IDF has photos of armed flotilla activists
Yossi Yohoshua
Published: 02.06.11, 13:11
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1. photos
nicole ,   paris, france   (06.02.11)
instead of showing these pictures one year after , with nobody looking at them , you should have a CNN or an aljeseera -like TV,showing pictures and israeli comments before everybody ; it would be the only way to overpass the palestinian propaganda .what are you waiting?you almost have lost the propaganda war!!
2. MK Zoabi is a dirty liar!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.02.11)
Kick her out the country.
3. yes weapons
Palestinian ,   Cyprus   (06.02.11)
ofcourse they were holding very lethal weapons like iron bars and food plates. which they was going to give Hamas so they can resist the occupation
4. Yeah sure
Robert ,   Brisbane Australia   (06.02.11)
"Navy sources could not explain why the photos have only recently been received". They don't usually take this long to photoshop.
5. Somebody slap that smirk off Zoabi's face.
6. email the photos to your friends or post it on FB
benjamin ,   CA, USA   (06.02.11)
this woman won't get without ponish this time...
7. Zoabi is a treasonous criminal, she belongs in jail
Faruq   (06.02.11)
but the cowards in the govt will not do a thing
Publish it please!!! ,   We need this now   (06.02.11)
9. it wouldnt surprise me if Zouabi was shooting at soldiers wi
I hope these photographs will be released to the public because pictures and video speak 1000 words. After the incident Zouabi tried to paint herself as a heroine who was the first on the scene helping treat and evacuate the wounded. A video was later released of her arguing with an IDF doctor telling him the wounded do not want to leave the boat and ordering him to leave them there ( to die of course ) on the grounds she is an MK. The doctor told her to go to hell and arranged for them to be airlifted out. Zouabi though was shown to be a villain who wanted people to die to make political capital rather than the heroine and champion of the victims. It wouldn't surprise me if there is a picture or video out there somewhere showing Zouabi with an M16 shooting at the commandos.
10. member of the kneset zohbi
optimiste ,   israel   (06.02.11)
the country should sue her on the suprime curt. she was lieing all way long. detain her now!!!
11. IHH= terror group
free KURDISTAN   (06.02.11)
12. IHH condemnd the killing of OBL
sean ,   haifa, israel   (06.02.11)
so it means that zouabi is from al-qaeida too??? so looks like a terrorist, i saw her speak on my university once. this woman has HATE IN HER EYES. spooky....
13. #5 it's not a smirk, it's a facial twitch
Publish it please!!! ,   NOW   (06.02.11)
14. ynet where is the photos?
we have a need another newspaper?
15. Too little too late
TC   (06.02.11)
They should have published this last year, not now. The world already forgot this and doesn't care who is right or not. Israel needs to be in par with the arabs when it comes to PR... Unfortunately we are far from their level of accomplshment especially in Europe concerning this point.
16. Let her join her comrade Bishara!
nadav ,   tel aviv   (06.02.11)
Can anyone imagine an American Senator standing next to a member of Al Queda or the Taliban?? That person would never see the light of day, let alone sit and lecture people from a parliamentary pulpit!! She should be kissing Israel's ass that she is even allowed to sit on the Knesset
17. Zoabi is a real democrate
peace lover ,   Palestine   (06.02.11)
I wish MK Zoabi a big suceess in her struggle for minority rights in Israel
18. they wanted to DEFEND THEIR SHIP
Hasan R. ,   Ankara   (06.02.11)
and there was no shooting from the activists. not a single bullet fired. they fought the commandos with bare hands or wooden batons
19. to nu. 18
LOL   (06.02.11)
my friend is the navy soldier who got shot in his stomack by those "peace activist". you just made me laugh...
20. #3 Pal, #4 Robert, #18 Hasan
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.02.11)
Wishful and delusional thinkers, all of you. See the BBC Panorama program, also the interview with the captain of the Marmara. All I read in your TB's is that you are willfully blind. Mazel tov.
21. If so...
B.A. ,   Sweden   (06.02.11)
IF the IDF knew there war firearms on board, why did the commandos not have proper machine guns when boarding?
22. thanks to photoshop
Ivan ,   Haifa   (06.02.11)
23. In that case I have a bridge in London to sell you
Chris   (06.02.11)
Find it incredibly difficult to believe that Israel would be in possession of pictures showing weapons on the Mavi Mamara and not published them during the fallout of the massacre on the flotilla. So in Turkey there is a word Toshack, it translates to balls, and is the perfect summary for this piece of propaganda
24. No. 19
NYC Girl   (06.02.11)
It's good you were here to call out this damned liar in Ankara. And I hope your friend has recovered from his injuries.
25. So Show us the Pics?
Doug ,   Rochester, USAq   (06.02.11)
And tell us how these pictures magically appeared in the hands of the IDF one full year later?
26. Take a closer look at Zoabi's
smug face. It's time she was kicked right clean out of the Knesset. I wouldn't tolerate that smug looking creature for one second more. If Israel does nothing about the Zoabi woman, then Israel is not worth worrying about... me, least of all!
27. Weapons on Mavi Marmara
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (06.02.11)
So what if some aboard the Mavi Marmara had weapons? They and others aboard that humanitarian ship had every legal and moral right to defend the ship and its cargo against Zionist pirates.
28. zoabi's need
marcel   (06.02.11)
zoabi is a frustrated arab women who need lots of loving that her arab husband is not providing. That is why she is kicking and scratching and lying on the marmora. Once she meets a good israeli, she will cool off and maybe a defender of the state. In the meantime, some in east jeruslam have it right-stick with israeli benefits as haniyeh and abbas even if they get a state will reign over a state that goes nowhere except for the rulers like iran. The rest of the people are led like sheep living in squalor and fed lies like the turks by erdogan is who is a master liar and buffoon.
29. Zoabi is a dirty traitor
Israeli   (06.02.11)
Stick her in jail & throw away the key
30. Zoabi for President!!
Nour ,   One-State   (06.02.11)
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