Something rotten in Sweden
Abraham Cooper, Daniel Schatz
Published: 05.06.11, 11:08
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1. End Terrorism?
Mr Dennis Hibbard ,   Whittier USA   (06.05.11)
Do away with Lucifer yet both are elusive
2. Why is she still alive? Did we slip up?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.05.11)
As for the Swedes, well, I won't buy from Ikea even if they opened a store next door! The Swedes support Arab terror, ban our sportspeople from playing in Sweden and support the Neo-Nazi Arab world in its quest to destroy Israel. In spite of the above, Israelis but from Ikea! Stupid!
3. Something rotten in Sweden
pozarski ,   Warsaw   (06.05.11)
Swedes were first with inviting Hamas to celebrate their victory in Gaza, too. It's a small country (per population) and moslem votes count. Every political party has brown noses from sticking them up moslem arses.
4. FM Bildt needs to go
Amchu ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (06.05.11)
FM BIldt is known to have strong resentment against Israel. He hates Israel. Other parties in the government are better, but let him dominate the formulation of Swedens policy towards Israel. Sweden is not the problem, FM Carl Bildt is. He needs to go.
5. Hate of Jews and the nation-state of the Jewish people has..
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.05.11)
...no limits among those who truly hate us, Jews. This case is only the latest example of the extent of what people who hate us, Jews, are capable of doing. P.S. The Swedes have done much worse...!!
6. #2 why?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.05.11)
Why blame all Swedes for the acts of a small psychopathic minority? That is like punishing Israelis for the actions of "Gush Shalom" or "Shalom Achshav".
7. The swedes have adopted a specific narrative:
Alterman ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.05.11)
"The palestinians are occupied and oppressed and they are freedom fighters that deserve our support. Israel is using disproportionate force. Israel is commiting crimes. Palestinians are the victim. Israel is an apartheid state. Palestinians should have a state (borders of 1967 including east Jerusalem). The israeli settlements is a crime. The flotilla to Gaza is the right thing to do. Israels action against Mavi Marmara was a crime. Etc". This is not my ideas and opinions - this is the "truth" among swedes about the conflict. That´s why Leila is invited and israelis/jews are attacked.
8. Yet dumb Israelis still but Ikea and H&M garbage
Al   (06.05.11)
I swear the Jews of Israel lack self respect... These eurotrash garbage piss on your heads and you tell yourselves its raining. Do you have no self respect at all?
9. Swedes' worst nighmare is confrontation, just kissing Muslim
Yaniv ,   Israel   (06.05.11)
behind simply because they have lots of them and hardly any Jews, plus angry Muslims are violent, whereas angry Jews are not.
10. The only simple narrative that can work.
Jules   (06.05.11)
Tell everybody that "palestinians" in Eretz Israel are in fact Arab squatters from the Arab Peninsula, and must return to their motherland. Stand firm, and the discussion will wear out quickly.
11. Errors: Anarcho-Syndicalism, Stalinist
Corrections ,   NYC, USA   (06.05.11)
The author appears to confuse the mainstream Trade Union Federation with the anarcho-syndicalist Central Organisation of the Workers of Sweden. Also, while Communism may be awful enough, the various Communist parties do not adhere to Stalinimsm--which is a whole magnitude more evil. Leila Khaled is worthy of condemnation for her actions. But it is a little shocking that the Simon Wiesenthal Center would risk its credibility on this and other issues by using unfounded epithets.
12. Sweden is antisemitic country
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (06.05.11)
The best example was the affair of Aftonbladet.
13. Sweden truly deserves all it's muslims 7 mosques ...
Lee ,   Manchester UI   (06.05.11)
just like the UK does. I hope it hurts them like hell when their time comes - they will be fighting to keep their country from these unfeeling child killers like khaled. There won't be enough Swedes!
14. Boicot
Eli ,   Haifa   (06.05.11)
Stop buying VOLVO,IKEA.
15. Something rotten in Sweden
jew from the east   (06.05.11)
Something rotten in Sweden? NO, Sweden is ROTTEN.
16. Think of her when you next see hassle in airport security
Max Schadenfreude   (06.05.11)
17. Not sure why she's not been tracked and shot?
Talula ,   Israel   (06.05.11)
18. What a big shame this is!
Benjamin ,   Jönköping   (06.05.11)
To invite a person that legitimize terrorism is just unimaginable . How can my country invite a former terrorist that still doesn´t show any regret for what she did. I am ashamed as a swede to see what is happening. It´s sad to see our politician´s Israel hate. There are good politician that aswell as good people that stands up for Israel on a strong and positively way in our country. Am Yisrael chai!!!
19. why did no one legally go after her, citizens arrest, whatev
ralph   (06.05.11)
whatever? why did we just sit back?
20. Rotten Sweden
Samuel ,   Yavne,Israel   (06.05.11)
You cannot blame Sweden.Practically half the year they are in the dark no wonder they have only half the knowledge of whats going around.
Observer   (06.05.11)
Sweden implemented the policy of forced sterilization for decades between 1930s until 1970s. Sweden stated its aim of forced sterilization of Sami people and disabled people as "to combat racial and social inferiority." This is the country who is attempting to give the world a lecture on democracy and human rights?! What a disgrace. Face your genocidal past Sweden.
22. when sweden suffers from islamic terror, ye reap what ye sow
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.05.11)
and it WILL happen.
23. On 3/27 the same authors published
Tomek ,   Poland   (06.05.11)
an article titled 'Something rotten in Norway'. Is this going to be a series of 'Something rotten in...' articles? Which country are you going to smell next?
24. Khalid : Couldn't hold a candle to Britt Ekland.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.05.11)
25. #23...
David ,   Beit Shemesh Israel   (06.05.11)
Something rotten in Poland?
26. I dont get it
Per ,   Sweden   (06.05.11)
I dont really see what this has to do with israel. If sweden invites some palestinian former terrorist, I dont see how it ends up as hating Israel and why hating Israel would be moraly wrong. The major reason for swedes not to like israel is the childlish attitude Israel has as soon as you talk about palestina. We dont like rasism the way Israel loves it. If you ask me. Israel is the country that should go away.
27. #26
Gabriel ,   Netherlands   (06.05.11)
and that pretty much sums up why Sweden is regarded by the rest of Europe as a bastion of political correctness, left wing extremism and moral cowardice. Does it surprise anyone that islamism runs rampant in sweden? If I were you I'd start learning Arabic, you'll be needing it soon. cheers!
28. Per
IZL   (06.05.11)
The last line "Israel is the country that should go away". Here's the problem Per. Before we had a country, there were people in your continent who insisted Jews should go, and not go, like in go to another country, but go, as in go from this physical world. Please read your last line and then read the lines you wrote about Israel being racist. In any event, what confuses me is why this woman is not rotting in a jail, or hell. Hijacking planes... Getting plastic surgery to recommit the crimes, sounds very cunning to me, and far too dangerous to be allowed to roam free. "former terrorist". Did she get a regular job and move into mainstream politics? No. So even if she is not the one pulling the trigger or blowing up stuff, this should not constitute the label of "former terrorist". It is the promulgators of the terrorist mantras that are far more dangerous than the trained tools doing the acts. This woman has tactical experience and brain enough to further her devilish agendas, even if not directly through her hand. In any event, I suspect our country is not stupid to this, and one day will act accordingly.
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30. # 26, Per
Skaning ,   Malmö, Sweden   (06.05.11)
Who or what do you think you are? What gives you the right to speak on behalf of the Swedish people in foreign media? Your views are definitely not representative (although they’re not uncommon among journalists and part of the political elite in the country). ……. Additional: I found it despicable that tax money was used to pay for the visit of a terrorist and discussed the matter with several very different people, at work etc. I didn’t encounter one single person who didn’t think her visit as such, and particularly the way it was funded, was utterly wrong. After having said that, the typical response to my bringing the matter up was a shrugging of the shoulders and a muttering to the effect of “Well, that’s how it is in this country”.
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