Amnesty’s anti-Israel pogrom
Giulio Meotti
Published: 02.06.11, 23:04
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1. Zionists have the lost the plot
Peter ,   UK   (06.03.11)
Justification occupation by trying to make out the occupiers are the victims and not the occupied is absurd. Were the Germans the victims when they occupied France? Were white South Africans the victims during white supremacist rule? Of course not and neither are Israelis.
2. Peter #1 typical liar
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.03.11)
Unlike the Arabs we have a legal claim to the land west of the Jordan River. In fact there are 3 international laws stating that it is our land. Can you name ONE legal claim for the Arabs? I bet you cannot because they have never had any. Those are the facts that leftists and Arabs have ignored for 63 years now. This is our land and the Arabs are the illegal occupiers. They announce that their goal is ethnic cleansing and genocide. Total morons and other racists support those goals.
3. Excellent work!
Someone ,   TV   (06.03.11)
Start with calling Amnesty's position a "pogrom" and work your way through wikipedia's list of "criticisms of AI." I also like the subtle transition from "against Israel" to "against the Jews," and then on into "Jew hatred." And calling their statements on the barrier a "fatwa?" Brilliant! A+ propaganda, would read again.
4. occupation of what?
Z-man ,   Budapest   (06.03.11)
Israel conquered the West Bank in a defensive war from JORDAN in 1967. In 1988, Jordan declared that she is not interested in the territory any longer. There has never been a Palestinian Arab state. 95% of the Arabs in the West Bank live in Area A & B outside Jerusalem, so they are not occupied since 1995. So there is no occupation of land or people any longer.
5. This is nonsense
Leon ,   Ottawa, Canada   (06.03.11)
Amnesty writes numerous articles about human rights around the world. What makes Israel different is the fact it is considered "one of us" and they are welcomed by Western leaders. Iran, Sudan or Saudi Arabia are not praised as democracies like Israel. And yet, Israel has launched numerous wars of 'defence' and the Palestinians have been living under a harsh, military occupation for over 40 years. For over 40 years Palestinians have had very little civil rights and certainly no real freedom. If Israel does not want to be condemned by NGOs stop making excuses for violent behaviour and end the occupation of Palestine. Despite Zionist fear mongering, it really is that easy.
6. Finally somebody focused on the iniquity of Amnesty
Sidney ,   USA   (06.03.11)
Who are the leaders of Amnesty? Where does their money come from?
7. Amnesty
canada ,   canada   (06.03.11)
Arrigoni, the italian terrorist supporter that was killed in Gaza earlier this year lived with a woman who works for Amnesty International. She is Irish and in charge of making decisions for Amnesty in the Gaza/Israel region. No surprises as to why Israel recieves so much negative attention.
8. Hasbaristas losing the battle.
Shlomo Shunn ,   Brookline, USA   (06.03.11)
Israel is the only democracy in the Mideast that has nukes, no fixed borders, no written Constitution while being a socialist, militaristic, racist theocracy. Like 1930s Germany, it blames all its aggressions on others and claims to be favored by God. Now that the truth about it is finally coming out, and the worm turning, Israelis are shocked, shocked to find the "Holocaust Pass" no longer works. That is, more and more of the world is less and less cowed by charges of antisemitism. Because the issue all along hasn't been "Jews;" it's been the inhumane actions of the Jewish State (now devolved into a blight unto the nations).
9. Ok Leon - time to end your occupation of native lands
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.03.11)
Glad to hear that you are getting on a boat and going back to where you came from, Leon. As an occupation settler in Ottawa, I'm glad you realized the evil of your illegal theft of land and your occupation of Ojibway, Mowhawk, Algonquin, Huron and other nations. It is really easy to set right to the wrongs you white Canadians did by bringing in foreign settlers like you, committing genocide and apartheid land theft, and raping the land of its natural resources. What a great example you are, Leon, for showing the world that you are giving up your occupation of native lands and returning to where you come from. We Jews have also returned to where we come from - and that is here in the Holy Land. If you don't think we have a right to live here, then tell the world what the statute of limitations is on refugee status (we Jews were stateless refugees for 2000 years, now we're back in our national homeland) - and we'll wait the same time for it to expire for the Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians". Despite Leon's racist hatred mongering, it really is that easy to make things right in Canada - leave, Leon.
10. Leon, do the words "cause and effect" mean anything to you?
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (06.03.11)
You say that the Palestinians have been living under a "harsh military occupation " for 40 years: Do you know the particulars of that occupation; how was established, how it has changed, and why? You imply that Israel's wars were not defensive; can you justify that claim? Do you know why they happend? do you know what happened In the years leading up to each war, the months, the weeks, the days, or at least the hours? You also imply that China, Iran, and Sudan are worthy of condemnation (a point on which I would agree with you) but again on what grounds? The country of Sudan has existed for about fifty years,Iran for about seventy ( at least under that name), and China for over two thousand years (under its current name). Do you believe these countries should be condemned sikmply for existing, or have they actually done something worth condemning? And if so why should they be condemned for these acts and not for others? If you can't answer all of these questions, then ask yourself this one; why do you think you have what it takes to proclaim a country just or unjust?
11. only a jew
bill ,   canada   (06.03.11)
would attack a great organization that helps helpless people the world boycott means you better start harding now
12. Vanunu
simon@syd ,   Sydney   (06.03.11)
You think Vanunu needed to be 'turned' into a hero. Enough said.
13. 2 250 UN res. say the land does not belong to you
lydia ,   Brisbane   (06.03.11)
Now show ONE UN resolution against Palestinian occupation
14. #2 - Baloney, there are no such international laws,
Joseph Blough   (06.03.11)
Just because you say it is so does not make it true. But if you still think you can prove otherwise, please do cite the particular Laws. Good luck!
15. i can't believe ynet posted this nonsense on the front page
rachael cohen ,   new york, new york   (06.03.11)
this guy is an ignorant manipulator
16. This makes only more Zionists, me included.
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.03.11)
17. indictment
Dani ,   Zurich   (06.03.11)
The best indictment of Amnesty I've ever read
18. #5 Dear Leon,
Nahum Korda ,   Ein Ziwan, Israel   (06.03.11)
As soon as the First Nations start firing anti-tank missiles on the school buses in Otawa, you will realize that neither is this article nonsense, nor is it so simple as it may seem from your armchair.
19. AMNESTY International
tiki ,   belgium   (06.03.11)
An organisation giving a Voice & Amnesty to International terrorists! They are 'endorsers & enablers and a plattform to International terrorism. They have appointed "themselves to be Judge & Jurer of the planet, but in reality they are the "Executioner by Proxy by giving the 'endorcement & 'license to kill(ers). They have completely lost their way. Their 'name might still be impressive, their 'curriculum vitae & actions are not!
20. #6
Dan ,   USA   (06.03.11)
I would take a bet that much of A.I.'s money comes from far left liberal American Jews.
21. Pathetic article...from a propagandist
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (06.03.11)
When you finally come up with some facts, let us know. Otherwise this is truly a hack piece devoid of any intellectual merit. Amnesty International reports on human rights abuses around the world. They have not spared anyone from ctriticism as far as I can tell, They have criticized the US for the illegal prison called Guantanamo and so-called 'rendition' programs. So, why should Israel be immune? Because they are Jews? That is the worst antisemitic comment one can make; that somehow Israel is immune from criticism because it is dominated by Jews and therefore must be held to a different standard. Truly pathetic.
22. #5 tell us more about
bob ,   canada   (06.03.11)
That’s curious that you put Israeli defensive wars in quotes, tells me a lot about you, pal. For true believers like you everything is clear, always. So maybe you can enlighten us about US/Canada’s defensive war in Afghanistan, and how many civilians and freedom fighters had been blown to pieces over the years. Regarding harsh life of arabs in West bank and Gasa under occupation, well, there is no actual occupation for decades, they have autonomy,democracy, elected government, cops and standard of life higher then in the most arab bloody kingdoms, and certainly more human rights and worldwide attention and support. “NGO’s” is a business, they are well paid to play their tunes.
david cohen ,   China   (06.03.11)
24. #11 Bill. Please explain what you mean by "only a Jew".
Phil ,   Ireland   (06.03.11)
25. Leon#5
james ,   uk/il   (06.03.11)
We all know we have choices in life the fact that the arabs chose terror doesnt make facts go awayYou make it sound so simple.Before the 2nd intafada the one that followed the rejection of peace by arafat the arabs stadard of life was on its way upbut we all lnow thats not good for them for reasons you cant understand for the ickes of people like you who put the arabs all standing with halos....get real leon for peace the arabs have too bin the notion of the distruction of Israel.
26. Amnesty Imternational
CC   (06.03.11)
This is clearly not AI's first scandal. It's a well-known anti-Israel hate organisation. A short glance at NGO Monitor's file on it is enough to see the obvious.
27. A big personal Thank you to Giulio Meotti!
Me ,   here   (06.03.11)
For his fearlessness, his courage, his truth tellnig and his concern for Israelis' and Jews' human rights as opposed to a blatantly one-sided, long descredited pseudo-human rights group.
28. The new anti-Semitism
citizen   (06.03.11)
You only need to look at the tile of Amnesty International's conference to understand how perverted that organization has become. Does the media aid Israel? No. Read the international press and what do you see but a constant stream of anti-Israel propaganda. Language is a powerful tool and evil comes in many different forms and shapes. It is Amnesty International and other so called 'human' rights groups, together with the media, UN, UNWRA and all the Muslim states who are complicit in the oppression of the Palestinian people, the demonization of Israel and denial of the rights of the Jewish people to their ancestral home. It is not Amnesty's emblem which has been degraded, it is the Truth which has been degraded. THANK YOU Giulio Meotti, for reminding us that the new Anti-Semitism is no different from the old anti-Semitism.
29. The so called human rights groups always
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.03.11)
supported terrorists...and Amnesty is one of the worst of them...nothing new at ALL...!!!
30. #14 Works both ways then...they cant prove it either!
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