Poll: US social media users favor Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 31.05.11, 20:16
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1. 55-19 and 60-20
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.31.11)
I'll take it, thanks! Where I come from, we call that a landslide.
2. 1 - Where I come from, we call that a landslide.
split ,   US   (05.31.11)
In my neck of the woods they call it insecurity - I don't have to ask my woman every other day if she loves me ,...
3. sarah
as an iranian muslim and free and tolerant thinker, i also support israel 100%. i am with you. arabs are their own worst enemy and the palestinian the biggest beggar society that ever was. iran will eventually go down becaue the economy is just miserable over there and people have no jobs or food on the table. soon, soon, what you call the dinner jacket will disappear and we iranians can breath a lot easier. i only hope it will come sooner than later. we are suffering. hameed aboughaze, iranian
4. May be someone can help me ... ?
berlonski ,   berlin   (05.31.11)
I read again and again about "support for Israel". What does that mean? Is Israel in the end just a soccer or a baseball team??? I hardly read about (anti-)support regarding other countries in this world ...
5. #2 and #4
Tamir ,   Los Angeles   (05.31.11)
you guys are the type of talkbackers that will spin any pro israel news into a session of israel bashing no matter how clear the information is. BTW, this news is just as much about americans being sick and tired with the obama administration as it is about support for israel. Either way, Mr. Obama will be gone in a year and we can finally start to regain some of the greatness that is america. Oh, and to #3, thank you for your strength and courage to speak the truth. As an american and israeli, I want to give you my heartfelt appreciation on standing with israel.
6. social media poll
Yoel ,   OSSINING, NY 10562   (05.31.11)
To the 20% pal supporters & neutrals It's ok to be against foreign occupation & colonialism. What obtains in the conflict between Israel and the pals does not include these elements. To paraphrase Netanyahu, this is not Belgium occupying and exploiting the Congo or Britain in India. The so-called West Bank is deeply implicated with the history and aspirations of the Jewish People; it is not foreign territory. The tragedy of the conflict is that two different peoples claim to have rights to the same territory. This is DISPUTED land. The way to resolve the conflict is by negotiation between the parties involved, and not by putting the cart before the horse and saying that Israel is "occupying" arab land.
7. Split do you even have a woman?
Rachel ,   US   (05.31.11)
8. Americans overwhelming support Israel!
Rachel ,   US   (05.31.11)
Bibi needs to utilize that support like he did last week during his visit to the White House.
9. Notice those supporting "Palestinians"...
William ,   Israel   (05.31.11)
use the same verbiage and rhetoric including such uber-Leftist as "colonialism".
10. #2 - in my neck of the woods, we call it "evidence"
William ,   Israel   (05.31.11)
against the claims of idiots and your ilk who say "the whole world is against Israel". Thank you. Case closed.
11. Sarah, about choosing whom to respond to.
Stephen in New York   (05.31.11)
Posters like your admirer, Split, are crude and stupid and have no impact, but someone like the good doctor is devious and dangerous. I believe that it’s necessary to confront propagandists for jihad for the benefit of those visiting this site who may be unfamiliar with history and context.
12. not for long.
dream on   (05.31.11)
13. A worlwide day of support
Laurent Gallula ,   Israël   (06.01.11)
Why Jewish people all over the world cannot stand together as united one day ???? Just to show our excited and agressive enemies that WE ARE PRESENT and they don't scare us ! Who or how to organise ?
14. This is only a US support. Where are the other nations?
Gavriel ,   Budapest, EURABIA   (06.01.11)
Israel is concentrating only on the US. We need support also in Russia, EU, Australia, Canada etc...
IamJoseph ,   Sydney   (06.01.11)
Israel was re-established legally via the UN with all nations voting; none of the Arab regimes created 100 years ago were voted for - none of them existed before, as did Israel. One can say Jordan is the illegal occupier, in violation of the only condition of its creation: to house the Arabs who flocked to Palestine [Balfour text]. Arabs do not need more lands. Serial 2-state demands in Palestine = genocide of Jews.
16. Another fake poll
Chris.B ,   Australia   (06.01.11)
Stop dreaming. Hollywood spin doctors at it again.
17. to 7
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (06.01.11)
He has a goat.Arab men have goats too-does that tell you something?
18. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.01.11)
Well, then, aren't we lucky that rednecks don't matter? Crawl back under your rock, oh marginal one.
19. To: No. 2
sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.01.11)
Do you mean you actually have a woman who loves you? Does she have teeth?
20. #2 Typical drivel
Phil ,   Ireland   (06.01.11)
You have nothing to say - as usual.
21. The bedrock of US support was always secure & steady
Cameron ,   USA   (06.01.11)
The years of unending, ding-dong Muslim murder & mayhem do but strengthen it. As much as the Left would like to, they have failed miserably in shifting popular American perception of Israel.
22. to 19
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (06.01.11)
She has false teeth.
23. To #16, as an occupier to an occupier
HaifaGuy   (06.01.11)
Hey Chris, my headline is misleading, I'm actually sitting in the land of my forefathers. Tons of archaeological, genetic and historical evidence exist to back up my claim. How about you? Are you Aborigine? Didn't think so. Why don't you go home to the cloudy/sunny: a) Ireland, b) Scotland, c) England, d) Wales, e) Greece, f) Iraq, g) Indonesia and so on... Ciao, scumbag. Don't forget to put on than sunblock!!!
24. #16 Another fake Australian.
Phil ,   Ireland   (06.01.11)
Give the land back to the Aboriginals.
25. # 3 Hameed we pray for your freedom too.
Bless Israel ,   United States   (06.01.11)
It's so refreshing to read your words. Iran could be a tremendous nation if she stopped financing terror against Israel and America. I truly pray to G-d that you and your people know what true freedom and democracy are. I'm certain this is your prayer as well. May G-d help you and your people find a way to achieve what we know, liberty without fear of the government.
26. # 14 Did you miss Canada's report on Israel?
Bless Israel ,   United States   (06.01.11)
Canada not only fully supports Israel, her representative publicly said so. There will never be a pal state, never.
Bless Israel ,   United States   (06.01.11)
The pals can crawl back under the rock they live under now. The tide is changing and the change is for democracy, liberty and freedom, not of which islam can offer anyone ( except the mullahs who are perverts.)
28. To: Stephen at No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.01.11)
I agree. I prefer to respond to the posters who actually submit content, and I generally ignore the idiots, but sometimes I cannot help myself. Oh well.
29. The post at No. 19 is not mine
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.01.11)
But I kind of wish it were .....
30. to 24
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (06.02.11)
They have more land than all of UK and then some.Get some education before posting again.
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