Republican Romney: Obama hurt US-Israel ties
Yitzhak Benhorin and AP
Published: 02.06.11, 22:00
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1. Obama thinks his mission is to save the Arabs, not America
Ron ,   USA   (06.02.11)
of course that includes handing them Israel on a silver platter.
2. Romney
Texan   (06.02.11)
ROMNEY ..It is long over due We the American people want our country back ,, Run Run Run American people need a CHANGE ...Put back our Nation !!!!!!! and our LIBERTY.
3. what are Israel's Critical Security Needs (Video ) !!!
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (06.02.11)
Obama damaged the US-Israel relationship in precisely the same way as Tony Blair ruined the UK-Israel relationship. It was so predictable and so many of us DID predict it,but the US voters wouldn't listen. New Labour,new danger. New Labor,new danger. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
5. So what
David ,   On this planet   (06.02.11)
do you think the US Jews will vote for you Mr Romney this time around. Hell NO all of their sons, daughters ,Nieces and cousins work for Obama and the Democratic party . They care less about Israel , they will sell their mother if they have to for their wonderful job. Shame on them
6. Obama has been holding deeply rooted sense of hostility...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.02.11)
...toward the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel; toward its leaders, institutions, and by extension toward the people whose nation-state Israel is: the Jewish people. No matters how many "charm offensives" the President has launched, and no matter of how many gestures he has, and will continue to make for purely political reasons, Mr. Obama would shed no tear if Israel were wiped off the face of earth tomorrow. Let us hope the Jewish community of the US took this reality into consideration in 2012!!
IamJoseph ,   Sydney   (06.02.11)
It was only said before election and is nowhere anymore in his YES WE CAN bytes. Why so?
8. Get ready for the Obamajews attack machine
Tom ,   USA   (06.02.11)
Just watch the Jstreet, Soros, T. Friedman N.Y.Times attack dogs will launch articles smearing the pro-Israeli politicians and they will praise Obamao by twisting everything upside down. Dismantling Israel is only for "defending it", emboldening Islamists only to "make Peace!", humiliating Netanyahoo is "a friend helping a friend", destruction of Israel means to "save from "itself", war is peace, freedom is slavery.... Republicans' evil plan is to convert the Jews to Christianity, conservatives furtively hate the Jews but the Leftist and the Communists like Soros are the true friends... The circus about to open. The SPIN will be mind boggling.
9. Obama hurt US-Israel ties
observer ,   Egypt   (06.02.11)
what is wrong with the truth when it hurts.
10. I am and will remain a Democrat. But Obama will never be
George G. Harris ,   Lake Worth, FL   (06.02.11)
my Presidential candidate any more. He fooled me and the entire Jewish community once. We are not idiots to allow him to fool us twice.
11. Romney Gets It
Joe ,   Massachusetts   (06.02.11)
Shortly after 9-11, when he was governor of Massachusetts, Romney proposed keeping a close watch on the Muslim 'student' population in Boston by monitoring the mosques in that city. The predictable gevaldes ensued with the 'PC' brigade 'demanding' a groveling apology. Romney stood his ground and didn't cave. 'Kol ha kavod'.
12. Judeo-Christians for Sarah Palin for USA president
Brod ,   USA   (06.03.11)
Mitt Romney & Missionary Training Center
13. Jews in the Pockets of the Socialist Demos
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodUSA   (06.03.11)
I am a US born proud Conservative Jew and a lifelong Zionist. I contribute generously to many Israeli charities and pro-Zionist US groups ( not JSt).I loathe people like Goldstone, Soros and Barenboim, as well as half-Jews like Thomas Friedman, etc. I vote Republican at the top of the ticket. I do not however suggest partisan politics re: Israel. I am suggesting that we divide our loyalties 50-50.
14. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is the winning ticket
Lisa ,   CA, USA   (06.03.11)
15. back the loser
bill ,   canada   (06.03.11)
good luck
16. good fo Obama
steve ,   can   (06.03.11)
its time to cut the liability loose you racist apartheid child killers are not worth the cost
17. Obama
Mark ,   USA   (06.03.11)
I hate to say I told you so to the Jewish Community, but during the 2008 election I told everyone that Obama's friendship with Rashid Khalidi, his longtime association with the Reverend Wright, and among many other indications, proved to me that he was not to be trusted. As an American Jew, and a major zionist, I knew he was dangerous. Sadly, 78% of the Jewish voting population ignored all the signs and voted for Obama. Any Jewish voter who gives their vote to Obama in 2012 is no friend of Israel.
18. Romney’s Mormonism is bad for America and Israel
Kelly ,   America   (06.03.11)
19. #7 Obama retratcted his '08 J'lem statement 24 hours later
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (06.03.11)
In 2008, the day after he said Jerusalem must remain undivided, Obama retracted his statement due to outrage from Arab groups. The next day, Obama said he had used "poor phrasing" and that he really meant "we don't want barbed wire running through Jerusalem, similar to the way it was prior to the '67 war."
20. #10
Yaron ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (06.03.11)
Your an idiot for being fooled once, never trust an arab he will always stab you in the back
21. Sarah Palin
ghosty   (06.03.11)
to win the Presidency the Republicans need to find a fundamentalist Christian with a double digit IQ. Sarah Palin might qualify. A Morman would not stand a chance.
22. He is totally RIGHT about "President" Obama.
fg   (06.03.11)
23. 21 - Above 99 Disqualifies
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (06.03.11)
In the Republican primaries, a score above 99 is disqualifying, or the candidate has to hide it. Palin and Guiliani both managed to upstage Romney in New Hampshire today. And both slammed his successes as a governor. Palin drove through a tornado to get there to diss him. The election will likely turn on the economy, not foreign policy, unless Obama gets the US into two or three more wars.
24. Duh! Like we didn't know!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.03.11)
Don't forget about his Secretary of State Hilary Clinton! She is no friend of Israel either! President Bill Clinton and his Camp David with Arafat and Barak should have taught them that the Arabs want all or nothing. They don't want a Palestinian State, they want our state and it must be free of Jews or Judenrein! If they bring back all the "refugees" they will,like Hitler, need Lebensraum. So much for the lessons of History!
25. Hopefully a good candidate
Madeleine ,   Rehovot Israel   (06.03.11)
I'm not American so can't speak for americans but having just read up about Mitt romney, he sounds like a good guy. If he could do for America what he did for Massachusetts he could turn the american economy round. I would think that most Americans are going to vote on home issues - economy, health care, jobs, etc., - with foreign policy second. Let's hope that Obama will be soundly defeated and crawl back to the hole he crawled out from. Americans: Get Obama out of the white House!
26. It's his ideology
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.03.11)
Obama did not hurt US-Israeli ties by accident. His spiritual mentor Jeremiah Wright taught Obama that the Jews are the root of all that is bad in the world. From his first day, Obama took it upon himself to solve the Jewish problem by ending Israel's existence.
27. I also voted for Obama in November 2008, and
Danny S. Galser ,   Phil., PA   (06.03.11)
I also have been totally disappointed by the man's view of Israel as a close and loyal ally of the U.S. and as the national home of the Jewish people. I shall not vote for Obama in 2012, despite the fact that I am a registered Democrat.
28. Sad to say _80% of Jews will vote for Hussein O.Its bad news but true.
Alan ,   SA   (06.03.11)
29. All will be forgiven...
Reuven ,   New York   (06.03.11)
...when he pardons Pollard before the next election.
30. Give 'em hell Mitt.
BUILDING ISRAEL ,   United States   (06.03.11)
How refreshing to hear what so many of US think... Obama sux, and Mitt verbalized the real truth, Obama's about as popular as a case of the clap. ( only more diplomatically, of course.) Have you ever seen America nose dive into hell as fast as with Obama? He's become a curse on all our houses. In fact, Obama cured me of any remaining 'democrat party' ties I ever had in the past. One look at his sinister minister and Oy! It was all over. I couldn't and didn't vote for this fraud. I hope and pray Mitt becomes our new President in 2012. One other plus, the man and his family are easy on the eyes, he looks like someone called central casting and asked for Prince Charming and viola, Mitt Romney walks in. Please folks, vote Republican, any Republican. Obama's proved his loyalty to muslims over Israel, our greatest ally.
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