Teva gets OK for generic Alzheimer's drug
Associated Press
Published: 03.06.11, 07:34
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1. Glad Aricept helps. Getting the toxic heavy metals out of
Rivkah   (06.03.11)
the brain and body such as aluminum that dries out the brain is helpful, too. Pectasol chelation complex from lemon rinds pulls out toxins and toxic heavy metals and radiation without pulling out the good minerals if taken three times daily as a lifestyle. Last week I went to an eye doctor and he looked inside my eyes with his instruments and had to come back and look again and again, astonished at what he saw. He said there is a light in my eyes he had not seen before and that the blood vessels are so perfect without a trace of macular degeneration or any problems. He said he just had not seen such perfection before and to find that in someone my age (62 almost 63) was so surprising he had to check it again and again. He asked about my diet and wanted to write a book together since the blood vessels in my eyes reflect circulatory health in the rest of the body. I told him I avoid going to restaurants because I do not trust the food in them to be non-GMO or the ingredients to be as healthy as I want for my body. I don't want any seed oils such as canola, soy, corn, peanut oils, etc. I don't eat pork or other Biblical unclean foods, either. So we discussed things like that for a little while as he tried to find the secrets of the health and light of the blood vessels in my eyes.
2. To #1 Did you also tell him you put a fresh
jason white ,   afula, israel   (06.03.11)
battery in your head before the exam? Can we ship a few cartons of this drug to peres? he forgot all the victims of oslo and still thinks the palis want to make peace with Israel.
3. 2 Jason White, Afula, Israel: There is no place for a
Rivkah   (06.04.11)
battery. YHWH is aware of the pressures on the leaders of Israel to find peace when there is no peace and to make peace agreements with Palestinians who have no intention of keeping the peace. If you go to Psalms 83 and see all the nations that will attack Israel and lose, that should be a comfort to you in the face of Israel's leaders making foolish concessions of peace to enemies who want the destruction of Israel and nothing less than that. It will be the destruction of the enemies of Israel that will be the consequence. Zechariah says 2/3 of Israel will die but Israel will win and become the pre-eminent nation of the world during the reign of the Jewish Messiah. Little Israel will defeat the giants of the world with the help of the terrible of nations (USA) who will nuke every nation that attacks Israel when those enemies of YHWH attack Israel with nuclear weapons. Egypt will become uninhabitable for forty years. Babylon (Saudi Arabia and Iraq) will become uninhabitable forever. Elam (Western Iran) will be destroyed by a destroying wind and the people of Iran will have to migrate to other countries. All the Princes of Edom and Amman (Jordan) will die. Lebanon will be destroyed. Damascus will be destroyed. The Muslim nations should make peace with Israel because of the brother across the seas that will destroy every nation that touches the apple of God's eye if they don't.
4. Jason in afula...
Ginette Golden ,   Canada   (07.01.11)
YOU ARE A RIOT!! you made me laugh so hard with your reply to Rivka (she is harmless, you know!). Rivka, I am so happy for "that bright light" in your eyes. Alvaii everybody, young and old, that needs it get the same. On a more serious note TEVA does great discoveries. Cheers!
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