Iran in uproar over 'Israeli fruit'
Dudi Cohen
Published: 29.05.11, 14:08
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1. Really? so what about...
Talula ,   Israel   (05.29.11)
Cell phones - developed in ISRAEL by Motorola? No-one has them in Iran? The pill camera - developed in ISRAEL - not relevant, they probably wouldn't know what to do with it Iran anyway. The Pentium chip technology developed in ISRAEL (try using your computer without it) Computer firewall - invented in ISRAEL ICQ - invented in ISRAEL VoIP - invented in ISRAEL Polio vaccine and many others - developed in ISRAEL Among many many other things. So cut the crap - Iran would be sent flying back to the stone age without Israeli technology. If Iran wants to ban all Israeli made products, they'd better bin their computers, cell phones and remote controls.
2. And Jaffa Oranges are grown in Spain - so what
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (05.29.11)
Israel licensed the Jaffa brand to Spain for Oranges sold in the EU could this be what they are talking about?
3. The stupidity of sanctions
Profco ,   Miami, FL USA   (05.29.11)
For the past couple of hundred years it has been shown in International Relations literature that countries that trade with one another are less likely to go to war against each other. Instead of the Israeli govt. persecuting the Ofers and Iranians going berzerk at the thought of eating Israeli oranges, such trade, even if discreet rather than publicized or flouted, should be encouraged. While there are good reasons to prevent unauthorized nuclear material from reaching Iran, the absurdity of "dual use" materials and bans on the import and export of items like fruits and nuts are absurd--unless the ultimate goal is inciting a war. The headline is ridiculously exaggerated--Iran is NOT "in an uproar" just because a majlis member has taken a potshot at Arab countries and a government Trade Minister has denied the charge.
4. Talula
Ethan Schwartz ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.29.11)
Try to separate the chaff from the grain. We do a lot of good things. Don't take credit for other's achievements. You forgot that we invented the wheel by the way.
5. to #1
Rose   (05.29.11)
I completely agree with you, except, just a side not...Jonas Salk invented the polio vaccine in the US, not Israel, although, he is Jewish.
6. Iran importing Israeli fruits
Harold ,   USA   (05.29.11)
This is a huge lie because iran has the best fruits and nuts in the world.
7. Iran exports terror - Israel exports fruit
Yaniv ,   Israel   (05.29.11)
8. Possibly exchanged in return for Iranian pistachio
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (05.29.11)
Hey forget iranian but buy Turkish pistachio, it is a little smaller but it is best taste you can ever have!!
9. SS
RR ,   Guerra, Texas   (05.29.11)
I agree about the nuts!
10. iran is #1 in voter fraud, can't beat Israel at that.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.29.11)
11. The fact is...
Persian CAT   (05.29.11)
Israel and Iran have been dealing with each other for a long time. It is also a fact that both the Israeli and Iranian regimes are trying to deceive their peoples. I'm OK with this as long as Iran does not import fruitcakes from Israel. That includes "Sarah B" ;)
12. Taula, in case it...
Persian CAT   (05.29.11)
went right over you head. NONE of the technologies you listed were "invented" by Israel. The fact is everything you listed are AMERICAN technologies, SOME components of which were "developed" in Israel with AMERICAN money, expertise and guidance. Without the US, Israel would have been a two-bit desert colony. It can become one without the US's money and support lickety-split. So cut the crap and be grateful for the US feeding you and your family.
13. Profco, you raise a valid point.
Persian CAT   (05.29.11)
The interesting part of this is that such "news" about Iran-Israel wheeling-and-dealings surface EVERY year. Somehow some people like to pretend it's the first time they are told about them!
14. Iran
Andy ,   Canada   (05.29.11)
Not only does Iran have the best fruit and nuts in the world they are the biggest fruits and nuts in the world.
15. i wonder if stolen trees produce best fruit
abdalla ,   plantation   (05.29.11)
16. Famine and drying weather in recent years have made our agriculture hard.the prices
Saed#6,1. ,   Iranian jew   (05.29.11)
Are increasing day after day.our government is importing oranges to balance the prices.because inflation is changing every day.the price of nuts are so high and people doesnt afford to no.1.hi talula,iranian people are not enemy with israel.our government is investing in showing the face of jew bad and dirty.that is one of iranian wishes to have relation with israel.
17. Harold USA
Mae White ,   Tel Aviv   (05.29.11)
Harold, Maybe Iran doesn't have the technology to grow as many varieties in different climates such as those Israel has invented. Just saying...
18. No. 15, not in Arab hands, they leave scorched earth behind
Marco ,   Spain   (05.29.11)
19. "Persian Cat" #12: It's always a mistake
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (05.29.11)
to underrate the opposition which is what you inevitably do when evaluating the state of Israel and its component systems including its culture, scientific enterprises and technology. All Mideastern Arab regimes have, in the past, underrated Israel right from the get-go (1948) much to the detriment of its people. Hopefully, you do not represent the Iranian people, an intelligent and educated lot who stand upon the ancient and once great civilization of Persia. A better and more realistic balance in your comments would achieve greater credibility and attention. Are you capable? For my part, I believe that eventually Iranians will have to overthrow what appears to be a corrupt, fundamentalist theocracy unworthy of the civilization (Persian)which produced such outstanding poetry, architecture, interior design and weavings.
20. #17
Harold ,   USA   (05.29.11)
If Israel has the technology to grow many varieties then why they don't grow PISTACHIO NUTS instead of importing it from Iran indirectly.
21. Tayfun #8
IZL   (05.30.11)
That's not what she said... No wonder the Turks are so mad, "it is a little smaller". If it makes you feel any better we Jewish Israeli's trim it at birth, I mean the pistachios...
22. Abdalla
IZL   (05.30.11)
Just buy Israeli produce, then you can answer your own question.
23. Persin Cat 12-wrong on every point.
Stephen in New York   (05.30.11)
I'd go into detail, but you're not worth my time. You, like the Palestinians, deserve your fate.
24. #1
Josia Blech ,   London UK   (05.30.11)
The cell phone was NOT invented by Jews nor was it developed in Israel.
25. Ofers
Dov Glass ,   NY NY   (05.30.11)
The Ofers should certainly be prosecuted. They are doing business with Iran which supports the Iranian government that is intent on develpoing nuclear weapons.
26. #20 Israel does grow pistachio nuts
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.30.11)
They export them as well. Your information about Israel importing from Iran appears to be out of date. Israelis can also support their pistachio habit via California growers.
27. #12 Persian CAT's head still STUCK inside the LITTER box
CK Tan ,   Singapore, Singapore   (05.30.11)
PCat retorts that "NONE of the technologies you listed were "invented" by Israel." (her EMPHASIS) NONE? Really? DuPont - a TRUSTED international science-based company - PROVES that PCat is LYING. At least when it comes to the pill camera invention by an Israeli company. Then again, PCat's heady DELUSIONS are a by-product of her head BURIED in her own discharge and inhaling the FUMES.
28. #4 Check your facts mate!
Talula ,   Israel   (05.30.11)
Everything AND MORE on that list was developed here in Israel. Have a little faith.
29. #12 Meow!!!! Got news for you Mr!
Talula ,   Israel   (05.30.11)
Why didn't/doesn't the USA invest in Iran and use Iranian brains? Well, firstly, there aren't any brains over there and secondly, Israel, whether you like it or not, is one of the high tech leaders of the world for development, with some brilliant brains - I know it's hard to swallow, so suck it up instead. And, for the finale, Teva (an Israeli company) is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world - who, over the years, have developed pills that have cured and helped people's illnesses - are you telling me there is NOTHING in Iran that wasn't developed by Teva? Even in a generic form? Do me a favour - I'd have more respect for you if you'd just salute my country for it's DOCUMENTED efforts instead of trying to deny it. LIke you do other things.
30. #24 YES! it was
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