Vote on Bedouin housing postponed
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 01.06.11, 00:45
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1. As long as Israel, firmly and correctly,settles...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (06.01.11)
... its own problems,everything will follow rightly. Israel must focuse in resolving its own problems first ,in the way they must be resolved. When that's done,everything around will follow the way it must follow,naturally.
2. Total capitulation to Bedouin blackmail!
Negev Girl ,   Negev, Israel   (06.01.11)
We Jewish voters will not forgive our politicians if they give in to this capitulation plan! Some Bedouins have legally settled into towns and gotten good deals on land and infrastructure. Others want to grab huge tracks of land, build gigantic houses on them and plant huge olive orchards and they DO!. We Jews would have our houses IMMEDIATELY torn down if we did such a thing. And our children ALSO don't have the money for private houses on huge tracks of land. So what? This is also an incredible security risk. The Bedouin can already close down the roads if they want to. What would be AFTER this appeasement plan? The government MUST get a backbone and enforce the laws ALSO down in the Negev! They have NO RIGHT to give in to bullies and to give up on the limited land available for building of LEGAL homes for everybody!
3. Don't give away Jewish Land!!
Rachel ,   US   (06.01.11)
4. Somfalvi, you have a nice, but short letter
Gábor Fränkl   (06.01.11)
5. deport them back to Bedouinia
ghostly   (06.01.11)
what have they given the world? they didnt invent cellphones, or chemotherapy protocols, computers medicines or awesome weapons so they obviously have no right to be in israel - back to bedouinia with them
6. Jews residing in Jewish land are expelled & Bedouin Arabs
Chaim   (06.01.11)
are given free land in the Jewish country.
7. Population pressure leading to bad precedents
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.01.11)
This is more than "old ways" clashing with "new ways". The Bedouin who, for centuries have wandered the lands of the Sinai, the Negev, and southern Jordan, are now clashing with a modern state with borders and property rights. But it's worse than that. Since 1948 the Bedouin have exploded in numbers, primarily due to the widespread practice of polygamy and large families. That creates a lot of pressure for land. But if Israel thinks this capitulation will resolve the disputes, they're badly mistaken. It won't end the land seizures or squatting or criminal attacks on Jewish-owned ranches and, in a few years, they'll be back for more.
8. on #2, negev girl
joel ,   usa   (06.02.11)
correct, they're trying to please the UN (Useless Nation) and the west; you need statesmen in israel, not politicians? if they don't fuse to israeli community, then they have to find those lands in Iran & Syria, no one should be above the Israeli laws, including Bedouins!
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