'Gaza smuggling industry booming'
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 29.05.11, 01:17
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1. Hamas is as dead as Egypt
Ypip ,   Canada   (05.29.11)
until they release Gilad alive back to Israel asap.
2. more likely 'industry is ''booming'' than ''blooming''
defend our language   (05.29.11)
3. Egypts reneges on treaties one by one
Z-man ,   Hungary   (05.29.11)
Egypt reneges on its treaty obligations with Israel one by one: 1. Eu & Israeli monitoring at Rafah crossing (2005) 2. Gas supply to Israel (2008) Coming next: 3. Peace Treaty Israeli gov't should not downplay Egypt's breach of agreements. Israel should loudly complain instead.
4. Blame protecia. They make it profitable.
Josh   (05.29.11)
If monopolies, shadow squads, and protecia didn't oppress the Israelis under insane prices, the smuggling would not be profitable. Shy should Israelis pay 25 to 400% more than what a Egyptian or Jordanian pays? Greed of the oppressive power holding class? We are al treated like slaves in our own land, if you ask me. So our enemies are profiting. How truthful is the protecia line that the are defending our ways?
5. At tlest they've found something they're good at
Talula ,   Israel   (05.29.11)
Pity it involves digging and crawling in the dirt. But, then again, figures.
6. Hamas out smarts Israel again
Abdalla   (05.29.11)
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