Olmert yells: I never took bribes
Aviad Glickman
Published: 02.06.11, 13:00
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1. Beliefs
mba ,   Israel   (06.02.11)
Olmert has beliefs (based on faith) and not knowledge (based on facts) as to who he is. The answer is in the body of the question. The Likud has a formidable alumni of "crooks" either proven or in process who have infiltrated all sections of government and politics. Cut the cancer out quickly before the entire body becomes effected.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (06.02.11)
And a hell of a lot more difficult for the Shalits.
3. Olmert Bribe
chuck ,   Israel   (06.02.11)
Sounds like Bill Clinton" I never had sex with Monica". Bill , what do you call SEX? Ehud, what do you call a BRIBE?
4. demeanor
mohson   (06.02.11)
demeanor -non responsive,w andering, attacking mindenstraus, bragging how great he was. 20 years of courtroom experience say that his man who barnea shamefully supports, is 100% guilty. He is going to jail after all of his shenanigans. He has to look in the mirror and accept that he is a crook who was a coward in the handling of israeli security matters.
5. Olmert/Mulroney
C McCoy ,   Canada   (06.02.11)
Sir, you may wish, in your defence on this issue, to pull a Mulroney; that is, go ahead, look up Brian Mulroney and his place in Canadian history. Now given that he left power 18 years ago, and given no one has ever been able to completely pin him down on this, he has a talent in mud wrestling or whatever. Now a bad example of how to conduct things would be Conrad Black. Strike the right balance between Mulroney's level of hubris and Black's.
6. Yes, he IS a serial offender. And...
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.02.11)
once the trial(s) for these three different charges is concluded (the numerous other allegations were not brought to trial), awaiting him will be the granddaddy of them all that has his name all over it-- HOLYLAND.
7. Talkbacker Justice
mea   (06.02.11)
Oh what a dangerous thing, to find yourself on the cyber stand! Never a single public enemy found less than damning guilt and the worst possible motives and character. Unless, that is, you are a rightest or a off kilter rabbi, in which case all laws are bowed to accommodate your particular offense or screwball position. Drink the Kool Aide, then hang em high from the nearest cyber lamp post: the talkbacker jury has spoken!
8. I Never...
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (06.02.11)
I never took a bribe...I never was Mayor of Jerusalem, and I deny ever being PM of Israel!!! Looks like he studied the Bill & Lewinsky Trial!!! I wonder if Olmert can define the word "is" because Bill couldn't!!!
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