Something rotten in Sweden
Abraham Cooper, Daniel Schatz
Published: 05.06.11, 11:08
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31. To #26 Per
Ariel ,   USA   (06.05.11)
That's the main issue and problem: You still don't get it...
32. Leyla is living in Norway !!!
Beary White ,   Norway   (06.05.11)
Hey. Leftist politicians have granted stay for many terrorists in Norway, including Leyla. The world should know that Sweden is gradually turning into an islamic state, as is Norway, due to immigration. In sweden, the cities of Malmø and Gøteborg do not have a bright future in violence and sharia.
33. How about....
Steve ,   USA   (06.05.11)
listing Sweden as a 'State sponsor of terror'? Seems accurate enough and who needs them anyway? What does Sweden give to the world that we'd miss?
34. Terrible swedes
Tore ,   Oslo, Norway   (06.05.11)
Allowing people to not love Israel. The Norwegians are just the same. People are actually allowed to disagree with anything related to Israel. Hell even talking to people who have done bad things to Israel is acceptable in these countries. It is a disgrace. Clear anti-semitism!
35. #24, Noodles, to be honest, I am more a
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.05.11)
fan of Annie Sprinkle...
36. She spoke to whom?
Cameron ,   USA   (06.06.11)
The Stalinist Swedish Communist Party? The Anarcho-syndicalist Trade Union Federation? Ah, my wacky, decadent Europeans........you gotta luv 'em.
37. Not so dear Swedes.
OnTheOtherSide ,   USA   (06.06.11)
When you sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas. These murderous terrorist will spit in your face and stab you in your back. Time will tell.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.06.11)
Without Google, you would be tongue tied, witless and helpless If anyone mentions a particular subject, you hop to Google for the info, which requires no real effort on your part You continue to write about things you have never experienced or seen, pretending expertise Any 10- year old with a computer can do the same Name the subject; you become an expert, like making instant coffee The real problem is that you have no actual experience; it's nothing but a veneer The fact is you're boring, you bring nothing new into a conversation, merely picayune comments about your non-experiences Yet, you preend to be in Egypt, the situation there gets lousier day by day, what have you done about it ?
39. Sweden was an eager supplier to Nazi's
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.06.11)
Winston churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty was particularly concerned about Swedish exports of iron ore to Germany, and pushed for the British government to take military action to end the trade. From the beginning of the war Churchill tried to pursuade his cabinet colleagues to send a British fleet into the Baltic Sea to stop shipping reaching Germany from the two Swedish iron ore ports, Luleå and Oxelösund. The project was called Project Catherine and was planned by Admiral of the Fleet William Boyle, 12th Earl of Cork. However, events overtook this project and it was canceled.[1]. Later, when the Baltic ports froze over and the Germans began shipping the iron ore from the Norwegian port of Narvik, Churchill pushed for the Royal Navy to mine the west coast of Norway to prevent the Germans travelling inside neutral territorial waters to escape Allied Contraband Control measures.
40. #14 Boycott IKEA & Volvo.
Annette ,   USA/IL   (06.06.11)
IKEA is rebuilding their toast store in Netanya and expanding to Haifa with a 3rd store. I have discovered great cabinets from kibbutz Yiron work well. Everything else they sell can be purchased elsewhere, maybe not under one roof, but I'd rather support local merchants. As for my 1998 Volvo, I'm waitng to get an Israeli electric model and will never buy Volvo again.
41. #35 Chris, conservative Uncle Noodles prefers non-porn stars
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.06.11)
42. #34
bob ,   Canada   (06.06.11)
I don’t not exaggerate if I assume that peoples who love unconditionally other peoples who want to kill Jews, they must be anti-Semites. This assumption gives me right to dislike Norway and Sweden. Why should I like or respect people that can’t even breed anymore and thus rely on Muslim immigration to sustain the state. Of course, you get what you pay for. Your bright side is that now you have not too bright new citizens that share the same hatred to Israel. How pathetic.
43. first iam not a rabi
suad   (06.06.11)
but i believe that one day god will aske me about --what i did in my life how i earned money how i spent them .i would say many good ways but as a taxpayer i would say --aske others .....
44. Only 189 to go
knut ,   nor   (06.06.11)
This is a job for life. These Hasbarats and there something rotten in series have 190 episodes to go. They might have a sniff at the cesspool of the current Israeli Government and give us their report
45. #34 Rottenmooser
olaf ,   swe   (06.06.11)
why are you promoting porn. if you have not made alibaba yet keep away from the beansprouts
46. No23
michael birg ,   australia   (06.06.11)
Tomeczku, This is journalism and you mate should by now, be used to the free expression and opinion . Michael Sydney
47. Not surprising
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.06.11)
Sweden is, after all, the country that produced Alex Wenner-Gren.
48. Something Smells
Bruria   (06.06.11)
I wonder if anyone has checked the statistics for muslim attacks on Swedish women? How about bullying of Swedish children by muslims? How about Swedes moving to escape muslim attacks? Sweden has a right to do what it wants, but, sooner or later it is going to come back on them and bite them in the a$$. You can cover up, make excuses and juggle stats, but the truth will get you in the end. By the way, How Many Attacks have been carried out by Jews in Sweden?
49. The Swedes
mike caton ,   usa   (06.06.11)
The Swedes have known peace for too long. They live in an unreal world having liitle to do with reality.
50. Sigh.. Israel do to others what they do to Israel..
Michael Diamant ,   Stockholm   (06.06.11)
As a jew who have lived in Israel and now returned home to Sweden.. Swedish media reports about Israel as Israeli media reports about Sweden. No, Sweden is not an antisemitic country, a majority of jews here enjoy prosperity unheard of in Israel and are at top positions in society. Yes there are leftist idiots here but they exist in Israel aswell.. and regarding muslims.. have you checked Israels statistics? Sweden deserves a lot of critique but idiotic bashing by people whom know nothing about this beautiful nordic country it does not deserve.
51. Missunderstandings
Blond Swede ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (06.07.11)
Sweden has never been in a war, thats why they dont understand Israel. But there is allot of support for Israel in parliament and elsewhere...
52. Great article!
Fiddler ,   Washington   (06.07.11)
Great article by Cooper and Schatz exposing the hypocracy of Swedish FM Carl Bildt. There are several ministers in Sweden who want to support Israel, but its all blocked by the vicious anti-Israel Swedish Foreign Minister. As long as he stays Sweden will stay anti-Israel. If he goes things will get much better. PM Reinfeldt needs to show leadership on this issue and remove Bildt.
53. she is not a muslim but commie
noapsm ,   far away   (06.07.11)
She is a terrorist commie of Christian origin not a muslim. Bildt is not a midium size dog but a little silly puffy. Every country has their own share of scumbags, and Sweden is no exception. Everyone and their dog can become an art program manager in Sweden, especially if this provide a free drink and food, in that order. There is no point to associate the country with a few individuals in need to substantiate their claim for a free booze.
54. #50 Michael
Steve ,   USA   (06.07.11)
It's just that the antisemitism in Sweden runs at the highest levels of it's Government. This is becoming more and more common in Europe. Interesting how you rate the 'prosperity' of the Jews there as though that makes a difference? I'm an unemployed American Jew who is having quite a rough time to say the least, but I will still vote for the 'less socially oriented' Republicans, since they are much more 'pro- Israel than the lefty's. I'll stay poor if it will mean a stronger and safer Israel. You can have your Pulitzer Peace Prize winning persons like Obama and Arafat who has brought only death and destruction to the Middle East by encouraging the extremists to remain so.
55. #34
SRObserver ,   Dallas USA   (06.07.11)
Not loving Israel? Is that what you think the author is accusing Leila Khalid of doing? Can you read? Leila Khalid is free to hate Israel all the day long and no one will care. She should not be free to hijack planes and to work for the destruction of our State. Do you see the difference or are you so blinded by hate? Quisling. were he alive, would probably be elected in Norway now.
56. An Icon? We know that Hitler was a favorite icon as well
Pierre   (06.07.11)
La merde palestiniene - la pourriture du govt Suedois. The most perfect European team. And to think that israelis, our govt included, buy IKEA, VOLVOS. SCHMUCKS !
57. To #50
Davido ,   Sao Paulo   (06.07.11)
Your analysis is totaly wrong. Would you accept the Nowegian government to fund a nazi holding a lecture tour? Or a Quissling for that matter? You are an ignorant schmuck.
58. #26 Sweden is a hub
Raphael ,   Netanya   (06.07.11)
for the worldwide hate industry. The swedish law considers holocaust denial as an legal free opinion. Sweden hosts a bunch of crazy neo nazi antisemites such as Israel Shamir, and websites like Radio Islam. Your leftists are rather red browns.
59. So ,...
split ,   US   (06.07.11)
It's their country and their business whom do they invite to or not ,...
60. Sweden helps jews and Israel
Michael Diamant ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (06.07.11)
1) Jews have never been persecuted in Sweden. 2) Jiddish is an official language in Sweden and all goverment forms can be ordered in jiddish. 3) Stockholm hosts a permanent exibition about the holocaust. 4) Raoul Wallenberg someone? 5) Jews and Israel enjoy support on the highest political level by the conservatives and the peoples party, both in the ruling coalition. The staunchest defenders of Israel by the way happen to be muslims of kurdish origin. 6) The percentage of muslims in Sweden is less than a third compared to the number in Israel. 7) Finally, jews are treated better in Sweden than in Israel. I know, I have lived in both places.
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