Experts analyze opening of Rafah crossing
Boaz Fyler
Published: 28.05.11, 21:37
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1. Border Opened with Egypt
Heatter ,   Boston, USA   (05.28.11)
Netanyahu must be the worst prime minister in Israel's history. His actions are causing Israel to become increasingly isolated. Israel is losing support from the entire world. Basically, Israel is now in a new "cold war" with the Palestinians, and Israel is clearly losing.
2. Our brainy generals
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (05.28.11)
should consider next as a VERY POSITIVE development if Egypt brings it's army in the whole of Sinai and to the Gaza strip. Then our great piece agreement with Sadat will come round to the full fruition! It's very interesting to learn how idiots like these get in Israel into positions of power and responsibility...
3. One Star Kosher Rating
Doctor Strangelove ,   Glendale, USA   (05.28.11)
I give Netanyahu's action of opening Gaza a One Star Kosher rating. It was a very smart move and will enhance Israel's security for years to come.
4. Egypt can now feed and supply Gaza and
Ron ,   USA   (05.29.11)
provide all medical care. Israel can wash its hands of such now that Gaza has open border again with Egypt. good riddance to bad trash
5. No more flotillas
Peter   (05.29.11)
With opening the border Egypt made all future flotillas redundant (and a bunch of tunnel digger as well).For Israel it means there is no point in a blockade anymore and you don't have to care for their food and energy any longer.And you can blame Egypt when military stuff find its way into Gaza.Not that they care but for a change......
6. Also...
Louis ,   Toronto, Canad   (05.29.11)
Regardless of whether you're classifying it as a "humanitarian crisis" or not, you cannot deny Gaza is not great place to live- this may spark Gazan-Egyptian immigration and help to alleviate some of the pressure on Israel supplying aide to the fastest-growing population in the world. This does seem likely, actually, considering how many Gazans are ethnically Egyptian and without permanent homes. If this does not happen, likely as a result of Egypt's refusing one million sudden refugees, the blame will be on Egypt.
7. My cousins in Gaza
shrinkDave ,   Miami   (05.29.11)
Get out while the getting out is good. Leave the hell hole and don't look back. Gaza is not for human consumption.
8. The siege of Gaza is against Judiasm
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (05.29.11)
The Jewish people, especially in America, historically have championed the oppressed and worked and marched alongside people like Martin Luther King for civil rights for African Americans and it is Jews who have been in the vanguard for equal rights for women and minorities, for universal health care and much more. As an American Jew watching the news and seeing the photo's of the men, women and children leaving Gaza for Egypt at the Rafah crossing it made me ashamed that a Jewish nation was doing to another people what was once done to the Jews. I cannot understand how any religious Jew in Israel can accept the blockade and siege of another people. Yes, weapons cannot be allowed but locking the Palestinians in the giant prison cell of Gaza is not only inhumane, it's not the way Jews should behave.
9. Lets plague Egypt with a bunch of...
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.29.11)
ridiculous frog men.
10. opening the border with Egypt good for Israel
Isel Breshinski ,   USA   (05.29.11)
Opening the border with Egypt is good news for Israel. Yes, Israel prestige in preventing such move by Egypt spells future trouble in dealing with Sadat peace with Israel, but for the short and long run this is progress. The major problem in Gaza is population explosion. With 4 wives/ man and 5 children/woman 1967 population increased from 280.000 to 1,600,000 presently. 44% are under the age of 14. Gaza strip has an area of 360 Km2 while the Sinai has 60,000 Km2 and population of 500,000 most live in Port Said. The whole northern Sinai peninsula is open to Gazan settlements as Israel has shown when they built Yamit, an Israeli town returned to Egypt. From now on Gaza becomes the responsibility of Egypt. Supplies, Electricity, water, exports all are Egyptian. Economically, Egypt must be interested in Gaza since across Gaza in the Mediteranian are vast deposits of Gas and already signed contracts with Israel would create an annual revenue of about 2,6 billion dollars to be divided by Gaza and Egypt. In the short run it also takes out the wind of Gaza flotilla sails, unless the objective of those becomes confrontational and not "human rights" exercise. As to transfer of weapons across the Egyptian-Gaza border, it was always clear that Egypt did not prevent such transfers. These will now be on the ground rather than underground. All this means is that annexation of Gaza to Egypt is an option not seriously discussed before. Now it is status quo ante 1967 bellum. Lastly, European Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM) deserves a "pie in the face": In 2005 Israel and Palestinian Authority agreed to have observers of EU on the border with Egypt, but in 2007 when Hamas took over Gaza they abruptly left. They were not called back by Egypt to the border presently. Their failure in Lebanon and Gaza are disappointing to Israel and USA.
11. Good for us: yea, better missiles
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (05.29.11)
Can some one really be an expert and say that an open border with terrorist government Hamas is really in Israel's best interest? Is it really in our best interest that instead of smuggling missile parts through tunnels and then assembling them, now they can bring in bigger and better missiles and kill more and more Israelis. Is there some expert who will conclude that yes, when they kill more of us, we can use that on the world's conscious, as if they really have one?! Freedom of speech is not about printing every idiot's opinion.
12. It's called:"Back to the '67 lines.."
SDB ,   ZY Israel   (05.29.11)
And why ever not? Neither Gaza nor the Palis on the West Bank should be our problem. The former belong to Egypt, the latter, to Jordan.
13. Gaza is Egypt and Gazans are Egyptians
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.29.11)
Let the arabs feed and clothe and provide all supplies to thier own. seal tight our own borders and turn the power off
14. True
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (05.29.11)
Hamas has more than enough weapons, and Shalit was transferred to Sinai (and maybe Iran) long ago. The fact that Rafiah is now open proves that it was the Egyptians who were blockading Gaza, not Israel. The question is when will people realize that the Egyptians blocked Rafiah at Abbas' request.
15. Nr.8.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.29.11)
Mark Jeffery Koch , Cherry Hill, NJ USA The Jewish people, especially in America, historically have championed the oppressed - Comment - Ar not the Civilian Jews and Societys in Israel opressed by Hamas Rockets - ? Arn.
16. Nr. 13. Right on the point !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.-   (05.29.11)
17. #8 Mark
buchner ,   paris france   (05.29.11)
And not caring about Shalit, is for or against Judaism?
18. # 8 Mr. Koch
Zio ,   Gibraltar   (05.29.11)
You are rightly proud that the Jews stand for civil rights and the rights of minorities. This is why Israel is a democratic state in which there is no issue of the civil rights of gays and women, to name but two sections of the population whose rights are "problematic" in neighbouring Arab states. You must be confused though. Jews are not supposed to "turn the other cheek". So when the Gaza population can't control those among them that fire rockets and mortars at Israeli civilians, and send suicide murderers to kill Jews, Israel has the obligation to protect her citizens. One way is the blockade. The other would be to wipe out the whole of the Gaza population. Which do you prefer ? So please spare me your " holier than thou attitude " and don't equate the persecution of the Jews, for the simple reason of being Jews, with the Gaza blockade.
19. Israel need more Expert Analyzers, they''ve
Edithann ,   USA   (05.29.11)
done so well....hahahaha... TATA
20. and the sea port and airport needs opening
David Knowles ,   Chigwell   (05.30.11)
This not the case. Gazans still do not havecontrol there own seas and there own skies and until this is the fortillas must continue until the Palestinians control all the borders and come and ago from there own country as they want.
21. Experts analyze opening of Rafah - comment to david knowles
Hanna ,   Canada   (05.30.11)
@david knowles. you mean fartillas, that is all they are, progenitors of gaseous excrement in the form of intestinal gas who break wind with lies, distortion of history and pompous proclamations of 'starvng gazans' with calls for Jew killing. Who is blockading who? Israel has trucked thousands of tons of food and suppies monthly to Gaza and Hamas has been warehousing supplies and denying all of the aid to people in Gaza. And make no mistake about history, there were no "Palestinian" people nor a country known as "Palestine", the "nationality" of Palestinians is the biggest fraud of this century along with assertions of the poverty in Palestine. You should visit some of the 5 star hotels there or shop in their large malls. If there are pockets of poverty in Palestine it is because Hamas and the Palistinian Authority are stealing from them and because NGO's are making a killing under the pretext of helping Gazans.
22. Rafah border
Paul Winter ,   Sydney Australia   (05.31.11)
One can only wonder how a person who states that an open border between Egypt and Gaza ever became a general. There is smuggling, but there are restraints on it. With open borders, larger and more weapons can be smuggled. And if Egypt comes under the control of islamists, Gaza can again become the salient from which Tel Aviv, Dimona and Beersheva can be attacked with artillery or a tank assault. Sinai must remain demiliterised and Israel must reoccupy the Philadelphi corridor.
23. #2 Where were you?
Shalom ,   Or-Yehuda   (05.31.11)
Major General Giora Eiland is one of our most trusted senior military figures. He was a paratroop platoon leader during Battle of the Chinese Farm in the Yom Kippur War, a company commander in 1976 Entebbe Operation rescuing hostages in Uganda, deputy battalion commander in Operation Litani, commander of an Airborne Battalion during the First Lebanon War, commander of Senior Officers School of the Infantry Corps, commander of the IDF Officers School and more. He has had an excellent record since his induction in 1970 until today. Under which rock did you distinguish yourself?
24. You see israel Egypt can do a Moses ALSO TOO RIGHT ???
M.S. ,   mpls america   (06.02.11)
I do not mind if 1 000 even 10 000 Gaza Arabs visit Cairo for medicial check ups visit relatives they have not seen in 5 years buy chocolate tea coffee this is a humanitarian good will gesture about time a shame Mubarack was more a American Israel puppet stooge than a brave Egyptian president leader alas though we can not expect all humans to be story book heroes reality is a cold hard word look at Libya Syria this gesture was is a quite timely progressive Egyptian government move GOOD SHOW EGYPT RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
25. on #8, mark jeffrey
joel ,   usa   (06.04.11)
would you give a person a gun & bullets when you know that he will use it to destroy & murder you, ha? though he gets it through illicit ways, at least you tried to protect yourself by refraining him to receive, and that is sense! its not humanitarian to supply weapons used to murder school children, ok, tell the UN(UslessNation)!
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