Wife: Australian nabbed for Hamas ties 'as revenge for Mabhouh'
Published: 29.05.11, 10:22
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1. What a lame defense.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (05.29.11)
Right, he's just an innocent bystander, a victim (not very original all things considered), he was arrested just because he has an Australian passport, at random. You know, those evil Zionists & their plots against the poor innocent Palestinians, of course, he's innocent just because his wife says so, couldn't possibly be because of evidence. These people could set off a lie-detector at 5,000 Km.
2. Smells fishy - Aussie to Syria then Aussie to Israel?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (05.29.11)
Let's see how this plays out in the courts. Our security agencies don't go for what his wife calls the "cheamp attempt" to take revenge. Exactly the opposite. They only do stuff that costs a lot of my tax money, which is why I suspect that where there's smoke, there's fire....
3. He may have Australian papers, but that aint no 'Aussie'!!!
Ned Ferks ,   Australia   (05.29.11)
None of these 'people' try to change and adjust to civilization just because they arrive in Australia...
4. "Aussie"
George ,   NSW, Australia   (05.29.11)
I would like to know, just how much this 'Aussie" has adapted to the life in Australia, the country which he calls his home.
5. #3: Maybe not "Aussie" but Oz Government .....
David ,   The Galilee, Israeli   (05.29.11)
Took action against the only country in the world which is really fighting Islamic Terrorism, Israel, based on totally unproven allegations by the Dubai Chief of Police! Regrettably liberal Australia, like New Zealand, is following the same route as Europe and, to a certain extent, the USA, and capitulating in the face of threats of Muslim violence. We have all seen the "Jews not allowed" signs on some pubs in New Zealand after Operation "Cast Lead". Violence is the Muslim way despite the holier than thou denials by so called Muslim "moderates" and those who give unquestioned support to any anti Israel protests due to inherent Antisemitism which has a new name: Anti-Israelism and is very much in vogue all over the world. Sad but true. Antisemitism, which went into hibernation after World War II, has awoken, fueled and fired by Arab money and the will to enslave the world to Islamic Fundamentalism.
6. #5, Yeah, we know
Ned Ferks ,   Australia   (05.29.11)
7. So what was the purpose of his visit to Israel?
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.29.11)
Australians come and go here all the time. So why this one? Maybe because he has been to Syria, and there is no reason for him to come here? But his poor wife has not realised that Arab men dont need to tell their wifes when they put them in danger. And why run to the papers before going to the Australian government?
8. Interesting how each time a person
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (05.29.11)
is indicted for a violent act by the Israeli police for acts of terror or attempted acts or conspiracy to act, there is always an Islamic mother or father, sister or brother, or a wife, who strenuously denies that such a "good" person, such a devoted family man, could be involved in terror activities. This happens so often, the absolute denial together with preposterous excuses, that I have now come to expect it and pay the excusees no heed. Otherwise, there would be no terrorist guilty ever of anything whatsoever, just made up charges by those "miserable" Zionists. Take a gander at Maan News to understand just how badly Israel appears to treat all those "innocent" Muslims. According to them, Mr. Bin Laden was simply misunderstood, a great Islamic hero.
9. #5 NZ pubs
NZ   (05.29.11)
One or two New Zealand pubs owned by ex pat Middle Eastern Arabs hung up ''No Israeli'' signs during Cast Lead. These were isolated incidents with no public support among a wider population who condemned the pub owners for being dicks. ------------------------------------------------ Australia and New Zealand along with Canada and the USA were pretty much the only countries in the world which boycotted the Durban conferences on racism in protest about unfair treatment of Israel.
10. #5 You should read the papers.
Robert ,   Brisbane Australia   (05.29.11)
"the only country in the world which is really fighting Islamic Terrorism" Yes Israel is fighting alone in Afghanistan.
11. Australian? My foot!!!
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (05.29.11)
12. The poor guy...
George ,   NSW, Australia   (05.29.11)
Why you all criticize this poor guy? He really is a good father, husband, son, just a very bad terrorist, this is why he has been caught...
13. 'Australian'
John Doe ,   Tel Aviv   (05.29.11)
Personally wondering why this so called 'Australian' came to Israel at all and why he chose it as a destination for his entire families holiday destination. I do particularly like how his wife is trying to attach the blame for this to the entire Australian nation. These trouble makers are lucky to have been granted the citizenship. For them to then cause this amount of international concern/trouble is what is truly 'preposterous'.
14. ... and that's because the
29th may 2011   (05.29.11)
rest of the world, whom I refer to as the world's ""clowns"" have an empty life and possibly an unhappy marriage with 'out-of-control' drug-adicted kids. A close friend of mine has two adult sons who are, 24/24 stoned out of their minds with marijuana. She was forced to seek Police help - she received no help and is now giving up their home to get away from them. That's what I call real bad news when not even the Police intervene. Talk about cowards !!!!!
15. Palestinians don't need jewish permission to visit Palestine
christianpalestinian ,   las vegas   (05.29.11)
No one will accept that.
16. He is an Australian citizen only because any one can get it
John Phee ,   Sydney, AUSTRALIA   (05.29.11)
Don't think that the majority of Australians are happy with this person being given citizenship. He & his ilk get it because the Australian Governments do not think that our citizenship is something that should be valued. Anyone can get Australian citizenship. You even get it when you buy a pack of Kellog's Corn Flakes.
17. Aussie
Rooitjie ,   Australia   (05.30.11)
Throw away the key.....
18. to 15
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (05.30.11)
Your post is stupid.It does not require an answer.
19. on #3, ned f
joel ,   usa   (05.30.11)
yeah, and that is how these islamic extremist spread their religion by being refugees and start extremism once granted the permit to stay, that's the modus operandi of their religion?
20. The Australian Federal Police investigation in Israel
Bart ,   Perth Australia   (05.30.11)
It was reported that when the Australian Federal Police Officers arrived in Israel to investigate the alleged passport fraud they drove by car from the Airport to the embassy and hit an Israeli woman on a bicycle and did not stop. Later they were told to stop interviewing people in Israel without Israeli permission. The Officers left with their tail between their legs without any results. The Australian Government has redeemed itself by refusing any introduction of Sharia Law and making it clear that any person coming to Australia must obey Australian Law and observe Australian customs.
21. #15 Christian - Not quite true
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.30.11)
He didn't come to visit, he came to spy, and was caught He didn't have JEWISH permission to enter or to be a spy in Israel Palestine ??-- Where's that, name it's Capital City, what money do they use in Palestine ?
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