Police, leftists clash in east J'lem
Yair Altman
Published: 28.05.11, 00:02
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EZ ,   US   (05.28.11)
Smack the reds down HARD! Theyve gone too far with their insanity! Enough from these commie pigs!
2. Jail the Hooligans 3 Times You are Out
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodUSA   (05.28.11)
I have advised Israel for years to create "legal" areas for protests, both Jewish and Arab, assuming they received permits from local police. In Russia, protestors are arrested, after being beaten. In the Arab world, well we are seeing firsthand. Israelis are a hot headed bunch and will push to the limits. They should pay for the police protections ( costs shekels), which takes law enforcement away from other duties. This protes prevented normal travel to and from the settlement and annoy residents ( its intent) Blaming the police for injuries is typical. Again, Israel seems in a fog..reacting and not acting. allowing lawlessness to a fault. Is this the "Jewish" state we are subsidizing from abroad, with our bonds? Are we pitting ourselves against our own times, to protect hooligans with a political motive? Bottom line: arrest them. If a crime is committed..jail them. 3 times and you are out.
3. Left Wing Garbage
David ,   Montpelier USA   (05.28.11)
Enough said. PS. Good Shabbos
4. Good
John ,   Vancouver   (05.28.11)
I am glad that Israel has these morons to at least show the world that there are diverse opinions within the country. That being said, I'm not aware of other countries whose citizens demonstrate against legitimate building permits which have nothing to do with environmental issues or that significantly contribute to some major social problem. These people need to find a better way to justify their cause. I would recommend going to Jenin and Shechem, maybe to Gaza city and doing some front line advocacy and support work. That would be much more constructive and better for everyone involved I think.
5. What is this?
Israeli 2   (05.28.11)
YNet is doing a great job showing the true colors of these idiotic leftists and the restraint of the Israeli police
6. protesters`
colin   (05.28.11)
Again these rotten anti Israel leftest protest WHY DO THE POLICE NOT USE A VERY HEAVY HAND TO STOP THE RUBBISH ?? Break a few bones.send many to be treated in hospitals but stop the distrubances caused in treason
7. Shame on protestors.they've disappointed us.instead of helping to finish...
Saed ,   Iranian jew   (05.28.11)
Settlements and start the bigger projects,they are blocking the roads.they right is not stun gun,their right is spit on their face.they are betrayer to all of us.
8. the rambling of the left.
Phil   (05.28.11)
Only 10 ? too bad it wasn't 149. out of 150, it's a good average ! ! !
9. Bunch of traitors. Jail them.
Mel ,   Chicago   (05.28.11)
CC   (05.28.11)
The more beating-to-pulp these miscreants get, the better for Israel!
11. Activist: "they used stun gun for the first time"
William ,   Israel   (05.28.11)
Yeah, get used to that phenomenon. Haha
12. At what point does political
Gideon Reader ,   United States   (05.28.11)
ideology and electoral preferences shift towards collaboration with the enemy and giving aid and comfort to that force hostile to the nation? Surrendering one's citizenship in protest and leaving; entering politics and seeking office in a position to try to change the status quo, all are acceptable. Treason is not. Helping "Palestinians", or probing the limits of what is acceptable in the furtherance of Marxism?
13. Why don't these misguided Isreali's
Scott ,   Haifa   (05.28.11)
spend their time doing something constructive instead of tying up valuable police resources? Shouldn't they learn from the two recent deceived left-wingers (the Jewish actor/activist Juliano Mer-Khamis and the Italion activist Vittorio Arrigoni) who were murdered by the very people they stood up for? Please, someone tell me if I'm wrong, if you have a valid argument I'll listen, but this behavior is absolute stupidity.
14. 11
birdi ,   israel   (05.28.11)
GOOD, its about time the activists know Israel wont put up with their crap any longer. Yay to the use of stun guns.
15. 13
birdi ,   israel   (05.28.11)
no Scott you are not wrong, you are correct. These stupid people think that by protesting either peacefully or violently they will help the pallie cause. These people are usually bored, one sided misfits who lack the funds to improve their minds & lives. I call them the dregs of society!
16.  TASERS... YES..!!
toronto ,   TORONTO CANADA   (05.28.11)
YES..!! I have been advocating the use of Tasers for a very long time.. All security/police/army personelle, MUST be so equipped.. hand helds, are good for close up encounters.. however, for great crowd control.. Rifle style, with attached, battery-backpack,having longer reach/durability, will show those arabs, who's in control... 'ahm yisroel chai'
17. September is coming.
Ian ,   Israel   (05.28.11)
Will be amazing to see all the frothing at the mouth extremists when the UN declares Palestine a state in September.
18. Police in democracy have the right to intervene!
Gavriel ,   Budapest, Hungary   (05.28.11)
Freedom of speech is a democratic value, even these communists or misled anarchists should have the right to speak, however only if their demonstration was allowed by the Police. In every part of the world, includign Eurabia where I live, in case of not authorized (illegal) rallies, the Police have the right to use tear gas and other methods that help them to secure order. These demonstrators at Ma'ale Hazeitim went too far. The same vandals appeared several times at other illegal demos, so the State may want to think over whetere some of these organizations should continue to be legal. if not, simply BAN them by force of the law. It's an other topic that the misled Israeli anarchists are defending the enemies of the State of Israel that want to destroy the Jewish state. Helping the enemy is a good reason to ban certain organizations.
19. #17 UN declares...Israel declares : Not in our house !!
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.28.11)
20. what violent protest?
kapriza ,   tsafon   (05.28.11)
In a DEMOCRACY people have the right to peacefully demonstrate, REGARDLESS OF THE CAUSE. There was no violence here, no rocks, sticks or other weapons. Just people voicing their opinions. The only violence I saw here was on the part of the police.
21. Lowlife parasitic TRAITORS!!!
Jewish bro far away   (05.29.11)
Seeing them quartered - literally! I swear so, with their anti-Jewish entrails and guts turned inside out - would make me HAPPY!
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