Stars mistaken for enemy aircraft
Reuven Weiss
Published: 03.06.11, 18:36
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1. ah the chairforce
jj   (06.03.11)
good to see they are about the same in almost every country!
Foo Fighter   (06.03.11)
The Balestinians are from outer space
3. Long flight
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.03.11)
Hope they have enough fuel.
4. nothing wrong with that
Leonard ,   usa   (06.03.11)
Just call it a training exercis, never hurts for a country who is at war with it's nieghbors.
5. unnecessary?
yesjb ,   Canada   (06.03.11)
This sort of thing happened alot on both coasts of North America during the war. (WWII) Who wants a nasty surprise?!
6. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
John   (06.03.11)
Is this the 'war of the worlds' scenario we are talking about?
7. Better safe than sorry
Marco ,   Spain   (06.03.11)
Well done IAF!
8. # 2 Mars Attack
Moragh   (06.03.11)
9. Better..
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (06.03.11)
Better to send out choppers or jets hundred times without a reason than miss one right time.
10. they smoked some funny green?
f!red ,   Germany   (06.03.11)
11. au contraire
dtw ,   Canada   (06.03.11)
Perfect prove that the security forces were alert. IDF professionalism at its best.
12. Keep up the good work
dbanai ,   Beersheva, Israel.   (06.03.11)
My thanks to the men and women of the Haifa control tower for taking care of business. Most Israelis aren't aware of the fact that a radar station in Hawaii (1941) saw the attacking aircraft coming toward Pearl Harbor on the morning of the attack. No one paid attention to the early warning. The rest is history.
13. israelis vs the aliens
moshe   (06.03.11)
14. Okay, Salma, here's your free pass - have at it!
Scott ,   USA   (06.03.11)
15. 2011, a space jewdessy...
Joe ,   Paris   (06.03.11)
16. Pro-"Palestinian" orgs urge mass invasion
William ,   Israel   (06.03.11)
by "refugees" to the Israeli space-port. Marvin the Martian, a self-proclaimed anti-Zionist and honorary "Palestinian" insists there are numerous refugee camps of "Palestinians" on several interstellar planets demanding the right of return to Israel. He claims they were taken there by Muhammed during his rumored flight from Jerusalem. Despite that event being a whole 1400 years prior to Israel's war of independence, they still blame Israel for their demise and demand compensation for the more than 176 million "refugees" which include all descendants, according to the UN's Mars Refugee Support Committee which coincidentally is focused only on "Palestinian" refugees and not those caused by the war of Klyzgon. It's not surprise that Israeli MK Zoabi has volunteered to represent this group as she already spends most her time out in space anyway.
17. Ehud Barak, warrior against the stars
Rami   (06.03.11)
Give this man another medal...
18. Not the first time
Josh S ,   USA   (06.03.11)
During WWII, there were many instances where anti-aircraft crews opened fire on the planet Venus.
19. JEWS IN SPAAAACE...................
Eran ,   Singapore   (06.03.11)
BRAVO IAF, you wont give a chance even to Aliens. Palis eat your heart out.
20. I can't stop laughing!
Shlomo Kamera   (06.03.11)
I can just see your commander, Sarah B, shouting out "Shoot the xyz Arabs-there everywhere!"
21. Enemy aircraft
sk ,   USA   (06.03.11)
Enemy aircraft certainly would have turned off all lights ...
22.  It was god in a rreconnaissance flight checking on his
Intelligence source   (06.04.11)
chosen people..
23. @#1: "Chairforce"--he says from his chair
EZAL ,   USA   (06.04.11)
Behind a keyboard. LOL! Nice try booby: FAIL Little respect might provide you with a fleck of the same from others.
24. Lights in the Sky
Dale ,   USA   (06.04.11)
I think it's time to have some people pee in a cup
25. Hahaha....getting antsy!!
Edithann ,   USA   (06.03.11)
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (06.04.11)
The Palestinians don't have the money to buy off the USA Congress and get billions to buy advanced weapons like F16's, and hence won't be invading your skies any day soon. Just kick back and have another cold one instead.
27. Star Wars ???
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.03.11)
I couldn't resist :^)
28. Waiting for Salma to respond in 1 ... 2 ... 3
Baruch ,   Marin County, CA   (06.04.11)
I'm sure she'll be able to tie this story into the Palestinian non-issue that she babbles incessantly about. Salma has Palestinian tourettes. You watch. She'll comment on this with some hateful garbage.
29. on #4, leonard
joel ,   usa   (06.04.11)
yeah, for people who thought only of themselves it was nonsense, but that should be admired as show of readiness & awareness of any situation, ok?
30. Where's the fun, Ynet?
Daniel ,   Gushdana, Chelm   (06.04.11)
The IDF/AF is notoriously secretive on the subject of UFO's and only a few events from the late Sixties, that turned out to be high altitude overflights by Soviet/ Syrian MiG 25 recon fighters, have been disclosed. If our honorable military had any regards for us taxpayers' need to be entertained, they would be so kind to leak a few "fast walker" stories, just like the Mexican, Belgian, Chilean etc. air forces do. Please?
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