necessary hardship for all who listen to him. If he had his way...along with Livni, Israel would now be designated Palestinian land. This is no idle comment, listen too their statements. Their aim is to relinquish Israel to the Pals with the mindset this will create some kind of Utopia for all concerned. They are not at all rational in any sense of the term. If you listen to him and his.....kiss Israel goodbye. Bibi has spoken well for Israel. I truly believe Olmert is so jealous that he will say and do anything if he thinks it will lessen peoples outlook of Bibi. Olmert seems no friend of Israel but a triumphant one for the Pals. Who needs enemies when Olmert and Livni are around?
14. Such a long Op-Ed, to achieve what?
Tor Gnon ,   Njamena, Chad   (05.27.11)
Mr. Olmert, with all due respect: give me a break, sir. At least Bibi made us proud by being a man for once. He didn't wait for the end of a bungled war to ask IDF to bomb Lebanon blindly. He didn't recall and stop IDF from the Gaza strip instead of allowing them to finish the bloodsucking terrorists over there. He didn't offer 92% of Judea and Samaria to usurpers, and I could continue this free list on and on. Just give me a break. Those who failed woefully and -worse!- are unable to make amends should observe some modesty and refrain from telling us what to do. Hold your peace and cultivate your garden.
15. convicts should keep out of politics
zionist forever   (05.27.11)
Olmert your lucky your not in a jail cell right now so please while your on the outside keep out of political issues that do not concern you. You are thankfully no longer PM and there will be no political comebacks so just butt out.
16. All Americans???
joelsk44039 ,   Ohio, USA   (05.27.11)
"All the states of the enlightened world, including the overwhelming majority of the American public, support the detachment of Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem from Israeli sovereignty." I don't know what Mr. Olmert was drinking when he made this statement, but I can pretty much vouch that hardly any Americans support the detachment of Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem from Israeli sovereignty. He must have read a poll from an extreme left-wing think tank (...or maybe from some Palestinian outfit...)
17. a wasted mayor, a wasted PM, a wasted man
Gaby   (05.27.11)
why do we have to read words uttered by a failure, an idiot, and mybe a crook?
18. Bald faced lies by Olmert
Eddie ,   UK   (05.27.11)
He claims that "The whole world, and certainly Western countries, ranging from Australia through Canada, Europe and all US administrations in the last generation – with no exceptions – unequivocally support the resolution of our conflict with the Palestinians on the basis of the 1967 borders with territorial swaps. " Canada is opposed to the 1967 lines, and wishes to change the resolution. Other players, perhaps including Australia, also oppose this. The lies people tell to get in power , continue even when they leave power, or in Olmert's case, are kicked out!
19. Even for a politician, he's digusting!(that's Olmert)
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.27.11)
20. olmert; livni and especially ehud barak.
macktheknife   (05.27.11)
Why are those names even being mentioned anymore? They are all has-beens and their days of glorification are dead and gone. What angers me the most is that ehud barak has still been given a voice. What is the clown being "over"paid for? Send the arab home to feed the chickens. Doesn't Israel see that barak is a filthy underhanded slimeball!
21. A non relevant opinion from a non relevant person.
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (05.27.11)
22. Have you heard of "Pali-leaks", Olmert?
William ,   Israel   (05.27.11)
All of your "bold moves", which I personally believe were too generous and self-defeating in creating peace, were thrown back in your face by an intransigent "Palestinian partner". So how did those "bold moves" work out for you?? Had you been given more time, for sure you would have been signing the deed to Tel Aviv over to Abbas in return for "acceptance".
23. How ironic...a lecture from a failure!
Ram ,   London   (05.27.11)
24. Put him in stripes
Avi ,   Usa   (05.27.11)
Why isn't Olmert in a cell. His comments proves what an utter failure he was. He gave so many concessions to get no where. Stand on the Netanyahu Line until the palestinians accept. If they want war, then Ahlan wasahlan. We have had enough of peace on their terms. They need to fix their society. i for one do not want to hear death to jews anymore from them.
25. Don't be stupid Olmart
Judd Rusnak ,   Sydney, Australia   (05.27.11)
Olmart, you were suppose to delegate the following to the Palestinian during your term at office., The Palestinian 1. MUST recognize Israel as Jewish state and the HOME LAND for the Jewish people. 2. Let Jordan which is Palestine take care of the refugees. 3. Force Hamas to recognize the right of the Jews to LIVE, they still believe that every JEW must be eliminated. Now, as you did not mentioned any of the above during your tenure, just SHUT-UP, drink some tea or collaid, watch TV and leave us alone
26. Then there is really no alternative to distruction?
Daniel   (05.27.11)
If we have no choice but to accept the 1967 borders, the only choice is death. Strange peace plan.
27. I can answer it all w/one word:
Mea   (05.27.11)
28. olmert
hweiss ,   staten island n.y.   (05.27.11)
this will proably be the last article he writes before he goes to jail for being a corrupt mayor.
29. #4 Eddie...
Oren ,   Israel/NJ   (05.27.11)
you should write some fiction novels or something... u speak as if it would be a fact that if israel pulled out of the WB they would be a carbon copy of gaza and hamas which is bullshit.. more moderates are in the WB...NATO force coming to protect hamas from israeli reprisals???? are you serious... and dont get it twisted nearly all israeli politicians are corrupt..olmert is not near the top
30. advice to live by
daze ,   US   (05.27.11)
my fondest wish is that ehudnik retire to a jail cell where he belongs, zips livni just goes away and takes her big mouth with her, and uncle Shimon Peres retires to an assisted living home where a nurses aid can feed him and wipe the oatmeal off his chin
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